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A Comprehensive Textbook of Poultry Pathology

Author Gopalakrishna Rao

Rs. 540

A Systemic Histology of Domestic Animals

Author V Ramakrishna, KM Gadre

Rs. 540

A Textbook of General and Microzoonoses

Author Chhabra, Arora

Rs. 470

Animal Cancers: Trends in Diagnosis, Treatment and Management

Author R Somvanshi, K Dhama, RB Bind

Rs. 1020

This book is unique, covering the deadly malady on cancers in animals focusing recent trends in diagnosis, treatment and management that would attract...

Animal Handling Techniques and Protocol Development Strategies

Author Bhushan P Hatwar, Arunabha Mallik, UK Jain, Satish Nayak

Rs. 390

The purpose of this book is to assist institutions in caring for and using animals in ways judged to be scientifically, technically and humanely appropriate....

Applied Anatomy of the Domestic Animals

Author Ommer

Rs. 325

Broiler Farming and Management

Author Suresh S Honnappagol, Satish C Biradar, Gadre KM

Rs. 300

this book entitled Broiler Farming and Management provides a concise overview of broiler industry for the students, professionals and broiler farmers. The...

Color Atlas of Tissue Response to Biomaterials

Author Mira Mohanty, A Sabareeswaran, Sulekha Baby, Joseph Sebastian, Caroline S Diana

Rs. 6095

Biomaterial science encompasses both material and biological sciences. Residence of a material in biological tissue depends both on material characteristics...

Dog Feeding and Therapeutic Diet

Author YPS Dabas

Rs. 300

General Veterinary Parasitology

Author PC Jain, Archana Jain

Rs. 590

Goat Diseases of Tropics

Author SK Chattopadhyay

Rs. 230

Handbook of Calf Lymph Nodes

Author KM Gadre, MR Malik, V Ramakrishna

Rs. 270

Handbook of Poultry Production and Management

Author NV Jadhav, MF Siddiqui

Rs. 780

Handbook on Laboratory Animals

Author PV Desai, P Saravanan

Rs. 420

Handbook on Laboratory Animals is one of the rare books dealing with basics and applied information required for researchers involved in the laboratory animal...

Introduction to General Veterinary Pathology

Author D Gopalakrishna Rao

Rs. 540

Laboratory Precautions and Animal Care

Author Mohana Rao A, Vasili Ashok, Kalyani P

Rs. 420

This book contains 3 sections—Prevention of Accidents in the Laboratory, Animal Care and Information on Laboratory Glassware. Further, in the eleventh five...

Manual of Livestock Breeding System

Author FH Khan

Rs. 330

Meat & Meat Products Technology

Author Sharma, BD

Rs. 495

This book presents several statistical figures and food laws which became obsolete. It is necessary to update the students on these aspects also. Besides...

Methods In Meat Science

Author Kowale

Rs. 590

Milk and Milk Products Technology

Author Subhash Biswas, Subhash Bhattacharya

Rs. 420

Prinicples of Genetics and Animal Breeding

Author FH Khan, Ashok Singh

Rs. 590

Sustainable Dairy Farming

Author Sethumadhavan

Rs. 420

Textbook of Veterinary Entomology and Acarology

Author PC Jain, Archana Jain

Rs. 590

Textbook of Veterinary, Clinical and Laboratory Diagnosis

Author RS Chauhan, DK Agarwal

Rs. 710

Textbook of Veterinary Biochemistry

Author RS Dhanotiya

Rs. 710

Textbook on Pathology of Wildlife Diseases

Author D Gopalakrishna Rao

Rs. 270

Veterinarians Drug Index

Author Aravindan Vallachira

Rs. 950

Veterinary Animal and Poulty Science Dictionary

Author NV Jadhav, MK Tandle, PG Waghmare

Rs. 540

Veterinary Laboratory Diagnosis

Author PK Sriraman

Rs. 780

Veterinary Materia Medica

Author Aravindan Vallachira

Rs. 390

Veterinary Obstetrics A practical Guide

Author Suresh S Honnappagol, MK Tandle

Rs. 540

Veterinary Pharmacology

Author Aravindan Vallachira, Usha PTA

Rs. 1020

The aim of this book is to provide the students with those pharmacological principles necessary for and understanding of the intelligent use of drugs in...

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