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A Guide to Nursing Research and Biostatistics (As Per INC Syllabus)

Author Mamita Dey

Rs. 650

A Guide to Nursing Research and Biostatistics provides new information to keep nurses up-to-date, communicate the findings of research studies and develop the...

Biostatistics for Nurses

Author BT Basavanthappa

Rs. 695

Nurses need Biostatistics in many ways. It helps nurses to calculate and know the biological values, laboratory values, vital statistics and calculate the...

Essentials of Nursing Research

Author BT Basavanthappa

Rs. 495

Essentials of Nursing Research & Biostatistics

Author Bijayalakshmi Dash

Rs. 750

The second edition has been formulated with many modifications. Each and every chapter starts with learning objectives and ends with summary. Readers can also...

Exercise Book of Nursing Research (For MSc, BSc and Post Basic BSc Students)

Author Indarjit Walia

Rs. 595

Developing nursing research plan, executing it and dissemination of its findings require competency which would be attained by actual conduct of research in...

Genetics and Genomics in Nursing (Previously known as Human Genetics in Nursing)

Author Suresh K Sharma

Rs. 750

This textbook retitled Genetics and Genomics in Nursing (previously known as Human Genetics in Nursing) is focused on nurses, which is covering the most...

Handbook of Nursing Research and Biostatistics

Author Vaishali D Tendolkar

Rs. 450

Introduction to Nursing Research

Author Seenidurai Paulraj

Rs. 495

This textbook has been carefully prepared as per the revised syllabus of the Indian Nursing Council for the MSc (Nursing) course. It helps the learners how to...

Nursing Research and Statistics

Author BT Basavanthappa

Rs. 995

Nursing research is essential if nurses need to understand the varied dimensions of their profession. It enables nurses to describe the characteristics of a...

Nursing Research and Statistics

Author GS Purushothama

Rs. 495

The book covers all aspects of nursing research and statistics which includes research methodology, scientific methods, conceptual models, reviews of...

Nursing Research and Statistics

Author Rajesh Kumar

Rs. 595

Nursing Research Made Easy

Author Renjith Augustine

Rs. 450

This book is designed according to the latest updated nursing syllabus and each unit is described in detail with recent and advanced information on research....

Overview of Nursing Research Including Biostatistics

Author Rajeswari Vaidyanathan

Rs. 450

Research and Biostatistics for Nurses (As per INC Syllabus)

Author R Sudha

Rs. 795

This book has been written specifically to meet the needs of the nursing students and to draw their interest towards nursing research. It has been organized...

Research Methodology for Nurses

Author TK Indrani

Rs. 295

Research Methodology in Nursing

Author Nirmala V, J Silvia Edison, Sunil MS

Rs. 495

Textbook of Nursing Research & Statistics for BSc Nursing Students

Author Pity Koul

Rs. 395

The present book has been designed as per the INC curriculum of Basic BSc and specifically meets two clear objectives: (i) to design appropriate methodology...

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