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Practical Record Book for MSc Nursing Students
Manju John PhD MSc (N) BSc (N) DNA
MA (Sociology & Public Administration)

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Publish Year2015
Size8.5" X 11"
cover TypeHard Back
FormatSingle Color
Quick Overview
• It is comprehensive and prepared as per Indian Nursing Council Syllabus.

• Procedures are listed year-wise according to the subject.

• Consists of most accurate and clinically relevant information in this MSc Nursing Practical Record Book.

• It glows the light of different practical experiences in an organised manner.

• It is must and needful supplement for the students in sense of their practical / practicing procedures.
Key Features
Nursing procedures are the vital components in a clinical practice, which requires thorough knowledge, adequate skill and repeated practice.

These procedures should be learned in an organized pattern by using this essential and meaningful practical record book, which fulfils the requirements of Indian Nursing Council (INC).

This record book provides the information regarding the practical experience gained by the student-nurse under strict clinical supervision during the course.

The procedures that are carried out or learned by the student year-wise in all the specialties according to the subject, are given.

This procedure record is a written document, which is very important for the students as well as for the teachers to assist the learning process of the students.

The nursing procedures may be demonstrated at the classrooms, different laboratories, special wards by the nursing lecturers, and tutors/clinical instructors.

The signatures are obtained from the lecturer or clinical instructor/supervisor in the columns provided.

The practical record should be certified by the class coordinator and principal every year before the annual practical examination, and should be submitted to the examiners at the time of university examination.

The nursing students are expected to pay attention, motivation and interest to take active participation to learn the new skill.

Nursing procedures are life-oriented procedures, so the human concern, value and ethical components should be taken into consideration.

Target Audience
Nursing students
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