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Handbook of FAQs in Plab Part 1

Author Avinash A

Rs. 650

Handbook of Plab

Author Kunal Goyal, Seema Mittal

Rs. 895

Plab 1 Revision Made Easy

Author Chatterjee

Rs. 695

Plab 2 Made Easy OSCEs with Discussion

Author E Mukherjee, J Treml

Rs. 595

Plab and Beyond

Author Clifford Pereira, Gavin Pereira, Jimmi Limdi

Rs. 395

PLAB Guide Student To Student

Author Prabhu

Rs. 495

Plab II Course Manual

Author Sanjay Chintaman Patwardhan, Mansi S Patwardhan

Rs. 550

Plab Made Easy

Author K Praveen Babu

Rs. 650

Plab Simplified

Author Wasim Shaikh

Rs. 750

Plab Workbook Medical IELTS

Author David Sales

Rs. 495

Plab-2 If You Can, You Can

Author Soundarajan Sathyan, Asha Dhandapani

Rs. 695

Recent Manual of Plab

Author Nitin Maheshwari, Sanjaya Kalkur

Rs. 950

Revision Notes for MRCP 2 Paces

Author Shibley Rahman, Avinash Sharma

Rs. 650

RxPG Series: EMQ Digest for the PLAB

Author Himanshu Tyagi, Ankush Vidyarthi

Rs. 895

RxPG Series: First Aid for The PLAB Part 1 Exam

Author Himanshu Tyagi, Ankush Vidyarthi, Yadav

Rs. 3050

Tips and Tricks for Plab-1

Author Anbin R Inian

Rs. 225

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