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Clinical Medicine Made Easy
TV Devarajan BSC MD FCIP FACM FCCP (USA) FRCP (Glasgow) DSC (Hons)
L Vijayasundaram MD

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Publish Year2016
Size4.75" X 7"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatFour Color
Weight (Grams) 350
Quick Overview
The intention of bringing out Clinical Medicine Made Easy second edition is to help the undergraduates to get proper guidelines in making a good case record at the bedside, to make them understand the significance of common signs and symptoms, and to become familiar with the mode of clinical examination conducted by various universities. Every effort has been taken to include common disease patterns and symptomatology in each chapter.
More clinical photographs with explanation, charts, X-rays and ECGs have been added based on the feedback received from popularity of the first edition. At the end of chapters self-assessment questionnaire have been added for the benefit of preparation for the examination. This book covers more than 500 such questions, which are invariably asked in the examinations all over India. The book is small and handy, enough to be put into student’s coat pocket for ready reference.
Key Features
• More clinical photographs with explanations, charts, X-rays and ECGs have been added

• Self-assessment questionnaire at the end of chapters

• Serves as a ready reference

• Included common disease patterns and symptomatology in each chapter

• Helps in better understanding the significance of common signs and symptoms

• Helps in making good case record at the bedside

• Enables to be familiar with the mode of clinical examination by various universities

• Is small and handy to put into student’s coat pocket.
Target Audience
Undergraduate students.

Vincent F Carr, DO, MSA, FACC, FACP(Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences)


medical education provides guidelines for diagnosis and examination in clinical medicine. This is an update of the 2008 first edition.


lp medical undergraduate physicians compile a good case record at the bedside. The authors present an excellent teaching tool to accomplish this important goal.


The intended audience is undergraduates in medical education, in particular those studying at a medical institution in India.


The book begins with a short chapter that outlines the process of interviewing and examining a patient. This is followed by a systematic explanation of the pertinent examination techniques students must understand and develop to get comfortable performing. The color photographs generally are instructive, but some could be better produced in focus and orientation.
The radiographs and electrocardiograms reproduce well. The format of each chapter repeats recording of the chief complaint, history of the presenting complaint, treatment, personal and occupational history, etc., which reiterates the basics very well.
In a bullet format, the book leads students through the basic anatomy and physiology with illustrative photographs of common findings. Each chapter ends with self-assessment questions for review.


This well-organized book leads students through the interview history taking and physical examination very well. The size of the book makes it well suited for carrying in a labcoat pocket for easy reference.

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