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Textbook of Respiratory and Critical Care Infections
Francesco Blasi MD PhD
George Dimopoulos MD PhD FCCP

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Publish Year2015
Size8.5" X 11"
cover TypeHard Back
FormatTwo Color
Quick Overview
The Textbook of Respiratory and Critical Care Infections is a comprehensive guide to respiratory infections management. Its chapters, written by well known researchers and clinicians, offer a complete and up-to-date coverage of the need-to-know respiratory and critical care infections topics. This book is a must-have for anyone who wants to remain up-to-date in the field of respiratory infections and a reference that covers all the aspects from basic science to the latest developments. On the other hand, this book is the ideal mean for fellows and young pulmonologists to improve their knowledge and capacity to integrate pathophysiology with clinical management of respiratory infections.
Key Features
• Evidence-based review of the topic with a focus on providing an updated understanding of respiratory infections in the community and hospital infections

• Articles by international contributors well known for their clinical and research expertise

• Provides focused and up-to-date information on various aspects of this important aspect of management of patients in the ICU setting

• Planned and designed according to the requirements of the physician who is dealing with respiratory and critical care infections, especially for the critical care practitioners

• The book begins with the chapter on genetic predisposition to respiratory infections and moves on to important aspects such as upper respiratory tract infections, community acquired and atypical pneumonias, and healthcare-associated and CA-MRSA pneumonias

• The chapters on respiratory infections in special populations provide useful insights for clinicians caring for these populations in the ICU setting

• As the book progresses, it also dwells in to the preventive aspects such as the use of vaccines in the prevention of respiratory infections

• Each chapter is illustrated with clear tables and figures to complement the text. This book is an essential reading for pulmonologists, intensivists, registrars, specialist nurses, and other healthcare professionals involved in prevention and management of respiratory infections in the community and hospital setting.
Target Audience
Pulmonologists Intensivists, Registrars and fellows

Leopoldo Alberto Dobronski Jacome, MD(Creighton University Medical Center)


This comprehensive book thoroughly explores conditions related to a very specific combination of medical specialties: pulmonology and infectious diseases. It covers epidemiology, clinical features, diagnosis, and management and uses charts, tables, and summaries that are easy to interpret and can be used for quick review.


The principal objective is to guide patient care. The book features in-depth information for many conditions, and most of the sections describe the most important aspects of each condition.


The audience includes physicians treating respiratory infections, particularly critical care physicians. Two editors and 66 authors contributed to this book, nearly all of them physicians from Europe and North America.


The book covers both common and uncommon conditions and includes information on special situations, such as the intravenous drug user and the immunocompromised patient. Special topics include antimicrobial pharmacology, pneumonia scoring systems, and the role of the nurse.


This book provides critical care practitioners with an extensive review of a variety of aspects of infectious diseases, along with flow charts and tables and the support of recent, relevant references.

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