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A Short Book of Public Health

Author VK Muthu

Rs. 950

The book has been revised completely incorporating up-to-date information on public health to cater the needs of students of public health as well as health...

Basics in Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Author Waqar H Kazmi, Farida Habib Khan

Rs. 595

The book contains the following features:

Simple Text The book is written in a very simple and easy-to-understand manner. The information given in...

Community Medicine: A Student Manual

Author Parikshit Sanyal

Rs. 850

Community medicine is not something medical students (at least the majority of them) enjoy studying very much. Of all medical specialties, it has the...

Community Mental Health in India

Author BS Chavan, Niting Gupta, Priti Arun, Ajeet Sidana, Sushrut Jadhav

Rs. 3695

DK Taneja's Health Policies and Programmes in India

Author Bratati Banerjee

Rs. 950

Epidemiology Made Easy with CD-ROM

Author Poornima Tiwari, Shashank Tiwari

Rs. 695

Epidemiology of Ocular Trauma

Author B Shukla

Rs. 450

Epidemiology Principles and Practice

Author Susmita Bhattacharya

Rs. 795

Essentials of Community Medicine : A Practical Approach

Author Lalita D Hiremath

Rs. 750

Essentials of Community Medicine Practicals

Author DK Mahabalaraju

Rs. 895

The main purpose of the treatise is to cater students, at the same time to provide justifiable status to the community medicine. Great emphasis has been given...

Handbook of Community Medicine

Author Mangla Subramaniam

Rs. 1150

IAPSM’s Textbook of Community Medicine: As per the Competency-based Medical Education Curriculum (NMC)

Author AM Kadri

Rs. 1495

This textbook is written in lucid and comprehensive language with many case studies, diagrams, and tables to make it interesting and easy to grasp. Many newer...

Mastering Community Medicine

Author Asif Khan

Rs. 850

MCQs in Community Medicine

Author Rashmi Sharma

Rs. 695

This book covers entire subject of Community Medicine and contains around 1000 MCQs. It aims to provide a comprehensive accessible updates of Community...

Principles and Practice of Community Medicine

Author Asma Rahim

Rs. 1350

Quality System Implementation in Health Care Establishments

Author Karun Dev Sharma

Rs. 450

Quality in health care is a relatively new concept in India, more so in the government set up. Private health care establishments have been undergoing quality...

Self Assessment & Review in Community Medicine

Author Shivkumar R Pundkar

Rs. 350

Short Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine

Author GN Prabhakara

Rs. 695

Synopsis Dissertation and Research to PG Students

Author GN Prabhakara

Rs. 495

Textbook of Chronic Noncommunicable Diseases: The Health Challenge of 21st Century

Author Jai Prakash Narain, Rajesh Kumar

Rs. 1495

This book includes a comprehensive review and analysis of the health and economic consequences that the rising trends of noncommunicable diseases bring. This...

Textbook of Community and Social Pediatrics

Author SR Banerjee

Rs. 2350

Textbook of Community Health for Health Inspectors

Author GN Prabhakara

Rs. 995

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