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State-of-the-Art Atlas and Textbook of Laparoscopic Suturing in Gynecology
Nutan Jain MBBS MS (Obs & Gyne) FiCOG FICMCH

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Edition 2/e
Publish Year2015
Size 8.5" X 11"
Cover TypeHard Back
With CD/DVD Yes
Quick Overview
Introducing, for the first time, is a new concept of “Chair Laparoscopy”. To tide over long suturing spells as in multiple myomas, suturing by a sitting surgeon has been technically discussed. All other chapters on Hysterectomy, Myomectomy, Pelvic Floor Repair, Appendectomy and Microsurgical Suturing have been revised and retained with new pictures. Suturing for bowel and bladder has been updated. With contents covering all possible aspects of gynaecological laparoscopy, we have tried to give a most comprehensive text. Additionally, with Interactive DVD-ROMs to cover all applications of suturing in gynecological laparoscopic surgery.
Key Features
This book is a unique textbook as well as atlas on laparoscopic suturing.

It covers each and every aspect of suturing; right from the needles, needle holders, to pelvic trainers, simulators and sutures.

Every possible application of suturing such as conventional multi-port, robotic, single-port, microsurgical suturing—all have been perfectly covered in separate chapters.

Where sutures are needed—each and every possible application of suturing in gyne-endoscopy has found place in this new atlas.

The second edition stands out due to the timely inclusion of the chapters addressing current controversies over myoma morcellation by putting chapters on alternatives to power morcellation, posterior colpotomy and laparoscopic-assisted minilap myomectomy.

Controversies with the use of mesh are addressed by including chapter on non-mesh laparoscopic floor repair.

World-renowned endoscopic surgeons have contributed their best expertise and Nutan Jain has contributed 8 out of 25 chapters.

Several new chapters are added to cover the latest topics and have increased the value of the atlas immensely.

The book contains almost 700 photographs and 80 line diagrams.

The further inclusion of Interactive DVD-ROMs of step-by-step procedures raises the quality of atlas and text even higher.

This book is a must for all—from beginners to experts, i.


from medical students to advanced laparoscopists.

An asset of any medical library.

Target Audience
Endoscopic, laparoscopic and gynaecological surgeons and residents
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