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Insulin Therapy: Current Concepts
Ambrish Mithal MD DM
Ganesh Jevalikar MD
Pankaj Shah MD DM

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Publish Year2014
Size6.25" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
Diabetes mellitus is one of the commonest chronic disorders worldwide. This book is an attempt to provide practical guidance for using insulin, at the same time explaining the theory and logic behind choices and decisions. It provides information in an easy and comprehensible manner to practicing physicians and medical students. Chapters have been authored by renowned experts in the field from academia, corporate hospitals, and industry from India and the United States of America. They have drawn on their stores of knowledge and wisdom to contribute wholeheartedly to this project. The book has 11 chapters which cover history, physiology, pharmacokinetics, insulin analogs, newer delivery devices, insulin pump therapy, emergencies and practical use in type 1 and type 2 diabetes, as well as in special situations.
Key Features
A crisp and exhaustive review of various aspects of insulin use in the diabetic population

• Written by experts in the field with in-depth understanding of the subject

• Well conceived to meet the clinician's needs in optimizing the use of insulin in managing diabetes

• An elaborate discussion on insulin analogs, their place in therapy, and the future of these molecules

• Summarizes the available evidence on insulin use in modern day practice

• Insights in to the place and optimal use of insulin delivery devices in modern day management of diabetes

• Targets diabetologists as well as physicians interested in the practice of diabetology.
Target Audience
Physicians and Medical Students.
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