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Principles of Critical Care
Farokh Erach Udwadia MD FRCPE FRCP (London) Master FCCP FAMS FACP Hon DSc

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Publish Year2014
Size8.5" X 11"
cover TypeHard Back
FormatFour Color
Quick Overview
Principles of critical care remain the standard text on critical care medicine in this country. The third edition continues to be based on the author’s extensive experience on this subject for over forty-five years; it also includes guest contributors renowned for their experience in their chosen fields.

Almost all commonly observed important life-threatening illnesses occurring in India, in other tropical countries, in the Middle-East and in South-East Asia have been discussed with regards to their clinical features, pathophysiology, diagnosis and management. The critical care of fulminant infections in the tropics is given special emphasis and should be of prime importance to intensivists working in developing tropical countries such as India, Africa and South America. The book also deals with critical care problems common to both East and West.

The present edition has been thoroughly revised and updated, incorporating current guidelines in the management of various critical illnesses. Many sections have been extensively rewritten. These include the sections on Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, Clinical Shock Syndromes, Critical Care of the Transplant Patient, Nosocomial Infections, Neurological Problems Requiring Critical Care. The section on Organ System Dysfunction Requiring Critical Care in Acute Hepatic Failure and Acute Gastrointestional Bleeding. The section on Principles, Philosophy and Ethics of Critical Care includes the authors reasoned comments on Evidence-based Medicine. This edition also includes a chapter on the End of Life Care in the Intensive Care Unit.

The section on Imaging Techniques includes excellent images in relation to pathologies invoving the chest, abdomen and central nervous system. The text is also illustrated with relevant images thereby enhancing the value of the book.
Key Features
The comprehensive book is directed to all doctors interested in critical care and emergency medicine.

This should also prove useful to house-physicians, registrars, postgraduates, consultant physicians and surgeons, intensivists and anesthetists engaged in the management of acute infections.

Target Audience
The book will be beneficial to intensivists, anesthesiologists, physicians, surgeons, colleagues practising other specialties, as also to trainees in critical care, to residents, students and nursing staff.
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