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A Short Book of Public Health
VK Muthu MBBS DPH MSc (Applied Nutrition)

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Publish Year2014
Size5.5" X 8.5"
cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
The book has been revised completely incorporating up-to-date information on public health to cater the needs of students of public health as well as health professionals. The contents of the book have been organized into 10 sections, which in turn have been divided into 33 chapters.
Key Features
The first edition was compiled as a handy volume, especially for paramedical personnel.

Now the second edition has been brought out with a wider scope.

It can cater to the requirements of medical students as well as medical.

health and paramedical personnel.

While retaining basic issues in public health needed for understanding the subject, the public health horizon has been much expanded.

Many new chapters have been added.

Latest information and data on the subject have been incorporated as far as possible.

Topics on drug resistance, newer vaccines, emerging infectious diseases and many communicable diseases, which were not covered in the first edition of the book, have been incorporated, thereby improving the quality of the book by providing a wider coverage.

This edition, with a comprehensive coverage and rational reorganization of the subject, will be of much use to the medical fraternity.

The author will be pleased to receive criticisms and suggestions for the improvement of the book.

Target Audience
Useful for Medical Students as well as Medical, Health and Paramedical Personnel.
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