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100 Cases Histories in Clinical Medicine for MRCP (Part-1) 1/e Farrukh Iqbal 9788180613074
100+ Clinical Cases in Pediatrics 4/e R Arvind 9789352501793
101 Cases in Respiratory Medicine 1/e Supriya Sarkar 9789352703111
101 Chest X-ray Solutions 1/e Hariqbal Singh 9789350904626
101 Clinical Cases in Emergency Room 2/e Editor: Badar M Zaheer 9789352703333
101 CT Abdomen Solutions 1/e Hariqbal Singh, Yasmeen Khan 9789352501816
101 Interesting Cases in Clinical Medicine 1/e Azad, Khan Abdul Kalam,Kabir, Ahmedul,Amin, Mohammad Robed 9789389129632
101 Medical Autopsy Cases: Adult and Pediatric (With Complete Pathological/ Clinical Details and Review of Literature) 1/e Nandita Bharadwaj Kakkar 9789352706129
101 MRI Brain Solutions 1/e Hariqbal Singh, Varsha Rangankar, Santosh Konde 9789351525530
1500 MCQs Review of Radiology 1/e UN Panda 9788171796267
151 Skin Cases: Diagnosis & Treatment 3/e Sanjay Ghosh 9789352704927
1st MBBS Explorer 1/e Indranil Banerjee 9789385891137
300 Single Best Answers for the Final FRCR Part A 1/e Chaitanya Gupta 9781907816024
3D and 4D Ultrasound: A Text & Atlas 1/e Ashok Khurana, Nirvikar Dahiya 9788180613227
50 Cases in Clinical Cardiology: A Problem Solving Approach 1/e Atul Luthra 9789351521105
A Case Oriented Approach Towards Biochemistry 1/e Namrata Chhabra, Sahil Chhabra 9789350901885
A Case Oriented Approach Towards Biochemistry 2/e Editors: Namrata Chhabra ,Sahil Chhabra 9789390595792
A Century of Progress in Head and Neck Cancer 1/e Jatin P Shah, Dennis Kraus, Ashok Shaha 9789351523123
A Color Atlas of Minimal Access Surgery in Children (with CD-ROM) 1/e Sanjay Oak, Sandesh V Parelkar, Prakash Agarwal 9788180614545
A Colour Atlas of Pediatric Laparoscopic Surgery 1/e Sanjay Oak, Sandesh V Parelkar, Prakash Agarwal 9788180610950
A Complete Guide to DNB - CET (2011 - 2000): Fully explanatory with references from latest edition 1/e Ashfaq Ul Hassan 9789350908341
A Complete Manual of instruments and Procedures for Medical Students Hospitals and Nursing Homes 1/e MM Kapur 9788180615467
A Complete Textbook for GNM Internship 1/e Vijay Kumar Gauttam 9789351527862
A Complete Workbook on Clinical Biochemistry 1/e VP Acharya, PK Mohanty 9788184487855
A Comprehensive Approach to Congenital Heart Diseases 2/e Editor-in-Chief: IB Vijayalakshmi,Editors: P Syamasundar Rao,Reema Chugh 9789352701957
A Comprehensive Approach to PPH 1/e Seethamma Rapoor 9788180612909
A Comprehensive Clinical Research Manual 1/e Samir Malhotra, Nustar Shafiq, Promila Pandhi 9788184484328
A Comprehensive Manual of Pediatric Nursing Procedures 1/e Kavitha K 9789351526131
A Comprehensive Manual of Pediatric Nursing Procedures 2/e Kavitha K 9789354651472
A Comprehensive Textbook of Community Health Nursing 1/e Bijayalaskhmi Dash 9789386056054
A Comprehensive Textbook of Midwifery and Gynecological Nursing 5/e Annamma Jacob 9789352706785
A Comprehensive Textbook of Nutrition and Therapeutic Diets for BSc Nursing Students 2/e Darshan Sohi 9789352702572
A Comprehensive Textbook of Obstetrics and Gynecology 1/e Sadhana Gupta 9789350251126
A Comprehensive Textbook of Poultry Pathology 1/e Gopalakrishna Rao 9788171797721
A Comprehensive Textbook of Psoriasis 1/e Peerzada Sajad Ahmad, Iffat Hassan 9789385999826
A Concise Book on Pathology 1/e Vasanthi Kasinathan 9788184487565
A Concise Textbook of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery 1/e Sumit Sanghai 9788184485059
