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Tips and Tricks in Bedside Cardiology
Atul Luthra MBBS MD DNB

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Edition 2/e
Publish Year2013
Size 6.25" X 9.5"
Cover TypePaper Back
With CD/DVD Yes
Quick Overview
The most striking feature of the revised edition is vast improvement in the clarity of illustrations. New ECG strips have been taken from the latest (fourth) edition of the book ECG Made Easy. Real ECHO images have been incorporated from the latest (third) edition of the book ECHO Made Easy. Besides the illustrations, useful clinical details have been added in the section of discussion that follows each case description. Some precious clinical pearls on cardiac auscultation have also been incorporated.
Key Features
• Brilliant compilation of clinical cases, diagnosed at the patient's bedside, using conventional clinical methods, and simple cardiac investigations.

• Each case begins with the medical history, clinical findings and illustration of one or more bedside investigations.

• A plausible clinical diagnosis is constructed, on the basis of these vital pieces of information.

• Followed by a discussion of the clinical entity with its differential diagnosis and the case conclude with some useful 'take-home' clinical pearls.

• Provides wealth of clinical material on cardiac symptoms, physical signs and auscultatory findings, presented in a crisp and concise form.

• Impressive illustrations of ECG strips, X-ray films and ECHO images have been incorporated in the cases.

• Ideal companion for the Cardiology students preparing for their examinations, resident doctors undergoing training in Cardiology and physicians involved in cardiac-care units.
Target Audience
Students Preparing for Their Exams, Resident Doctors Undergoing Training in Cardiology and Physicians Involved in the Care of Heart Patients.
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