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World Clinics Orthopedics : Current Controversies in Joint Replacement
Matthew S Austin MD
Gregg R Klein MD

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EditionVolume 1, Issue 1
Publish Year2014
cover TypeHard Back
Quick Overview
World Clinics in Orthopedics is intended as a practical resource for both orthopedic surgeons in practice and in training. It is a detailed overview of the newest information in the field of orthopedics, arranged by subspecialty.

World Clinics in Orthopedics will serve as a compendium of the newest in orthopedic knowledge. Readers will find this as a unique, practical source for the latest information, as you care for your patients.
Key Features
  • The first issue of World Clinics focuses on the latest insights in joint replacement surgeries.
  • Provides useful insights on knee and hip replacement surgeries which can be used in every day practice.
  • Each article is planned as a conglomerate of basic and advanced insights, primarily from a clinician’s point of view.
  • Various aspects pertaining to the topic are covered in detail with extensive use of figures, tables, etc.
  • Discusses the advances in total joint arthroplasty and includes chapters providing perspective on European and Asian scenario.
  • Also touches upon the fascinating inroads robotic technology has made in the orthopedic operation theatre.
  • Each article is followed by a comment from the Editors highlighting the important aspects pertaining to the particular topic.
Target Audience
Consultants, orthopedicians , Clinicians
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