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Application of Nursing Theories

Author Ajesh Kumar TK, Soumya Chandran

Rs. 495

The main objective of this book is to simplify the abstract concepts of nursing theories and accelerate the application of these theories into nursing...

Communication & Education Technology

Author Jogindra Vati

Rs. 395

The book contains 9 well-classified units divided into 12 chapters, taking all aspects of subjects to cover the entire INC syllabus. Each chapter begins with a...

Communication and Educational Technology for Nurses

Author BT Basavanthappa

Rs. 650

Essential Communication in Nursing

Author AM Rajinikanth

Rs. 450

Essentials of Communication and Education Technology

Author Nisha Clement

Rs. 850

This book organized and arranged as per the syllabus. Each chapter is explained with terminology which helps the student to understand the concepts easily....

First Aid for Nurses

Author Karesh Prasad

Rs. 450

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