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Principles of Anesthesia Equipment
Yasodananda K Areti MD
Bhavani Shankar Kodali MD

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Publish Year2016
Size6.25" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatFour Color
Weight (Grams) 550
Quick Overview
• Chapter 1 on Applied Physics, the relationship of measurement units used in various parts of the world is clearly explained.

• Chapter 3 on Anesthesia Machine or Workstation describes technological progression from the oldest to the newest technical advances and functionalities by major machine manufacturers including End-Tidal Control of anesthetic agent on GE Aisys, Draeger Zeus and Maquet FLOW-i in many countries.

• Chapter 5 on Anesthesia Ventilators clearly diagrams and describes modern ventilator capabilities.

• Chapter 7 on Monitoring Technology beautifully describes and diagrams the numerous technologies available.

• Chapter 9 on Electrical Safety and Devices succinctly and clearly teaches the basic electronics needed by anesthetists in any country.

This book has great value for anesthetists in all parts of the world. It conveys understanding to those who use the oldest and those who use the newest of the many technologies described.
Key Features
• The chapter on ‘equipment ‘ covers important topics asked in various university for MD, DM, or fellowship examinations

• This book contains novel classification, and/ or functional analysis with respect to flow meters, vaporizers, anesthesia breathing systems, and anesthesia ventilators

• The chapter on ‘monitoring’ includes capnography, and elaborates on the state-of-the-art new cardiac output monitors

• Other highlights include chapters on Simulation, Airway Equipment, Equipment for Regional Anesthesia, Central Neuraxial Block, etc.
Target Audience
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