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Sleep Related Breathing Disorders
Vivek Nangia MD FCCP DLSHTM MSc Infectious Diseases,
Diploma Interventional Bronchoscopy
Shivani Swami MD FSM FCCP

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Publish Year2015
Size6.25" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
FormatTwo Color
Quick Overview
The current manuscript focuses on this group of disorders as they are now known to be widely prevalent in the general population and have been identified to have far reaching adverse consequences on the cardiovascular and metabolic systems and the neurocognitive and renal functions of the individual. Sleep disordered breathing also has major socioeconomic consequences for the individual as well as for the society at large. The main objective is to provide adetailed description of the various aspects of SDB in a simple and comprehensible format which can be easily mastered by a novice and an expert, alike.
Key Features
• Written in a simple and comprehensive format.

• Main objective of the book is to describe in details the various aspects of Sleeping Disordered Breathing.

• Describes the normal sleep patterns as well as anatomy and physiology of upper airway obstruction.

• Provides clinical approach to diagnose and evaluated patients.

• Discusses various types of sleep apneas and their impact on individual‘s health.

• Viewpoints of Pulmonologists, Otolaryngologists and Dental Surgeons have been incorporated to provide an expert multi-disciplinary approach to the book.

• Provides insight on recent advances in devices and nuances of pediatric and perioperative sleep medicine.

• Useful book for novices as well as for experts in the field.
Target Audience
Undergraduate students
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