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Clinical Approach to Renal Diseases in Diabetes
T Dhinakaran MBBS MD (Gen Med) MNAMS (Gen Med) DM (Neph)

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Publish Year2015
Size6.25" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatTwo Color
Quick Overview
Clinical Approach to Renal Diseases in Diabetes looks into its magnitude, presentation, course and clinical aspects of diagnosis and therapy. The book is aimed at the physicians, postgraduate students in medicine and nephrology, diabetologists, nephrologists and everyone concerned with the management of diabetes and its complications. The 12 chapters take the reader through diabetes mellitus and its renal afflictions in a stepwise manner, starting from the epidemiology of diabetes, diabetic nephropathy, causative factors, role of proteinuria, diagnostic steps in various steps, and the management from hyperglycemia therapy to renal replacement in severe disease, and emphasis has been laid on the practical approach based on clinical and therapeutic trials, which are extensively quoted. The less discussed areas of therapy, such as diet, lifestyle changes, obesity management, anemia management, and dyslipidemia therapy, and the newer approaches that aim to control the pathophysiological mechanisms, such as advanced glycation endproducts, endothelins, protein kinase ‘C’, and inflammatory mediators, are presented in an interesting and clinically useful manner. The affections of the kidney in diabetes extends beyond the classical diabetic nephropathy and can range from the simple urinary tract infection (UTI) to emphysematous pyelonephritis, renovascular problems, effects of diabetic neuropathy, obstructive uropathy, acute kidney infection during diagnostic and therapeutic procedures, and many more. The burning issue today in diabetic kidney disease is the manifold increase in cardiovascular morbidity and mortality seen in them. Tackling these issues effectively have far-reaching implications towards saving of lives and improving their quality of life. End-stage renal disease management has come a long way and has multiple options that are complimentary and lifesaving.
Key Features
Renal disease in diabetes mellitus presents insidiously, progresses inevitably and produces a high morbidity and mortality.

This book dwells on its magnitude, presentation course and complications, and is aimed at physicians, postgraduates in medicine and nephrology, diabetologists and nephrologists and everyone concerned with the care of diabetes.

The vast amount of information and advances in various aspects of therapy are presented in as simple and understandable way as possible.

The emphasis is on enabling the treating specialist to gain an insight into the disease and offer a practical and prudent solution to the problem, at the beside.

The book is useful as a text, guide and reference to one and all.

Target Audience
Physicians and diabetologists
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