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Essentials of Orthopedics
RM Shenoy D Orth MS Orth

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Publish Year2014
Size8.5" X 11"
cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
The first edition of the book was written with an intent to impart basic orthopedic knowledge among medical fraternity in general and medical students in particular. The aim was to provide undergraduates with important concepts in orthopedics which would also serve as basic knowledge for postgraduates. With newer editions of any book, comes an unspoken requirement and responsibility. It is that of updating deficiencies that existed in the previous edition and also incorporating current information and practices. With that in mind, a few new chapters have been included on Poliomyelitis and Cerebral Palsy. Several short topics have also been included. An effort has also been made to simplify and re-write certain topics so as to precisely and effectively convey information. This includes the addition of flow charts wherever possible.
Key Features
• Overview of orthopedics with special emphasis on high-yield topics for both undergraduates and postgraduates

• Precise and updated information with recent advances

• Lucid presentation with numerous illustrations to enhance easy reading and retention

• Extensive X-ray images accompanying description of entities

• Meticulously revised second edition with additional contents.
Target Audience
Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students.
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