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Fundamentals of Physiology: A Textbook for Students of Nursing, Medicine, Dentistry and Allied Courses
RL Bijlani MD SM DSc (Hon) FAMS

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Publish Year2013
Size6.75" X 9.5"
cover TypePaper Back
Quick Overview
The first edition proclaimed itself a textbook for nursing students, but the aspects of physiology relevant to different biomedical courses differ little from one another. Further, the book meets the examination requirements of not only nursing students, but also medical, dental and paramedical students. The broad scope of the book is reflected in the revised subtitle. Those having the time and inclination to read more are advised to get hold of my other book Understanding Medical Physiology, which is not only more detailed, but also has more of thought-provoking and amusing digressions.
Key Features

This handy textbook has the basic physiology that forms the foundation of medical practice. The manageable size of the book has been achieved by discrete omission, rather than by compression. No compromise has been made with clarity for the sake of brevity. Further, words have been spent rather generously to encourage the student's spirit of enquiry, sense of wonder and use of logic.

• Includes topics such as nutrition, environmental physiology, and yoga

• Makes learning physiology a pleasure, and inculcates in the student a life-long love for the subject

• Not examination-oriented, but adequate for passing examinations comfortably
Target Audience
Students of Nursing, Medicine, Dentistry and Allied Courses.
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