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A Guide to Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing

Author R Sreevani

Rs. 725

The book has for the most part employed the ICD system (International Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems-10) in describing various...

A Textbook of Therapeutic Modalities in Psychiatric Nursing

Author Manisha Gupta

Rs. 625

This book includes a unit on different therapies in psychiatric nursing for treating various psychiatric disorders. It covers introduction, definition,...

Applied Psychology for Nurses

Author R Sreevani

Rs. 595

The fifth edition, as the previous one, is strictly aligned with the revised Nursing syllabus. While retaining the strengths of the fourth edition, an effort...

Basic Psychology for Nurses (As Per INC Syllabus)

Author Rajesh Kumar

Rs. 475

This book contains multiple choice questions, short and long answer and essay questions at the end of each chapter. Readymade availability of multiple choice...

Essentials of Mental Health Nursing

Author B T Basavanthapa

Rs. 925

Essentials of Mental Health Nursing

Author Pawan Kumar Sharma

Rs. 895

This edition contains DSM-V and ICD-11 Diagnostic Criteria as per latest INC syllabus to give better understanding about the classification system of...

MCQs in Psychology for Nursing and Allied Sciences

Author K Nagaraja Rao, B Shamshad Begum, CY Sudarshan

Rs. 325

Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing (In Hindi)

Author Arjita Sengar

Rs. 275

Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing for GNM (2nd Year)

Author Parambeer Kaur Rai

Rs. 325

Mental Health Nursing for RGNM Students

Author Jeneesh Jabar

Rs. 425

Mental Health Nursing for RGNM Students aims to provide a comprehensive account of mental health nursing in an easy-to-understand manner. It is according to...

Practical Book for Mental Health Nursing

Author Bushra Mushtaq, Javaid Ahmad Mir

Rs. 475

This practical book is designed to help students to perform effectively and efficiently in clinical settings. The goal of this practical book is to ...

Practical Guide to Mental Health Nursing

Author W Vimala Samson

Rs. 475

Practical Record Book for Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

Author Ellen Beck

Rs. 425

The purpose of this book is to provide student nurses posted in psychiatric nursing care settings to fulfill the required clinical experience as per the Indian...

Principles and Practice of Psychiatric Nursing

Author TP Prema, KR Graicy

Rs. 625

Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing

Author BT Basavanthappa

Rs. 1725

Psychiatry and Mental Health Nursing

Author SM Raju, Bindu Raju

Rs. 1275

Psychiatry for Nurses

Author S Nambi

Rs. 625

The second edition of Psychiatry for Nurses maintains a strong student focus presenting sound nursing theory, therapeutic needs and clinical applications. The...

Psychology and Sociology (In Hindi)

Author Arjita Sengar

Rs. 325

Psychology and Sociology for GNM and BPT Students

Author Jacob Anthikad

Rs. 575

The Indian Nursing Council, in their latest syllabus, introduced a separate paper for Behavioural Sciences in II GNM, recognising the growing relevance of...

Psychology and Sociology for Paramedicals

Author B Subbarao

Rs. 350

Psychology for Graduate Nurses (BSc Nursing, Post Basic Nursing)

Author Rajesh G Konnur

Rs. 525

The contents of the book are prepared according to the syllabus of Indian Nursing Council to enable the nursing students to use it as a textbook for...

Psychology For Nursing

Author BT Basavanthapa

Rs. 1025

Psychosocial Foundation of Nursing

Author I Clement

Rs. 995

Question Bank Mental Health Nursing

Author Sreevani R, Prasanthi N

Rs. 525

Solved Question Papers of Mental Health Nursing for BSc Nursing 3rd Year

Author Rajendra Prasad Seervi, Abhishek Soni

Rs. 375

Textbook of Mental Health Nursing

Author D Elakkuvana Bhaskara Raj

Rs. 775

Textbook on Psychology for BSc Nursing Students (as per INC Syllabus)

Author I Clement

Rs. 625

This book on psychology will definitely help every BSc (Nursing) student understand the basic psychology and its application in nursing care. This book has 27...

Textbook on Psychology for Post Basic BSc Nursing

Author I Clement

Rs. 625

Body and mind are the two sides of the same coin; they are inseparable, inter-related, interdependent and complex in nature. Each individual mind is unique....

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