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Textbook of Community Health Nursing
Georly George MSc (Community Health Nursing), MSc (Psychology)

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Publish Year2014
Size7.25" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
This book covers all aspects of health-related issues and discusses the roles and responsibilities of a community health nurse that is essential in linking people and local organizations in their efforts to provide essential and accessible services to the public. Community health nurses will have to understand basic principles of health care management in order to make the appropriate technology choices that will guide the future of public health services. Public health has moved into the spotlight, given the importance of implementing a population-based health approach and to addressing chronic health conditions.

This book marks the systematic effort to provide principles and examples of practice in a public health context. In doing so, it clarifies the ways in which the new roles of community health nurse will improve individual and community health status.
Key Features
This book differs from other textbooks as it covers the complete syllabus of Community Health Nursing prescribed by the Indian Nursing Council and the Health University for undergraduate students. Each chapter includes a Chapter Outline. The book contains numerous diagrams in every chapter for the easy understanding of points explained herein. Concise and readable while also rigorous and thorough, Textbook of Community Health Nursing grounds the readers in most relevant to the current health landscape and valuable keys to better understanding of health promotion, effective prevention, and community empowerment.

The author tried to keep the interest of readers alive with the organized content and being stick to the point. The first edition of this book offers detailed, comprehensive coverage of current and relevant issues in public health.
Target Audience
Undergraduate & Postgraduate Nursing Students, Students of Public Health and Practicing Public Health Professional.
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