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Clinical Methods and Interpretation in Medicine
Ashis Kumar Saha MD (Cal) DTM & H (Cal) FICP

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Publish Year2015
Size4.75" X 8.25"
Cover TypePaper Back
FormatFour Color
Quick Overview
• The idea of the book is to give proper, concise, comprehensive and complete picture of all the systems of the body.

• Includes detailed method of history-taking, physical examinations and tips of interpretation of clinical features to come to a diagnosis.

• Contains enormous number of pictures to memorize various methods and symptom.

• Written to entertain the wide variety of readers from the medical students to postgraduates.

• The book will help the students become good clinicians in future.

• Helpful companion for optimum preparation of examination.
Key Features
• Provides simple, lucid, comprehensive and pictorial descriptions of basic anatomy, basics of physiology followed by detailed methods of history taking to evaluate symptoms and step-by-step methods of eliciting signs with pictures.

• Describes vividly in the chapter of history taking, art of taking history from well-behaved patients, from physically-handicapped patients, emotionally fragile patients.

• Includes chapters on eye, ear, nose and throat and dermatology to help the students.

• Contained adequate tables, figures and flow charts in each chapter, so that students can memorize the salient features and methods of eliciting signs forever.

• Extremely helpful for new students placed in clinical wards who are just learning the skills and techniques of history taking and methods of performing clinical examinations.
Target Audience
Postgraduate students

Vincent F Carr, DO, MSA, FACC, FACP(Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences)


This book on the proper way to take a patient history is by a professor of medicine of the KPC Medical College in India.


As the preface notes, the purpose is to "give a proper, concise, comprehensive and complete picture of all the systems of the body," while "helping students learn proper history-taking from all types of patients including physically handicapped and emotionally fragile patients."


The primary audience is medical students and clinicians practicing in India.
However, the extensive photographs illustrate pathological conditions not usually included in other books, which can be educational for students around the world.


The book begins with chapters addressing how to obtain the history from the patient and some general considerations regarding the physical examination.
These are followed by chapters on the specifics of the examination of the different organ systems in relation to the anatomy and physiology and characteristic symptoms, along with explanations of traditional eponyms used in medicine and exquisite photographs that add great depth to the bulleted descriptions.


This unique book combines the concepts of obtaining a history and performing a physical examination with many photographs of characteristic patients as observed in the clinic. This weaving of the theory with the practical gives this book significant value.

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