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Principles and Practice of Nursing: Senior Nursing Procedure (Volume-2)
Sister Cecy Correia

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2013
Size 4" X 7"
Cover TypePaper Back
With CD/DVD No
Quick Overview
This book is like a gist in nutshell and readers will be enlightened at one glance to have all that one ever want to learn and practice. They can carry this book with them wherever and whenever they need to refer or are in doubt on duty in the hospital and clinical areas. That will be the beauty and asset of this book. This book has latest updates and references and new matter and chapters too. This book covers the complete syllabus of General Nursing and Midwifery Post Basic BSc Nursing course. I myself felt the need of it in my clinical area when I went for the supervision of the students. It is very useful and complete.
Key Features
All the procedures for Undergraduates and Postgraduates are found under one umbrella.

Scientific principles and nursing principles are given in the chapters pertaining, as well as separate with utmost care and details.

New procedures and matters are given, e.g. Disaster Nutrition, Embalming, Standard of Care Guidelines, Home Procedures, Spiritual Health, Holistic Health, Journey into the World of Computer Technology, Digital World and Computer Applications, Fundamental Laboratory with Demonstration and Re-demonstration with Models, Capsule Endoscopy, The Power of Positive Thinking and Nurse, New Horizons and Nurse, Leadership and Nurse, Stress Management, Yoga and Importance of Exercise, Nurses’ Role in Education and Communication, Latest Diagnostic Digital Equipment, Hospital Administration, Hospital Waste Management and all the procedures updated with the appropriate pictures to make the concept more clear, and the book to be unique and distinct.
Target Audience
Junior and Senior Nurses, Professional Nurses, Teaching Staff, Clinical Instructors, Hospital Protocols.
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