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Musculoskeletal Tissue Transplantation and Tissue Banking
Theodore Malinin MS MD
H Thomas Temple MD

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Publish Year2013
Size8.5" X 11"
cover TypeHard Back
Quick Overview

This book presents a summary of pertinent information on bone biology, theory and practice of tissue transplantation and of experimental results from which practical aspects of human allograft preparation, storage and transplantation have been extrapolated. The experience gained from the organization and continuous operation of a clinical tissue bank has aided us in this endeavor. It provided a philosophical and practical workshop needed for the implementation of a full service tissue bank that served, and continues to serve, a broad national and international interest. The success of the University of Miami Tissue Bank was a catalyst to the rapid growth of tissue banking in both the United States and abroad. Bone and tissue transplantation began and evolved to satisfy patient needs. Initially, clinical success prefaced scientific discovery, but in the last several years the situation has begun to change. This book notes a momentous event in bone physiology, the isolation of several bone growth proteins, named bone morphogenetic proteins, BMP 1-7 which are members of a family of growth and differentiation factors (TGF-B).

Key Features

The repair and regeneration of musculoskeletal tissues are of great concern for many surgical specialists, especially orthopedic surgeons, neurologic surgeons, plastic surgeons and several others. This book is unique because it is written by only two individuals with exceptional knowledge of the topic. This approach provides continuity, frequently lacking in books written by multiple authors, each with their own priorities.

Those entering the field of bone and tissue transplantation, as well as that of tissue banking are frequently unaware of topics, historical roots and perhaps even the background on which any discoveries and the refinements of the presently used techniques are based. Musculoskeletal Tissue Transplantation and Tissue Banking aims to provide both basic and advanced knowledge of the newer, as well as established methodologies applicable to the current investigational and clinical arenas. The present account helps to place the work of scientist, tissue bankers and clinicians into its proper context. As such, this book will be informative and will provide interesting reading for individuals in all stages of their career concerned with tissue transplantation and tissue banking.

Although tissue transplantation has made some notable contribution to the understanding of the biology of transplantation, it is a scientific endeavor that from the very beginning has flourished because of its clinical application. The future of the musculoskeletal repair depends on the development of the new tools that continue to come into being. The present work may shed light on how these newer techniques might supplement the existing methods and aid in the advancement of musculoskeletal tissue transplantation and regeneration.

Target Audience

Surgical Specialists, Especially Orthopedic Surgeons, Neurologic Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons.

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