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Year Book of Dermatology – 2018: Psoriasis 1/e Jayakar Thomas 9789352705931
Year Book of Dermatology – 2019 Fungal Infections 1/e Editor: Jayakar Thomas,Co-Editor: Parimalam Kumar 9789352709724
Year Book of Dermatology – 2019: Trichology 1/e Editor-in-Chief: BS Chandrashekar,Associate Editor: Madura C 9789352709731
Year Book of Medicine 2018 1/e Chief Editor: Gurpreet S Wander 9789352705115
Year Book of Medicine 2019 1/e Wander, Gurpreet S 9789389188738
Yearbook of Anesthesiology – 6 1/e Raminder Sehgal, Anjan Trikha 9789386261533
Yearbook of Anesthesiology-7 1/e Raminder Sehgal,Anjan Trikha 9789352702978
Yearbook of Anesthesiology-8 1/e Raminder Sehgal, Anjan Trikha 9789352706037
Yearbook of Cardiology 2017 1/e Editor-in-chief: Dev B Pahlajani,Associate Editor: Akshay Mehta 9789352700899
Yearbook of Surgery 1994 1/e Roshan Lall Gupta 9788171793938
Yearbook of Surgery 1995 1/e Roshan Lall Gupta 9788171794461
Yearbook of Surgery 1996 1/e Roshan Lall Gupta 9788171794942
Yearbook of Surgery 1997 1/e Roshan Lall Gupta 9788171795529
Yearbook of Surgery 1998 1/e Roshan Lall Gupta 9788171796441
Yearbook of Surgery 1999 1/e Roshan Lall Gupta 9788171797301
Yearbook of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery 2016 1/e R Sekhar 9789386261250
Yearbook of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery-2 (2018) 1/e R Sekhar 9789352705986
Yoga and Rehabilitation 1/e Nilima Patel 9788184482119
Yoga Application for Low Back Pain 1/e Dayanand Dongaonkar 9789350903131
Yogic Exercises 1/e (Reprint) S Dutta Ray 9788171791057
Your Infertility Dilemma's 1/e Prakash Trivedi 9788184483208
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