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Essentials of Medical Parasitology

Author Apurba S Sastry, Sandhya Bhat

Rs. 695

This book is a complete guide to medical parasitology for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The new edition has been fully revised to provide the latest...

Medical Microbiology for Nurses (Including Parasitology)

Author Prof Jacob Anthikad

Rs. 495

This book is intended to provide an easily comprehensible, non-intimidating and concise textbook on medical microbiology including parasitology. It is written...

Medical Parasitology

Author Rajesh Bhatia, RL Ichhpujani

Rs. 695

Parasitology Easy to Learn

Author T Jaya Chandra

Rs. 495

This handy book has been envisaged and designed keeping in mind the mindset, understanding capabilities and the reading methods of undergraduate medical...

The Short Textbook of Medical Helminthology

Author Satish Gupte

Rs. 795

The present book, The Short Textbook of Medical Helminthology aims at a comprehensive, reasonably illustrated and state-of-the-art update of helminths, a...

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