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RSSDI Update–2015
Editor: Sarita Bajaj MD DM
Associate Editor: Manoj K Srivastava MBBS MD DFID

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Publish Year2016
Size8.5" X 11"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatTwo Color
Weight (Grams) 1350
Quick Overview
There are 107 chapters with about 100 figures and 72 tables. These large numbers of tables and figures have been used so that the information is easily understood and reading is facilitated. The update consists of 31 sections and each part discusses a group of disorders. Diabetes is the fulcrum of each chapter. Commencing with the epidemiology and pathogenesis, moving on to molecular mechanisms, clinical manifestations across the ages, with a focus on diabetes in women including gestational, secondary, and prediabetes, obesity, screening, diagnosis, self-monitoring of blood glucose, complete management with medical nutrition therapy, artificial sweeteners, exercise, injectable and oral agents, in special situations, glycemic emergencies and variability; treatment issues, role of nutrients, microvascular complications, novel markers, diabetic foot, hypertension, dyslipidemia, sleep and stress, sexual dysfunction, tuberculosis , rheumatological, musculoskeletal, thyroid, liver disorders, socioeconomic aspects, infertility, addiction, education, research, recent advances, hypoglycemia, role of the government, private sector, and industry and using stem cells and system biology to tackle diabetes in the 21st century have all been well covered.
Key Features
• RSSDI update 2015 presents the depth and breadth of diabetes practice highlighting new advances and their potential to transform the established paradigms of prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

• Running in 31 sections and 107 chapters, the book makes for comprehensive reading.

• Epidemiology, pathogenesis molecular mechanisms, the entire spectrum of clinical aspects, allied specialties (musculoskeletal, thyroid, liver disorders), tuberculosis, complications, and management of diabetes (treatment issues) are all extensively covered.

• Novel insight with diabetes at the center-stage include artificial sweeteners, varying manifestations in the young and elderly, infertility, use of nutrients, sleep and stress, socioeconomic aspects, addiction, research, nondiabetic hypoglycaemia, role of the government, private sector, industry, and using stem cells and system biology to tackle diabetes in the 21st century.

• Written by national and international experts, the chapters provide for an elaborate understanding of our current knowledge of diabetes.

• A clinic-friendly reference that provides to-the-point crisp information and is geared towards the specific needs of the practicing clinicians and students of medicine at all levels of their careers.
Target Audience
Postgraduate students, fellows, internists, diabetologists, and endocrinologists.
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