A Concise Textbook of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 1/e Visanth VS, Mallesha S 9789386107015
A Gateway to MDS-Encyclopedia of MCQs in Dental Sciences (Vol 1: Clinical) 1/e R Gupta 9788180614392
A Gateway to MDS-Encyclopedia of MCQs in Dental Sciences (Vol 2: Basic) 1/e R Gupta 9788180615337
A Guide to Medical Surgical Nursing 1/e Srinanda Ghosh, Manashi Sengupta 9789386150561
A Guide to Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing 4/e R Sreevani 9789352500475
A Guide to Midwifery Students 1/e (Reprint) CP Thresyamma 9788171799190
A Guide to Nursing Research and Biostatistics (As Per INC Syllabus) 1/e Mamita Dey 9789386056139
A Guide to Obstetrics and Gynaecology 5/e (Reprint) RK Sachdeva JPB1000000812
A Guide to Pathology 8/e K Chaudhry 9788171791422
A Guide to Pharmacology (Viva Voce) 1/e KD Chaudhuri, PK Chauthuri 9788171794744
A Guide to Postmortem Examination of Animals with CD-ROM 1/e PK Sriraman 9788180616509
A Hand Book of Clinical Endodontics 1/e Pramod Bansi Mathur, Sanjay Bansi Mathur 9788184483918
A Handbook for Surgical Approaches to Maxillofacial Trauma 1/e Rajesh Yadav, Rashu Mittal, Prakash V Dhond 9789385891557
A Handbook of Emergencies 9/e Aspi F Golwalla,Sharukh A Golwalla 9789352705917
A Handbook of Physiotherapy 1/e BK Choudhary, AK Bose 9788180616839
A Handbook of Practical Pediatrics 2/e VS Dani, RS Agarwal 9788184481709
A Handbook of Prenatal Diagnosis Reproductive Genetics 1/e Kamini A Rao 9788171795611
A Handbook of Vitiligo and Color Atlas 2/e SK Punshi 9789352701506
A Handbook on Housekeeping and Disinfection Practices for Healthcare Facilities 1/e Shakti Kumar Gupta,Sunil Kant,Parmeshwar Kumar,Kanika Jain 9789390020560
A Manual for Setting up Clinical Practice in Obstetric and Gynecology 1/e Sanjay Gupta, Girija Wagh, Gorakh G Mandrupkar 9789380704531
A Manual of Dermatology 2/e Zohra Zaidi, Shernaz Walton 9789351527923
A Manual of Intensive Care 1/e Vinod Kumar Singh 9789352700851
A Manual of Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery 1/e Meenu Agarwal, Liselotte Mettler, Ibrahim Alkatout 9789351527664
A Passage Through Abortion 1/e Arun Nagrath, Narendra Malhotra, Manjula Singh 9788171798803
A Practical Approach to Anesthesia For Emergency Surgery 1/e Manju N Gandhi 9789350250709
A Practical Approach to Cervical Cancer Screening Techniques 1/e T Radha Bai Prabhu 9789351524694
A Practical Approach to Clinical Echocardiography 1/e Jagdish C Mohan 9789351521402
A Practical Approach to Gynecologic Oncology 1/e Basu 9788180614941
A Practical Approach to Postgraduate Dissertation 1/e (Reprint) R Raveendran, B Gitanjali 9788171795178
A Practical Approach to Robotic Surgery (Includes Interactive DVD-ROM) 1/e Ajit Saxena 9789386261267
A Practical Approach to Vascular & Endovascular Surgery 1/e Jaisom Chopra, VS Bedi 9789351529958
A Practical Guide on Physiotherapy Assessment for Physiotherapy Students 1/e Gopal Nambi S 9789352700646
A Practical Guide to Diabetes Mellitus 8/e Nihal Thomas,Nitin Kapoor,Jachin Velavan,Senthil Vasan K 9789352701650
A Practical Guide to First Trimester of Pregnancy 1/e Mala Arora, Alok Sharma 9789351521785
A Practical Guide to Hemiplegia Treatment 1/e Ipsit Brahmachari 9789351524120
A Practical Guide to Hospital Dentistry 1/e K George Varghese 9788184482430
A Practical Guide to Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE) on Gross Anatomy For Medical and Dental Students 1/e Aaijaz Ahmed Khan, Asma Hassan 9789352500192
