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Diabetes and Women’s Health
Sarita Bajaj MD DM
Jubbin J Jacob MD DNB

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Publish Year2016
Size6.25" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatTwo Color
Weight (Grams) 450
Quick Overview
• The title focuses on the various aspects pertaining to diabetes and their management in women.

• Organised into three sections and nineteen chapters, beginning with section covering general management of diabetes in women, followed by management in pregnant women and special topics.

• A discussion on various pharmacologic agents and their gender-based affects and vice versa has been described in detail.

• Apart from pharmacologic therapy, chapters on psychological and physical wellbeing in women with diabetes are useful additions.

• Management of diabetes and its comorbidities has also been elaborately covered in this sub-population.

• Last section covers special topics related infection, FSD, PCOS and ART.
Key Features
Diabetes and Women’s Health incorporates the expertise of renowned authors who have distilled an enormous body of knowledge, presenting it in a concise and lucid manner. For general practitioners and endocrinologists this book offers the most up-to-date and practical guidance to diagnose and manage common and uncommon diseases in women with diabetes.

• Information on management of hyperglycemia in women through childhood, adolescence, adulthood into menopause

• Expanded coverage on all aspects of GDM and PCOS, with a focus on artificial reproductive techniques

• Management of a neonate and long term outcomes in children born to mothers with diabetes during pregnancy are highlighted

• Cardiovascular disease in diabetic women is well emphasized

• Infections in women with diabetes are discussed

• Comprehensive update on anxiety and depression in women with diabetes with an emphasis on eating disorders

• Sexual health in women with diabetes is appropriately brought out

• Important new research on malignancies in women with diabetes serves the purpose of a quick reference both for learning as well as delivering evidence-based clinical care to ensure the best possible outcomes for every woman.
Target Audience
Diabetelogist, and gynecologist.
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