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Handbook of Pharmaceutical Technology
Poonam Kushwaha M Pharm, PhD (Pharmaceutics)

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2015
Size 5.5" X 8.5"
Cover TypePaper Back
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Quick Overview
The content of this book aims to deliver the essential information concerning the formulation of the dosage forms in a format that will surely aid the understanding and, hence, remove the complexities of the various topics which students normally face. The reader will observe that, in addition to the required theoretical aspects, each chapter contains information regarding the various types of excipients that are used commonly in the formulation of dosage forms. It is the author’s opinion that this information is essential to ensure that the reader is able to bridge the information gap between the theory and practice of dosage form design. In understanding the physicochemical properties of excipients (and indeed therapeutic agents), the student will be able to optimize the prepared dosage form and, in addition, will be able to answer examination questions with the appropriate depth which is essential for attaining a good percentile. This book consists of 7 chapters; the chapters describe the various categories of dosage form. Chapters 1 and 2 describe the formulation of solid-dosage forms (tablets and capsules) with particular emphasis on the excipients and methods used to prepare them. Chapter 3 describes pharmaceutical importance and techniques of microencapsulation. Chapter 4 describes parenteral formulations and, in particular, illustrates strategies for the successful formulation of parenteral products. Chapter 5 concisely describes the theoretical aspects, carrier(s) and approaches used for designing novel drug delivery systems. Chapter 6 describes the function, purpose and control of pharmaceutical packaging materials. Finally, Chapter 7 describes the types of surgical materials and their manufacture.
Key Features
Handbook of Pharmaceutical Technology articulates on the various pharmacy-technological concepts associated with industrial pharmacy, to introduce pharmacy students to the principles and technologies applied in the preparation of pharmaceutical dosages and drug delivery systems.

An integrated presentation is used in the book to demonstrate the interrelationship between pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical principles, formulation, manufacture and the application of various dosages forms in patient care.

Target Audience
The major objective of writing this book is to present the information in a lucid, condensed and cohesive form, to cater specifically the needs of undergraduate and graduate students of pharmacy.
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