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Application of Nursing Process & Nursing Diagnosis

Author AM Rajinikanth

Rs. 425

Comprehensive Textbook of Nursing Education

Author Jaspreet Kaur Sodhi

Rs. 825

This second edition is intended to prepare nursing student to meet the changing needs and demand of society. Emphasis has been laid on Competency-based...

Counseling Skills for Health Care Professions

Author Rajinikanth AM

Rs. 650

Creative Tools & Techniques of Multidimensional Educational Methods in Nursing

Author Cecy Correia

Rs. 1275

India is a vast country with multiple needs as well as problems. Though our country is approaching towards digitalization, yet we have a large number of people...

Disaster Management for Health Care Professionals

Author Joshi Sonopant G

Rs. 575

Newer Trends in Management of Nursing Services and Education

Author Alamelu Venketaraman

Rs. 725

Newer Trends in Management of Nursing Services and Education reflects on application of principles of administration in ward units, hospital and nursing...

Nursing Education

Author BT Basavanthappa

Rs. 1850

Nursing Education Made Easy

Author D Elakkuvana Bhaskara Raj

Rs. 725

Nursing Informatics

Author Elakkuvana Bhaskara Raj D, Anbu T

Rs. 475

Nursing Informatics has offered a broad range of titles: some address specific professions such as nursing, medicine and health administration; others cover...

Nursing Process : A Clinical Guide

Author Molly Sam

Rs. 295

Nursing Theories

Author BT Basavanthappa

Rs. 775

Nursing Theories A Practical View

Author D Elakkuvana Bhaskara Raj

Rs. 525

Perioperative Nursing Manual

Author SN Nanjunde Gowda, Jyothi Nanjunde Gowda

Rs. 475

Principles and Practice of Nursing

Author Shakuntla Sharma Birpuri

Rs. 775

Textbook of Nursing Education

Author KP Neeraja

Rs. 825

This book will serve as an ideal textbook for both teachers and to the students. A sincere effort is made to cover the present syllabus framed by Indian...

Textbook of Nursing Education—Communication and Educational Technology for BSc and Post Basic Nursing Students

Author Mukesh Chandra Sharma

Rs. 675

This book is written for nursing student’s. The aim of this book is to equip nursing students with different aspects of Nursing Education. This book will be...

Textbook of Nursing Management in Service & Education

Author C Manivannan, T Latha Manivannan, J Baskaran

Rs. 625

Textbook on Introduction to Nursing Education (For PB BSc Nursing Students)

Author I Clement

Rs. 625

Nursing education plays an important role in sculpturing the neophyte nurses, where the nurse educators should be able to produce the quality education that...

The Short Textbook of Nursing Education

Author Veerabhadrappa GM

Rs. 525

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