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Textbook of Nephrology
Anil K Mandal MBBS FACP FASN FICP (Honorary)

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Publish Year2014
Size8.5" X 11"
Cover TypeHard Back
Quick Overview
The focus of the third edition is a conservative nephrology practice clear of dialysis and transplantation. However, the chapters on dialysis and transplantation are retained to help trainees and those practitioners who are more interested in those two areas than others. The chapters are written based on observations and application of methods of diagnosis and management plans which work well for the patients. Thus, this book is a practical one to appropriately tackle problems pertaining to renal disease, hypertension, and diabetes. This book is not evidencebased resulting from clinical trials which are not helpful when it comes to direct patient care. Style of the book is succinct and lucid and is free of commercial interest.
Key Features
Diabetes has constituted a large part of nephrology practice. Diabetes-related renal disease including end-stage renal disease makes up the considerable volume of patients in nephrology offices throughout the world. Therefore, the editor feels deeply that including several chapters on diabetes will educate the readers with comprehensive knowledge of the pathophysiology of diabetes in this text unlike other textbooks on the subject of nephrology. The pathophysiology such as what does high glucose do to body function is written on the platform of fundamental research in the editor's laboratories. The more we know about the fundamentals of diabetes, the safer the care we will be able to provide to our patients. In other words, it is the editor's conviction that physicians should pay utmost attention to enabling a productive and healthy life for our diabetes patients rather than dictating a therapy which leads to dialys is and the burden it imposes on the patient and the family.

The chapter on logical management of diabetes should help the readers to accomplish this defined task. The focus of this third edition of the book is a conservative nephrology practice directed toward healthy living, clear of artificial means of prolonging life.
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