A Practical Guide to Obstetrics & Gynecology 1/e Richa Saxena 9789351524793
A Practical Guide to Setting Up an IVF Lab, Embryo Culture Systems and Running the Unit 1/e Alex C Varghese, Peter Sjoblom, K Jayaprakasan 9789350905166
A Practical Guide to Surgical Instruments, X-rays and Operative Interventions 1/e Ajay Kumar Agrawal,Neelabh Agrawal,Sneha Agrawal 9789352703678
A Practical Guide to the Management of Impacted Teeth 1/e K George Varghese 9788184488784
A Practical Guide to Third Trimester of Pregnancy and Puerperium 1/e Alok Sharma 9789385891298
A Practical Handbook of Pathology: Specimens and Slides 1/e Prithwiraj Maiti 9789351524144
A Practical Manual of Public Health Dentistry 2/e CM Marya 9789352705528
A practical Operative Guide for Total Knee and Hip Replacement 2/e Ajit Kumar Mehta 9789351524823
A Primer of Anesthesia 1/e Rajeshwari Subramaniam 9788184484243
A Primer of Research, Publication and Presentation 1/e Editors: Sandeep Grover, Shahul Ameen 9789352704217
A Quick Reference Guide to Child's Growth and Development for Nurses 1/e S Ani Grace Kalaimathi 9789350256367
A Rational View on Modern Ophthalmic Operation Theatres 1/e Sanjay Srinivasan 9788184487374
A Ready Reckoner for Vaccinations 1/e Swati S Bhave, A Parthasarathy, Sangeeta Yadav 9788184485011
A Review of PGMEE for Medical Students 1/e Nitin Malik 9788180617799
A Review of Preventive and Social Medicine 1/e Chandrakant Lahariya 9788184483505
A Rheumatologist’s Guide to Interpreting Imaging in Spondyloarthritis 1/e Authors: Ashish Sharma, Vivek Arya, Abhinetri KSV 9789389776959
A Short Book of Public Health 2/e VK Muthu 9789351522287
A Short Textbook of Oral Radiology 2/e C Anand Kumar 9789352702084
A Short Textbook of Pathology 2/e Md Tahminur Rahman Sajal, Hosne Ara Tahmin Charu, Tabassum Tahmin Sajani, Tanjila Tahmin Sarnali 9789350904640
A Short Textbook of Preventive and Community Dentistry 1/e Jayaprakash K 9788180612817
A Short Textbook of Psychiatry 7/e Niraj Ahuja 9789380704661
A System of Surgical Diagnosis 3/e T N Patel 9788171795147
A Systematic Review of All Subjects for PGMEE 1/e Pradip Kumar Das 9788184488654
A Systemic Histology of Domestic Animals 2/e V Ramakrishna, KM Gadre 9788180610561
A Teaching Atlas of Case Studies in Diagnostic Imaging 1/e Funsho Komolafe, M Haroun Dahniya 9789351529507
A Textbook of Bioethics for Healthcare Professionals 1/e Princy Louis Palatty, Ashish Kumar U, Russell D’Souza 9789352704682
A Textbook of General and Microzoonoses 1/e Chhabra, Arora 9788180610431
A Textbook of Nutrition for Nurses 1/e Molly Sam, N Geetha 9788171797189
A Textbook of Obstetrics for Nurses and Midwives(Pregnancy and Child) 1/e Amarnath G Bhide, Ameel S Patki, Jesse M Levi 9788171797738
A Textbook of Public Health Dentistry 1/e CM Marya 9789350252161
A Textbook of Sports & Exercise Physiology 1/e Swapan Kumar Dey 9789350258736
A Textbook of Therapeutic Modalities in Psychiatric Nursing 1/e Manisha Gupta 9789351523543
A to Z Guideline Manual in Nursing Performance Evaluation Tool (for Practitioners and Students) 1/e SN Nanjunde Gowda, Jyothi Nanjunde Gowda 9789352501502
A Treatise on Health Management 1/e SC Mohapatra, Meghkanta Mohapatra, Vishwakant Mohapatra 9789352500048
A Treatise on Venous Diseases 1/e Radhakrishnan N 9789351522102
A Visual Field Evaluation with Automated Devices 2/e GR Reddy 9788180616563
A Workbook on Human Spermatozoa and Assisted Conception 1/e Sonia Malik, Ashok Agarwal 9789350255179
