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Complex Spine Cases: A Collection of Current Techniques
Munish C Gupta MD
Alexander Richard Vaccaro MD PhD
Sachin Gupta BS

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Publish Year2015
Size8.5" X 11"
cover TypeHard Back
FormatFour Color
Quick Overview
This book allows experienced spinal surgeons from throughout the world to share with the spine community this wealth of knowledge and experience. This book uses a case report format to illustrate the challenges, pitfalls, pearls and techniques encountered in the management of complex spinal disorders. Often case reports such as these do not get published in contemporary journals, but are worthy of being shared with everyone in the spine community who encounters these complex cases. We have made the format easy to read, avoiding the formal etiquette of extensive referenced background often encountered in traditional textbooks. Often, the techniques that are written in books become outdated before they are published. Our goal is to provide an avenue of publishing complex cases with great teaching points in a timely matter. We are planning to publish new editions every two years to keep the case management techniques current. The cases presented are not all successes which is one of the highlights of this book as it reflects real life scenarios encountered by busy spinal surgeons throughout the world. We hope you enjoy the book.
Key Features
• This book is a comprehensive guide to the management of complex spine cases.

• Presented as a series of case studies.

• Brings together the experiences and knowledge of expert contributing specialists.

• Divided into five sections – Early Onset Scoliosis, Pediatric Spinal Deformity, Adult Spinal Deformity, Trauma and Tumors, and Cervical Spine.

• Each part explains numerous cases relevant to that topic, describing the challenges, techniques for management, and pitfalls.

• This practical reference is further enhanced by more than 500 illustrations.

• Edited by highly experienced US-based spinal surgeons.

• Essential reading for spine surgeons, orthopedicians and neurosurgeons.
Target Audience

Alan Dacre, MD(Ortho Montana)


This is a collection of case reports of complex surgical spine pathology, how it was treated operatively, and a discussion of the results of that treatment. It is organized by the major types of spinal deformity, including early and late scoliosis, adult deformity, tumor and trauma, and finally cervical deformity.


The purpose is to provide a book with collective knowledge for practicing surgeons on complex spinal pathology and the often unique treatment methods used by recognized authorities. This is an important objective, as many complex cases are a once in a lifetime experience and there are no relevant examples in textbooks. The cases this book presents are very complex and the authors are noted experts. Both good and not so good outcomes are reported with candor.


The audience is practicing spinal surgeons who treat patients with spinal deformity. I found that many of the cases were similar in character to cases that I have treated and am currently treating. The tricks and tips from recognized experts are timely and reflect current thought and practice.


The book includes infantile, juvenile, and adult scoliosis as well as other spinal deformities of a developmental and degenerative nature. Tumor and trauma cases are presented along with complex cervical spine deformities.
The most useful characteristic is that the table of contents clearly describes each case so readers can quickly locate an applicable case. Cases also are relatively short and can be reviewed quickly to obtain pertinent information. In general, the diagrams and pictures are of very good quality and pertinent. Although there are multiple misspellings, these generally do not detract from the wisdom that the book shares.


This is a very good book for busy spine surgeons who often see patients with complex spinal deformities. It offers a window into the thought processes of many masters of spinal surgery. The tips and ideas will be of significant benefit to those encountering a complex spinal deformity in a patient. The wisdom this book imparts is not available in standard textbooks, nor is it available in multicenter trials and journals. This book represents another level for surgeons who continue to immerse themselves in lifelong learning.

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