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101 MRI Brain Solutions

Author Hariqbal Singh, Varsha Rangankar, Santosh Konde

Rs. 2195

101 MRI Brain Solutions provides a large bank of magnetic resonance (MR) images with cases seen in routine practice to more difficult cases of interest. With...

25 Nobel Laureates in Neurosciences

Author Editor: Kalyan B Bhattacharyya

Rs. 995

The book has been written not only to complete the list of Nobel Laureates, but to show their work for the understanding of clinicians.

A Practical Guide to Hemiplegia Treatment

Author Ipsit Brahmachari

Rs. 1295

For the ease of readers, an attempt has been made to cover all major topics in a nutshell in simple, lucid language with an optimum flow and continuity. The...

Adult Degenerative Scoliosis—Coronal and Sagittal Deformities: Treatment and Management

Author James S Harrop, Alexander R Vaccaro, Ahmed J Awad

Rs. 9450

This book will guide readers on the choice of operative therapy for various degenerative spinal conditions. Although there are numerous spinal texts, this book...

Algorithms in Pediatric Neurology

Author Gouri Rao Passi

Rs. 850

Antiepileptic Drugs

Author Editors: Arun Garg, Atma Ram Bansal

Rs. 1750

The effort of this book is to package the best of current knowledge and practices into forming an individualized treatment algorithm. It also covers the...

Atlas of Neurology: A Case-based Approach

Author Kalyan B Bhattacharyya, Satish V Khadilkar

Rs. 2895

In this book various conditions are discussed, essentially the state of answers of question. For the ease of reading, the questions and significant facts have...

Brain & Neurological Disorders: A Simplified Health Education Guide

Author Sudhir V Shah, Dr. Heli S Shah

Rs. 1395

The first chapter begins with an overview of the nervous system, followed by the important topic of neuroradiology where computed tomography and magnetic...

Brain Imaging: Case Review Series

Author Ankur Arora

Rs. 6595

Case Studies in Uncommon Headache Disorders

Author Ambar Chakravarty

Rs. 1995

All in all, the current second edition includes 17 Commentaries and 81 Case Studies. The present volume would address the needs of the trainees, residents, and...

Cerebral Palsy and Early Stimulation

Author Vykuntaraju KN

Rs. 1150

Cerebral Palsy and Early Stimulation is not an exhaustive book. It attempts to provide relevant information on cerebral palsy. This book covers epidemiology,...

Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology

Author Ambar Chakravarty

Rs. 2095

Clinical Neurology Made Easy

Author HV Srinivas

Rs. 850

Clinics in Neurology

Author Alaka Deshpande

Rs. 2250

Clinical neurology beautifully blends the art and science of medicine. Elucidating a detailed history and eliciting the neurological signs is an art, while...

Complex Spine Cases: A Collection of Current Techniques

Author Munish C Gupta, Alexander Richard Vaccaro, Sachin Gupta

Rs. 8995

This book allows experienced spinal surgeons from throughout the world to share with the spine community this wealth of knowledge and experience. This book...

Computed Aided Tomography Case Histories BRAIN (with CD-ROM)

Author D Karthikeyan, Deepa Chegu

Rs. 5250

Contemporary Understanding and Management of Cerebral Vasospasm: A Practical Guide

Author Ketan R Bulsara, Emily J Gilmore

Rs. 7650

A walk through any intensive care unit in the world will quickly reveal that although we have made significant strides in the management of subarachnoid...

Diagnostic Radiology: Neuroradiology Including Head and Neck Imaging

Author Editors: Niranjan Khandelwal,Arun Kumar Gupta, Anju Garg, Associate Editors: Paramjeet Singh, Shailesh B Gaikwad,Vivek Gupta, Ajay Garg

Rs. 6295

Differential Diagnosis in Neurology

Author Rajendra B Kenkre

Rs. 2595

Differential Diagnosis in Neurology

Author Sudesh Prabhakar, Gagandeep Singh

Rs. 5150

Endoscopic Neurological Surgery

Author David F Jimenez

Rs. 5250

Fetal Neurology

Author Ritsuko K Pooh, Asim Kurjak

Rs. 8500

Frontiers in Pediatric Neurology

Author TM Ananda Kesavan

Rs. 1595

Functional Surgery of Cerebellopontine Angle by Minimally Invasive Retrosigmoid Approach

Author Jacques Magnan, Bhavin Parikh, Hidemi Miyazaki

Rs. 10495

The purpose of this book is to discover, popularize and practice the retrosigmoid approach as it was originally conceived “by otologists for otologists”, but...