A-Z Encyclopedia on Male and Female Infertility 1/e Sulochana Gunasheela 9788180615566
A-Z Pocketbook of Gall Bladder Cancer 1/e VK Kapoor 9788184487640
ABC of Medicine (with Mnemonics) 16/e Aspi F Golwalla, Sharukh A Golwalla 9789386150752
ABC of Research Methodology and Applied Biostatistics 1/e MN Parikh, Nithya Gogtay 9788184485066
ABC Pocket Book of Human Embryology 1/e Kumar Arunachalam 9788180611650
AC’s Introduction to Clinical Medicine (For MBBS I and II) 1/e Anup Chalise 9789352500314
Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations 1/e Arif Raza 9789386056849
Acing the USMLE and the Match: A Guide for International Medical Graduates 1/e Muralikrishna Gopal 9788184483437
Acne & Scars 1/e Ramanjit Singh, Nidhi Rao 9789351529699
Across: A Complete Review of Short Subjects (Volume 1) 9/e Saumya Shukla, Anurag Shukla, Siddharth Dixit 9789352701131
Across: A Complete Review of Short Subjects (Volume 2) 9/e Saumya Shukla, Anurag Shukla, Siddharth Dixit 9789352701230
Across: A Complete Review of Short Subjects (Volume 3) 9/e Saumya Shukla, Anurag Shukla, Siddharth Dixit 9789352701391
Across: A Complete Review of Short Subjects (Volume 4) 8/e Saumya Shukla, Anurag Shukla, Siddharth Dixit, Khushi Shukla 9789386322357
Across: A Complete Review of Short Subjects (Volume 5) 8/e Saumya Shukla, Anurag Shukla, Siddharth Dixit, Khushi Shukla 9789352701407
ACS(I) Textbook of Cutaneous and Aesthetic Surgery (2 Volume Set) 2/e Mysore Venkataram 9789352700332
Actocardiogram: Analysis of Fetal Motion and Heart Rate 1/e Kazuo Maeda 9789352501861
Acute Coronary Syndrome with Comorbidities: A Therapeutic Challenge 1/e Author: Gurunath Parale 9789389129915
Acute Rheumatic Fever and Chronic Rheumatic Heart Disease (with Interactive DVD) 1/e I B Vijayalakshmi 9789350252574
Administrative Aspects of Critical Care 1/e Abhinav Gupta, Nagarajan Ramakrishnan, Atul Prabhakar Kulkarni 9789352704743
Adolescent Counseling 1/e MKC Nair, Babu George, Indira MS, Leena Sumaraj 9789380704968
Adolescent Girl: An Update 1/e Parul Kotdawala, Vinita Solvi, Usha R Krishna 9788180612947
Adult Degenerative Scoliosis—Coronal and Sagittal Deformities: Treatment and Management 1/e James S Harrop, Alexander R Vaccaro, Ahmed J Awad 9789351524960
Adult Glaucoma Surgery 1/e Maria da Luz Freitas 9789350903551
Adult Immunization 2/e A Muruganathan, Dilip Mathai, SK Sharma, Milind Y Nadkar, YP Munjal 9789351521907
Advance Concepts of Nursing Practice (As per INC syllabus for MSc Students) 1/e Reddamma GG 9789390020959
Advanced Cardiovascular Medicine 1/e Editors: Ashok Seth,Sameer Shrivastava,Upendra Kaul 9789351524373
Advanced Critical Care in Medical, Surgical and Neonatal Nursing 1/e SN Nanjunde Gowda, Jyothi Nanjunde Gowda 9789386150462
Advanced Endodontics 1/e R Nageswar Rao 9788184487466
Advanced Infertility Management (FOGSI) 1/e Mehroo Hansotia, Sadhana Desai, Mandakini Parihar 9788171799398
Advanced MCQs in Medical Microbiology 3/e Satish Gupte 9788171794492
Advanced Techniques in Physiotherapy & Occupational Therapy 1/e Krishna N Sharma 9789388958509
Advanced Vaginal Surgery 1/e Shirish S Sheth, Carl W Zimmerman, Seth Finkelstein 9789352700172
Advances & Innovations in Heart Failure (AIHF): A Textbook of Cardiology 1/e Editors-in-Chief: HK Chopra, Navin C Nanda, Jagat Narula 9789389587890
Advances in Assisted Reproductive Technology 1/e Editor: Nayana H Patel ,Co-Editor: Sandro C Esteves 9789388958998
