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Orthopedic Residency Guide
Sean E Mazloom MD
Javad Parvizi MD FRCS

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Publish Year2014
Size4.75" X 7"
cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
Orthopedic surgery continues to be one of the most sought after and popular surgical disciplines today. There is a multitude of reasons for the popularity of our discipline. Ability to “cure” patients of their condition, continued exciting advancements in the field and growth of the specialty, availability of variety of surgical procedures, dedication of the orthopedic surgeons to their discipline, and the fun loving nature of orthopedic surgeons are some of the reasons why medical school graduates seek orthopedics.

Because of this rising popularity, entry to orthopedic surgery has become very challenging in recent years. The quality of candidates applying to orthopedic has become ever more impressive. This book is written with the intention of outlining the strategies that candidates may employ in their mission to match into orthopedic surgery. The chapters are written by experts who have provided practical suggestions to candidates from all walks of life.
Key Features
This book provides a comprehensive look into the issues that candidates applying for orthopedic residency or any other competitive medical specialty face and discusses effective strategies that can be employed to overcome those issues.

The book provides invaluable information for all types of residency candidates, including the military, osteopathic (DO), International Medical Graduates, as well as US and Canadian candidates.

The book contains very high-yield and applicable material to anyone wishing to pursue any competitive medical specialty, such as orthopedic surgery, regardless of their background and country of residence.
Target Audience
Candidates - seeking admission to orthopedic surgery will find this book useful.
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