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Journal of Oral Health & Community Dentistry Vol.15 Dr. C M Marya 0973-7316
The Journal of Medical Science Vol.07 Dr. H Sahajananda 2455-6254
Indian Journal of Medical Biochemistry Vol.25 Dr Anju Jain 0972-1207
Indian Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Vol.32 Dr. Rajesh Pramanik 0973-2209
Indian Journal of Sleep Medicine Vol.16 Dr. J C Suri 0973-8746
International Journal of Clinical Pediatrics Dentistry Vol.14 Dr. Nikhil Marwah 0975-1904
Donald School Journal of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology Vol. 15 Prof. Asim Kurjak 0975-1912
Journal of SAFOG Vol. 13 Dr. Jaideep Malhotra 0975-1920
Journal of Current Glaucoma Practice Vol.15 Dr. Tanuj Dada 0975-1947
World Journal of Laparoscopic Surgery Vol.14 Dr. R.K Mishra 0975-1955
An International Journal Otorhinolaryngology Clinics Vol.14 Dr. Bachi T Hathiram 0975-6957
An International Journal Clinical Rhinology Vol.14 Dr. Ashok K Gupta 0975-6965
World Journal of Endocrine Surgery Vol.13 Dr. Amit Agarwal 0975-7902
International Journal of Head and Neck Surgery Vol.12 Dr. Chris de Souza 0976-0539
World Journal of Dentistry Vol.12 Dr. Shankargouda Patil 0976-6014
Highlights of Opthalmology Vol.49 Dr.Samuel Boyd 1024-6983
The Journal of Contemporary Dental Practice (Online Only) Vol.22 Dr. Shankargouda Patil 1526-3711
Strategies Trauma & Limb Reconstruction Vol.16 Dr. K Mader, S. Nayagam 1828-8928
Indian Journal of Critical Care Medicine Vol.25 Dr Atul P Kulkarni 1998-359X
International Journal of Infertility & Fetal Medicine Vol.12 Dr. Kamini Rao 2229-3833
CODS Journal of Dentistry Vol.13 Dr. Vasundhara Shivanna 2230-8695
Euroasian Journal of Hepato-Gastroenterology Vol.11 Dr. Hasan Ozkan 2231- 5128
International Journal of Phonosurgery & Laryngology Vol.11 Dr. Amitabha Roychoudhury 2231-3702
International Journal of Prosthodontics & Restorative Dentistry Vol.11 Dr. Ramesh Chaudhary 2231-637X
The Journal of Nursing Trends Vol.10 Dr Fabiola M Dhanraj 2249-3190
International Journal of Keratoconus and Ectatic Corneal Diseases Vol.10 Dr. Adel Barbara 2277-4203
Journal of Gastrointestinal Infection Vol.11 Dr Chetana Vaishnavi 2277-5862
Jourrnal of Postgraduate Medicine Education & Research Vol.55 Dr. MS Dhillon 2278-0262
Journal of Health Sciences & Research Vol.12 Dr. Edwin Devadoss 2278-0572
International Journal of Experimental Dental Science Vol.10 Dr. Rajiv Saini 2278-1706
Journal of Scientific Dentistry Vol.11 Dr Saravana Kumar R 2278-3865
Panamerica Journal of Trauma, Critical Care & Emergency Surgery (Online Only) Vol.10 Dr. Sandro Rizoli 2278-5388
Pondicherry Journal of Nursing Vol.14 Dr Renuka K 2279-0144
Journal of Contemporary Dentistry Vol.11 Dr. Vanitha U Shenoy 2279-0217
Indian Journal of Private Psychiatric Vol.15 Dr. Gautam Sahai 2319-5363
Journal of SAFOMS Vol. 09 Dr. Syeda Batool Mazhar 2319-9830
Journal of Perioperative Echocardiography Vol.09 Dr. G D Puri 2320-7310
International Journal of Research Foundation of Hospital Management & Healthcare Administration. Vol.09 Dr. Shakti Kumar Gupta 2347-4602
Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery Vol.08 Dr. MS Dhillon 2394-7705
Annals of SBV Vol.10 Dr. Adkoli BV 2395-1982
Research and Innovations in Anaesthsia Vol.06 Dr. Sunil Gvalani 2456-3188
Journal of Operative Dentistry and Endodontics Vol.06 Dr M Kavitha 2456-320X
Conservative Dentistry and Endodontic Journal Vol.06 Dr Ganesh C 2456-3218
Journal of Mahatma Gandhi University of Medical Sciences and Technology Vol. 06 Dr. G. N. Saxena 2456-8406
Amei's Current Trends in Diagnosis and Treatment Vol.05 Dr.A P Singh 2457-0923
SBV Journal of Basic Clinical and Applied Health Science Vol.04 Dr. C. Adithan 2581-6039
Journal of Medical Academics Vol.04 Dr. Maj. Gen. R Chaturvedi 2581-8279
Journal of Drug Research in Ayurvedic Sciences Vol.06 Prof. Vd. Kartar Singh Dhiman 2581-8295
Journal of Research in Ayurvedic Sciences Vol.05 Prof. Vd. Kartar Singh Dhiman 2581-9895
Journal of South Asian Association of Pediatric Dentistry Vol.04 Dr Vijay Prakash Mathur 2582-1024
Bengal Physician Journal Vol.08 Dr Anup Kumar Bhattacharya 2582-1202
Pediatric Infection Disease Vol.03 Dr Vijay Yewale 2582-4988
Journal of Orthopedics and Joint Surgery Vol.03 Prof V. Thirunarayanan NA
Journal of Upper Limb Surgery Vol.01 Dr.Kartik NA
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