Handbook of Clinical Neurology

Author V Natarajan, K Mugundhan

Rs. 695

This handbook aims to provide essential information on how to approach each of the common neurologic symptoms faced in practice by the physician. An analytic...

Handbook on Epilepsy for Physicians (Indian Epilepsy Association)

Author Editors: PV Rai,HV Srinivas,P Satishchandra,GT Subhas

Rs. 1450

Epilepsy is not only a common neurological disease but one which can be eminently treated with high rate of success mostly by antiepileptic drugs and partly...

Higher Neural Functions: A Clinical Approach

Author M Madhusudanan, A Anand Kumar, Arun N Babu

Rs. 1395

This book “Higher Neural Functions—A Clinical Approach,” now in its second edition, explores the known basis of advanced neural functions including attention,...

IAN Reviews in Neurology 2022: Epilepsy- Innovations and Advances

Author Editor: PN Sylaja

Rs. 1695

This compendium will be of immense value to epileptologists and neurologists, in equal measure. To the epileptologist, it brings home critical aspects of...

IAN Reviews in Neurology 2023: Stroke and Headache

Author Editor: PN Sylaja

Rs. 1695

This book is the inevitable outcome of our collective conviction that the time is ripe to put together ideas that explore the clinically relevant connection...

IAN Textbook of Neurology

Author Editors: Satish V Khadilkar, Gagandeep Singh

Rs. 9995

The second edition of the ""IAN Textbook of Neurology"" has been prepared for clinicians who participate in the care of neurological patients, including those...

ICP-IAN 100 Questions in Neurological Practice

Author Chief Editors: PK Maheshwari,Gagandeep Singh

Rs. 1295

This monograph serves as an expert in selective topics of Neurology and their clinical applications pertaining to the Indian context. As the monograph deals...

Intraoperative Imaging in Neurosurgery

Author Karanjit Singh Narang, Ajaya Nand Jha

Rs. 7650

Magnetic Resonance Neurography

Author Avneesh Chhabra

Rs. 8995

Manual of Neurocritical Care

Author Mathew Joseph, Harsh Sapra

Rs. 2095

Manual of Neurocritical Care is aimed to provide a ready-reckoner, and not a textbook, to fellowship students in neurocritical care and all trainees who...

Manual Therapy Approaches in Neurophysiotherapy

Author Suvarna Ganvir, Shyam Ganvir

Rs. 525

This book would be useful to understand the manual therapy techniques.

MCQs for Physiotherapy in Neurology

Author K Lakshmi Prabha

Rs. 550

Mimics of Epileptic Seizures

Author Editor: Ambar Chakravarty

Rs. 2095

New chapters have been added (bearing in mind the changing practice of neurology worldwide and the recommendations of ILAE), new contributing authors have been...

Mnemonics Neurology

Author S Ramu

Rs. 550

Modern Day Management of Headache: Questions and Answers

Author K Ravishankar, Randolph W Evans, Shuu-Jiun Wang

Rs. 3395

Modern Day Management of Headache promises to bridge the gap between theory and practice with the most current information presented in a comprehensive cogent...

MRI Brain: Atlas and Text

Author G Balachandran

Rs. 1250

The book maintains the unique features that is line diagrams for images to facilitate easy appreciation of image findings. The book fairly covers a wide...

Neuro Spinal Surgery Operative Techniques - Micro Lumbar Discectomy: The Gold Standard

Author JKBC Parthiban

Rs. 3950

This book has 10 chapters and is very well written. The language is very easy to understand, simple and lucid. The first chapter on anatomy is made attractive...

Neurological Drugs

Author Vikas Dhikav

Rs. 850

Neurological Drugs is an attempt to update postgraduates and practicing doctors about the neurological drug therapy. It is a unique compilation of Neurology...

