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Practice of Patent Medicine with Ideal Prescription (A Condensed Clinical Manual for the Busy Practitioner)
GP Nirbhay MD

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Publish Year2014
Size6.75" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
This book Practice of Patent Medicine with Ideal Prescription is intended specially for undergraduate medical students of “Patent Medicine”. To facilitate the understanding of the subject, the book has been written in a combination of compact, comprehensive, practical-oriented, and in a nutshell style. The objective of the healing art is to cure a patient both physically and mentally. So, the main question is not to uphold any particular science of medicine, rather, the key task is welfare of the patient. The material for this manual has been based on the current textbooks on the subject and experience of the author.
Key Features
This book Practice of Patent Medicine with Ideal Prescription is an unparallel gift to all practitioners, medical students and educated persons interested in medical and social services.

Most of the diseases have been presented that can help everybody to diagnose and understand easily.

This is the only medical book which contains the line of treatment of all five paths in the nutshell.

The material is in a very simple language of English as well as Hindi.

Target Audience
Helpful Guide to Students, Busy Practitioners and the Public Alike.
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