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    About Jaypee Brothers

    Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers was established in the year 1969. For a medical professional, the partnership with Jaypee begins at the undergraduate level. Jaypee remains every doctor’s trusted education resource for all his/her professional life. Be it undergraduate, postgraduate, ward round handbooks or be it the professional and reference books for practitioners. Jaypee as South Asia’s largest and fastest growing medical publisher and has become a popular and trusted brand among the medical fraternity. We work closely with health care professionals as well as health care information providers and pioneer in medical contents. It works like a Bumblebee, collecting the pollen of knowledge from the KOLs (Key Opinion Leaders) of the field and spreading information in the garden of health sciences for every seeking learner.

    Headquartered in New Delhi (India), Jaypee is a global company and its cerebral resource collection centres are located in UK, USA, and Panama. As a well reputed publisher in the world, Jaypee has been publishing the works of eminent KOLs and academicians from every nook and corner of the world. Jaypee makes its presence in each and every important medical conference of the world to connect with every possible KOL of the medical world in every important specialty to collect and publish the latest, authoritative and dependable information, knowledge and techniques of and for the medical world.

    Jaypee is actively involved in the translations of titles in different languages like Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Chinese, Korean, etc.

    The company is an official publisher of Federation of Obstetrics and Gynecological Societies of India (FOGSI), Indian Academy of Pediatrics (IAP) and the Association of Physicians in India (API). With more than 3,500 titles (health science books, journals and procedures’ video) in its list and 350 new products added each year in different streams: Medical, Dental, Nursing, Allied and Medical Science, Veterinary Sciences. Jaypee is one of the fastest growing publishers in the world of Health Sciences Education and information.

    Jaypee has already achieved the distinction of being one of the best publishers in the world in the field of Ophthalmology. The coveted TOP position in the specialty is not far away.

    Worldwide Distribution

    With 20 offices in the Indian subcontinent, it is the undisputed leader of the region. Apart from distributing its own books Jaypee is a distributor as well in the Indian subcontinent for McGraw Hill, Arnold, FA Davis, Elsevier, LWW, Springer and Thieme’s products. Jaypee has a great network of more than 1100 booksellers in different regions to reach all its existing and prospective clients.

    Jaypee products are being distributed globally by renowned distributors in the USA, Central and South America, UK, Canada, Europe, Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, North Asia and in the Australia/Pacific Region.

    Our Subsidiaries

    JP Medical Ltd. based in London (UK) is an exclusive distributor of Jaypee’s books, journals, videos and online services in Europe and North America. The company has an extensive network in UK and USA to reach out to the KOL’s of the region. As this is a full services publishing subsidiary, it extensively draws the content from the authors, writers and contributors of the region. Established in 2010 JP Medical is the exclusive distributor of Jaypee Brothers books, journals and online services in Europe, the Middle East and North America and also publishes new titles from authors in these regions. In 2013, JP Medical will publish over 35 new titles into the undergraduate, postgraduate and specialist markets, with a further 45 planned for 2014. JP Medical is committed to publishing information with clarity of text, design and purpose relevant to the busy medical professional and student at realistic prices.

    Jaypee-Highlights Medical Publishers, Inc. is based in Panama (Central America), offering professional and reference books, textbooks, journals, videos, e-books in Spanish, English, Italian and Portuguese languages, covering over 44 different medical specialities. Jaypee-Highlights’s staff works closely with international renowned authors, combining creativity and technology to publish unique, innovative and outstanding quality products to educate and inform students, researchers, academicians, specialists and other health professionals on the latest developments and most recent advances and techniques in all the areas of medicine. The company also distributes Jaypee’s English products in the region. The company already has a formidable list of titles in the Medical, Dental and Nursing streams. The company’s roots are deeply embedded in the field of Ophthalmology.

    JP Medical Publishersand Jaypee-Highlights is managed and run by a strong team of experienced publishing professionals in the field of Health Sciences.

    Others Subsidiaries

    • Jaypee Journals: Print and e-Journals
    • Jaypee Digital (e-books & e-Journals): Digital Medical Books and Journals
    • Jaypee Pharma Customized Imprints (P) Ltd.
    • AJR Medi Solutions etc.