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World Clinics-Obstetrics and Gynecology: Preterm Labor

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Edition Vol-2, Issue-1
Publish Year2013
Size 7.25"x 9.5"
Cover TypeHard Back
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Preterm birth is the largest contributor to fetal mortality and long-term morbidity. Its incidence is rising globally, and it is a matter of concern for the health of our future generation. Healthcare professionals need to have definitive guidelines and protocols of procedures, which are required to prevent, diagnose, and manage preterm labor. Basic neonatal care should be available to all preterm neonates. Community interventions like cessation of smoking at workplace and public utility areas need to be implemented. Medical policy interventions to reduce the number of embryos transferred during assisted conception cycles can help in reducing the incidence of multiple pregnancies. Workplace policies to regulate the working hours of pregnant women have not been formulated in many countries. Reducing the incidence of early induction of labor/cesarean section requires accurate dating of pregnancies and carefully planned management of maternal conditions that predispose to preterm labor. This periodical encompasses the latest guidelines for healthcare professionals for the care of women at high-risk of preterm labor. It is an effort to raise awareness on this issue in the medical fraternity and healthcare policy makers.
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