Advances in Cardiology 1/e Kanu Chatterjee, Phillip A Horwitz 9789350909638
Advances in Clinical Cardiovascular Imaging Echocardiography & Interventions (ACCI-EI): A Textbook of Cardiology 1/e Editors-in-Chief: HK Chopra, Navin C Nanda, Jagat Narula 9789352706969
Advances in Diabetes Management: A Case Compendium 1/e Unnikrishnan AG, Sanjay Agarwal, Shailaja Kale, Mohan Magdum, R Kiwalkar, Suhas Erande, Anjali A Bhatt 9789351529033
Advances in Diabetes: Novel Insights 1/e GR Sridhar 9789351526452
Advances in Gastrointestinal Endoscopy 1/e Manoop S Bhutani, Rakesh K Tandon 9788171798100
Advances in Medical Physics 1/e MM Rehani 9788171797172
Advances in Obstetrics And Gynecology (Vol. 3) 1/e Sumita Mehta 9789350252314
Advances in Obstetrics and Gynecology Vol 2 1/e Shalini Rajaram, Sumita Mehta, Neerja Goel 9788184483048
Advances in Oncology (Vol 1) 1/e Manoj Pandey, M Krishnan Nair, Paul Sebastian 9788171797967
Advances in Oncology (Vol 2) 1/e Manoj Pandey, M Krishnan Nair, Paul Sebastian 9788171799534
Advances in Oncology (Vol 3) 1/e Manoj Pandey, M Krishnan Nair 9788180613180
Advances in Ophthalmology( Vol 1) 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180610981
Advances in Ophthalmology( Vol 2)with CD-ROM 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180613906
Advances in Pediatric Dermatology 1/e Arun Inamadar 9789350252666
Advances in Pediatric Dermatology-2: Neonatal Dermatology 1/e Rashmi Sarkar, Arun C Inamadar, Aparna Palit 9789351521174
Advances in Pediatrics (Two Volume Set) 2/e Anupam Sachdeva 9789350257777
Advancing Frontiers of Psychiatric Therapeutics 1/e Editor: PK Singh 9789389776560
Aesthetic and Cosmetic Dentistry Made Easy with DVD-ROM 1/e Pramod Bansi Mathur, Sanjay Bansi Mathur 9788184483857
Aesthetic Dermatology: Current Perspectives 1/e Editor-in-Chief: Jaishree Sharad, Co-Editor: Maya Vedamurthy 9789352703470
Aesthetic Facial Reconstruction After Mohs Surgery 1/e Salvatore J Pacella,Mark A Codner 9781907816918
Aesthetic Series-Hair Transplantation 1/e Nicole Rogers, Meena K Singh, Shannon Watkins, Marc R Avram 9789351529323
AHEAD Question Bank Series All india Dental PG Entrance Examination Review 3/e Atul Soin 9788180615573
AICOG Obstetrics and Gynecology Update 2016 1/e Jaideep Malhotra, Narendra Malhotra, Prakash Trivedi, Saroj Singh, Hrishikesh D Pai 9789385891427
AIDS and Oral Health 1/e NS Yadav, Rupam Sinha 9788180618239
Aids To Post Graduate Medicine 1/e UN Panda, L Chand 9788171791255
Aids to Postgraduate Surgery 1/e (Reprint) Gupta JPB1000000502
Aids to Radiodiagnosis and Imaging 3/e LC Gupta, A Gupta 9788171797974
Aids to Undergraduate Pathology 3/e K Uma Chaturvedi 9788171791538
AIIMS Dental Entrance Examination Review 2/e Atul Soin 9788171799428
AIIMS Dental November (2010) 1/e Atul Soin 9789350252239
AIIMS Essence 2014-2011 (Volume 2) 5/e Pritesh Singh 9789352709243
AIIMS ESSENCE 2019-2018 (Vol. 1 Part A & B) 6/e Pritesh Kumar Singh 9789389776522
AIIMS May 2007 for PG Entrance Examination MD/MS with Explanatory Answers 1/e Ashwani Yadav 9788184481204
AIIMS May 2016 1/e Rituraj Upadhyay 9789385999062
AIIMS May 2017 / Nov 2016 1/e Rituraj Upadhyay 9789352701872
AIIMS MAY 2019 1/e Apurv Mehra 9789389587548
AIIMS NOV 2017 1/e Thameem Saif,Apurv Mehra 9789352703463
AIIMS November 2005 1/e Rishi Jain, Sudeep Thakur 9788180617171
AIIMS November 2007 Questions with Explanatory Answers 1/e Mukesh Bhatia 9788184489156
