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Pediatrics for Practitioner
Sharad Thora MD
Vijay Yewale DCh MD
Hemant Jain MD
SS Rawat MD
Preeti Malpani MD
Nirbhay Mehta MD
Nilesh Jain MD

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2014
Size 6.75" X 9.5"
Cover TypePaper Back
With CD/DVD No
Quick Overview
The practitioners form the backbone of pediatric health care services in the community. Major chunk of our forum are formed by the practitioners. This book is designed to keep them updated for common pediatric problems, which are seen in office practice.

Pediatrics is still a developing subject with ever-changing concepts. The diseases which are prevalent in our country are different from those in the Western countries. There is definitely a need for a book, which gives stress on the disease pattern prevalent in our country.

The book includes topics on General Pediatrics, Neonatal Problems and Common Pediatric Emergencies. The articles are contributed by renowned authors in their field from our country and abroad. Articles are written in a concise way with main emphasis on diagnostic approach and recent management guidelines. The book is reader friendly and practice oriented. The book also includes color photographs of various common skin conditions seen in children.
Key Features
• A concise and complete text on the subject

• Written in a simple language and style

• Deals with the common pediatric problems, especially on diagnosis, concise investigation, and updated treatment

• Divided into three sections: Neonatology, General Pediatrics and Pediatric Emergencies

• Includes chapters contributed by renowned pediatricians and researchers from all over the country and a few from abroad

• Most of the articles were compiled as per evidence-based medicine

• Serves as the basic book for undergraduate students and useful in day-to-day practice for practitioners.
Target Audience
Practitioners, Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students.
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