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Manual of Laboratory Safety (Chemical, Radioactive, and Biosafety with Biocides)
Najat Rashid MSc PhD (UK)
Ramnik Sood MD (Path, Gold Medalist)

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Publish Year2013
Size6.25" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
This textbook will serve as an ideal partner/companion and tool to make your workplace namely, the laboratory, as the safest place (whether you run a stand-alone laboratory or as part of a hospital setup). A simple step such as keeping the sleeves of your labcoat a little short can prevent spread of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) and fomite transmittable viral diseases.
Key Features
A laboratory can be and usually is the most contaminated place in a hospital. However, it can be made as safe as any other place associated with healthcare delivery.

This book introduces the Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) and keeps in mind the safety vis-a-vis the microbes, chemicals and radioactive materials.

What World Health Organization (WHO) advises and what Centres for Disease Control (CDC) recommends, you will find all within the covers of this treatise. Having followed the book and undertaken all corrective measures it should be possible for you to pass the test of acquiring International Organization for Standardization (lSO)/Joint Commission International (JCI) or even Certified Authorization Professional (CAP) certification.

The book also presents all basic facts of Biocides. Once basic concepts of Biocides are understood, their application becomes much more easy.

The book is authored by an international duo. Dr Najat Rashid, who is Director of Federal Medical Laboratories of United Arab Emirates (UAE) and oversees safety and security of all Laboratories under her command. Dr Ramnik Sood is an eminent author and medical adviser to Bioshields and its parent company the Tulip Group who are also pioneers in the provision of high technology disinfectants. He is also In-Charge of Laboratories in India and in United Arab Emirates (UAE). Both the authors are directly responsible for Laboratories Biosafety and Biosecurity that they themselves head.
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