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Evidence Based Practices in Gastrointestinal & Hepatobiliary Surgery
Govind Nandakumar MD FACS FASCRS

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Publish Year2017
Size8.5" X 11"
cover TypeHard Back
FormatFour Color
Quick Overview
The book will be valuable to the aspiring gastrointestinal surgeon or a junior consultant as it provides an easy read on several complex gastrointestinal topics. The chapters are comprehensive and yet concise to read efficiently prior to a difficult case. The evidence-based approach and the section on “Landmark Trials” gives the necessary background information and yet encourage the reader to constantly review and update the ever changing literature. The inclusion of nonsurgical topics and techniques helps in guiding and formulating a multidisciplinary care of the patient. The step-by-step procedural review is a nice tool to prepare for an operation quickly. This book is a valuable adjunct to well-established textbooks as it provides a practical, concise and evidence-based approach to the surgical care of the complex gastrointestinal and hepatobiliary patient.
Key Features
Evidence-Based Practices in Gastrointestinal, Colorectal and Hepatobiliary Surgery is meant to be a practical guide for the young gastrointestinal surgeons and trainee.

The book has a global authorship and is focused on evidence-based care and multidisciplinary care of the complex gastrointestinal or liver patient.

The chapters are succinct yet comprehensive making it an efficient read.

The practical approach of the book will make it a good adjunct to textbooks that address the pathophysiology and basic science of disease processes.

Target Audience
Gastrointestinal surgeon and a junior consultant.
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