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A Practical Guide to Hemiplegia Treatment

Author Ipsit Brahmachari

Rs. 1250

For the ease of readers, an attempt has been made to cover all major topics in a nutshell in simple, lucid language with an optimum flow and continuity. The...

Alternative Therapies for Medical Professionals

Author Vishnu Vignesvaran

Rs. 1295

Anatomy and Physiology for Paramedicals

Author AK Singh

Rs. 750

Basic of Biomechanics

Author Ajay Bahl, Sharad Ranga, Rajnish Sharma

Rs. 450

Basics of Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy

Author Rajni Malik

Rs. 1050

Basics of Electrotherapy

Author Subhash M Khatri

Rs. 750

The purpose of this book is to provide a foundation of knowledge for the management of most of the types of patients with electrotherapeutic modalities....

Basics of Orthopedic Physiotherapy

Author Subhash M Khatri

Rs. 795

Medical and Physiotherapy knowledge is constantly changing. As new information becomes available, changes in treatment procedures and techniques in clinical...

Biochemistry for Physiotherapy and Allied Health Sciences Students

Author Beena B Shetty, Nandini M, Vinitha Ramanath Pai

Rs. 995

Biomechanics The Nucleus of Physiotherapy

Author R Vinodh Rajkumar

Rs. 1150

Cerebral Palsy

Author Veena Slaich

Rs. 895

Essentials of Physiotherapy

Author UN Panda

Rs. 595

Handbook of Medical Sociology for Nursing, Physiotherapy and Paramedical Students

Author Varun Malhotra, Ritika Malhotra

Rs. 395

The objective of the book is neither to wean medical and paramedical students away from in-depth study of the subject nor to prevent learning it through...

Handbook of Practical Electrotherapy

Author Pushpal Kumar Mitra

Rs. 695

Handbook of Practical Neuro Physiotherapy

Author PK Mitra

Rs. 1295

Human Anatomy and Physiology for Nursing and Allied Sciences

Author Mahindra Kumar Anand, Meena Verma

Rs. 1350

Low Back Pain

Author John Ebnezar

Rs. 895

Managing Common Musculoskeletal Conditions by Physiotherapy & Yoga

Author PP Mohanty, Monalisa Pattnaik

Rs. 695

Manual of Operating Room Discipline and Protocol

Author Inderdeep Singh Walia, Rajiv M Borle

Rs. 1550

While operative routines vary in different hospitals, underlying principles/basics are the same. Consequently, basic principles are stressed. Emphasis is...

MCQs for Physiotherapy in Neurology

Author K Lakshmi Prabha

Rs. 550

MCQs in Electrotherapy

Author S Sangeetha Mohan, KG Smitha

Rs. 450

MCQs in Gate Therapy for B. Pharma

Author Chandi Charan Kandar

Rs. 1095

Medical Biochemistry for Physiotherapy Students

Author Harpreet Kaur, Jagmohan Singh

Rs. 495

Neck Pain A Practical Approach

Author S Jai Shanthini, Waleed Al Busairi, AJ Rajendran

Rs. 595

The aim of this book is to highlight the key points in the approach to a patient presenting with neck pain. The book is designed in such a way that it can be...

Orthoses, Prostheses and Assistive Devices for Physiotherapists

Author Akhoury Gourang Sinha

Rs. 1050

Pharmacology for Physiotherapist

Author KV Ramesh, K Ashok Shenoy

Rs. 950

Physical Therapy Examination Review

Author V Murugusan, P Shanmugaraju

Rs. 550

Physiotherapy Care for Women's Health

Author R Baranitharan, V Mahalakshmi, V Kokila

Rs. 550

Physiotherapy in Medical Conditions

Author Suraj Kumar, Anoop Aggarwal

Rs. 1250

Physiotherapy in Medical Conditions is designed for the physiotherapy students who wish to acquire knowledge of physiotherapy in different medical conditions....

Physiotherapy in Neuroconditions

Author Glady Samuel Raj

Rs. 695

Physiotherapy of the Shoulder

Author PP Mohanty, Monalisa Pattnaik

Rs. 595

The book includes content on physiotherapy management of the mechanical shoulder problems

Physiotherapy Secrets Multiple Choice Questions

Author PP Mohanty, Monalisa Pattnaik

Rs. 495

Practical Physiotherapy Prescriber

Author Gitesh Amrohit

Rs. 695

The main aim of the book was to quick diagnosis and relevant physiotherapy management for various medical and surgical conditions. The used language is very...

Principles of Exercise Prescription

Author Milind V Bhutkar

Rs. 995

Principles of Exercises in Physiotherapy

Author C Sivaram

Rs. 1495

Principles of Geriatric Physiotherapy

Author Narinder Kaur Multani, Satish Kumar Verma

Rs. 695

Psychology and Sociology for Paramedicals

Author B Subbarao

Rs. 350

Psychotherapy in a Traditional Society: Context, Concept and Practice

Author Vijoy K Verma, Nitin Gupta

Rs. 1750

Respiratory Medicine for Nurses and Paramedicals

Author T Balasubramanian

Rs. 395

Short textbook of Prosthetics and Orthotics

Author R Chinnathurai

Rs. 695

Sports Medicine

Author CS Jayaprakash

Rs. 850

Srimathis Electrotherapeutic Agents Manual

Author N Srinivasan

Rs. 995

Textbook of Microbiology for Paramedicals

Author Logeswari Selvaraj

Rs. 2495

Textbook of Physiotherapy in Surgical Conditions

Author Pushpal K Mitra

Rs. 695

This volume is designed to provide the students and practitioners of nursing, physical therapy and occupational therapy with an insight into various aspects of...

Textbook of Sports Medicine

Author Laila Das

Rs. 1050

Textbook of Therapeutic Exercises

Author S Lakshmi Narayanan

Rs. 750

The Pocketbook of Chest Physiotherapy

Author Gitesh Amrohit

Rs. 695

Understanding Osteoarthritis and its Management

Author Cmone Mishra

Rs. 495

VERTIGO—Clinical: Practice and Examination

Author Philip Rajan Devesahayam, Prepageran Narayanan

Rs. 1850

Vertigo is the feeling that everything around you is spinning or moving, which is usually caused by a problem in the inner ear, but can also be caused by...

Yoga and Rehabilitation

Author Nilima Patel

Rs. 895

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