Neurological Examination Made Easy (with DVD-ROM)

Author Rajendra Bhalchandra Kenkre

Rs. 2050

Neurological Examination: A Structured Approach

Author GRK Sarma

Rs. 1995

Neurology & Internal Medicine: A Case-based Study

Author Editor: Ambar Chakravarty

Rs. 2895

The present book, with contributions from reputed neurologists and internists from India and abroad, has been able to compile around 170 case studies, all of...

Neuroscience EEG Atlas

Author Amitabh Nundy

Rs. 3150

This atlas of EEG interpretation is essential for anyone involved in EEG interpretation.
The atlas covers normal, abnormal and epileptiform EEG patterns...

Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders

Author Editor: Kalyan B Bhattacharyya, Co-Editors: Jimmy A Lalkaka, Charulata Savant Sankhla, Pettarusp Murzban Wadia

Rs. 4795

The second edition has been published under the able leadership of Dr Kalyan B Bhattacharyya assisted by his editorial team of movement disorder experts—Drs....

Pitfalls in the Diagnosis of Neurological Disorders

Author Editor: Ambar Chakravarty

Rs. 4195

An all-round attempt had been made to discuss the diagnostic strategies to a host of common and uncommon problems encountered in neurological practice, both in...

Pocket Tutor Neurological Examination

Author John A Goodfellow BSc (Hons)

Rs. 1406

Practice Pearls in Neurology - Series 1

Author AV Srinivasan,D Vasudevan,K Bhanu

Rs. 1450

Practice Pearls in Neurology Series III

Author Editors: Bhanu Kesavamurthy, D Vasudevan, AV Srinivasan

Rs. 1595

This book, like its earlier two volumes in the series covers the wide range of topics with immense practical value. The expertise and experience of the faculty...

Self Assessment & Review of Neurosciences

Author Nayil Khursheed, Rumana Makhdoomi

Rs. 595

Spinal Imaging: Critical Topics for Clinical Practice

Author Mauricio Castillo

Rs. 5250

Status Epilepticus: Practical Guidelines in Management

Author Ashalatha Radhakrishnan

Rs. 1895

The book contains 10 chapters and management protocols, contributed by 14 authors. Chapter 1 lucidly describes the progressive evolution of definition of...

Textbook of Focused Neurosurgery

Author Or Cohen-Inbar

Rs. 9750

There are twenty-eight chapters covering fundamental and patient-related information. I am confident that students and residents at all levels will find this...

Textbook of Pediatric Neurology in Tropics

Author Ashok Gupta

Rs. 3650

Textbook of Traumatic Brain Injury

Author AK Mahapatra

Rs. 5250

Textbook of Vertigo: Diagnosis and Management

Author Francesco Dispenza, Alessandro De Stefano

Rs. 3750

The vertigo is one of the commonest symptoms complained by patients. It is also a symptom variously referred by patients and may be present in several...

Textbook on Neurological and Neurosurgical Nursing

Author Clement I

Rs. 1375

This textbook helps the nurses to update their knowledge in neuroscience and also explained about nurses’ role in preventing possible neuroconditions. This...

The Science and Art of Yoga in Mental and Neurological Healthcare

Author Editors: Shivarama Varambally, Sanju George, TM Srinivasan, Associate Editor: Hemant Bhargav

Rs. 2495

This book, The Science and Art of Yoga in Mental and Neurological Healthcare, attempts to bring the reader abreast of these developments and presents a...

Understanding Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo

Author Alessandro De Stefano, Francesco Dispenza

Rs. 2950

Understanding Parkinsonism: The Clinical Perspective

Author Amit Batla, Deepti Vibha

Rs. 2595

This book provides a comprehensive understanding of parkinsonism with emphasis on recognition of diagnosis, and awareness of neurophysiology and nuclear...

Vertigo and Dizziness: A Case-based Study

Author Author: Ambar Chakravarty

Rs. 1995

The total number of cases discussed have gone up to 58 from 46 in the previous volume. Updates have been provided in the commentaries as well as in the cases...

Ward Rounds in Clinical Neurology: Long and Short Cases

Author Ravi Yadav, Girish Baburao Kulkarni

Rs. 1495

Yearbook of Neurology 2022

Author Gagandeep Singh

Rs. 1495

The book contains 16 chapters dedicated to different subspecialties in neurology. Each chapter is headed by one or two editors who are recognized experts in...

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