AIIMS November 2008 (Question with Explanatory Answers) 1/e Bhatia 9788184485493
AIIMS November 2014 1/e Rituraj Upadhyay 9789351526759
AIIMS November 2015 1/e Rituraj Upadhyay 9789385891571
AIIMS November 2016 1/e Rituraj Upadhyay 9789351529460
AIIMS Postgraduate Dental Entrance Examination 1/e Atul Soin 9789380704593
AIIMS-MAMC-PGI IMAGING SERIES Diagnostic Radiology: Advances in Imaging Technology 3/e Arun Kumar Gupta,Anju Garg,Manavjit Singh Sandhu,Associate Editors: Sanjay Sharma,Atin Kumar,Shivanand Gamanagatti 9789389034929
AIIMS-MAMC-PGI IMAGING SERIES Diagnostic Radiology: Genitourinary Imaging 4/e Garg Anju, Sandhu Manavjit Singh, Gupta Arun Kumar 9789389587364
AIIMS-MAMC-PGI IMAGING SERIES Diagnostic Radiology: Musculoskeletal and Breast Imaging 4/e Manavjit Singh Sandhu, Arun Kumar Gupta, Anju Garg 9789390020553
AIIMS-MAMC-PGI IMAGING SERIES Diagnostic Radiology: Paediatric Imaging 4/e Editors: Arun Kumar Gupta, Anju Garg, Manavjit Singh Sandhu 9789390020621
AIIMS-MAMC-PGI’s Comprehensive Textbook of Diagnostic Radiology (4 Volumes) 3/e Editors: Manavjit Singh Sandhu, Anju Garg, Arun Kumar Gupta 9789390595556
Aim Excellence Series: Dermatology 1/e SnarayanM 9789386150325
AimExcellence Series: Forensic Medicine & Toxicology 1/e SnarayanM, Editor: M Saha 9789386261045
AIPG January 2009 Questions with Explanatory Answers 1/e Bhatia 9788184486483
Airborne Infection Control Guide to Planning & Designing of Hospitals 1/e Parvez Ahmad 9789390020867
Airway Management 1/e Geetanjali S Verma 9789352701704
Al India PGEE 2004 for MDS 1/e Rhythm 9788180614224
Alagappan’s Clinical Medicine for Dental Students 3/e R Alagappan, Priya Verma Gupta 9789351528791
Algorithms in Heart Failure 1/e Alan S Maisel, Gerasimos S Filippatos 9789385999642
Algorithms in Pediatric Neurology 1/e Gouri Rao Passi 9789350252505
Algorithms in Pediatrics 1/e Anand S Vasudev, Nitin K Shah 9789351521600
All About Leprosy 2/e PRASAD PVS 9789385891960
All India 2004 Papers 1/e Rishi Jain, Sudeep Thakur 9788180613289
All India Dental PG Entrance Examination Review 2/e Atul Soin 9788171799008
All India PG 20 Authors for All India PG Entrance Examination (Volume 1) 1/e Antan Uresh Kumar T, Rajamahendran R 9789385999192
All India PG Entrance 2007 1/e Rajat Jain 9788184480900
All India PG January 2005 1/e Gaurav Jindal, Manmeet Singh Saini, Vinay Guglany 9788180615115
All India Post Graduate-2010 (Questions with Explanatory Answers) 1/e Mukesh Bhatia 9789380704074
Allergy in a Nutshell: A Handbook 1/e Neeraj Gupta 9789352708994
Allergy-Hormone Links 1/e Shilpa Shah 9789350250136
Alternative Therapies 1/e Swati Bhagat 9788180612206
Alternative Therapies for Medical Professionals 1/e Vishnu Vignesvaran 9788184483611
Amantadine in Parkinson’s Disease: An Expert Opinion 1/e Vinay Goyal 9789390595617
An Aid to Electrocardiogram 1/e Harendra Nath Sarker 9789351520696
An Approach to Pediatric Problems 3/e Santosh K Mittal 9788171791323
An Atlas Illustrating HIV in Dermatology 1/e Bela J Shah 9789350250501
An Atlas of Craniocerebral Trauma 1/e PS Kumar, MR Chandran, Jacob P Alappat, Sujith SC 9788171799145
An Atlas of Neonatology 1/e ML Kulkarni 9788180615184
An Atlas on Cephalometric Landmarks 1/e Basavaraj Subhashchandra Phulari 9789350903247
An Easy Guide for Practical Biochemistry 2/e Sowbhagya Lakshmi,Divya Shanthi D’Sa 9789352702633
An Evidence-Based Clinical Textbook in Obstetrics & Gynaecology for MRCOG - 2 2/e Richa Saxena 9789390020645
An Illustrated Review of Anatomy (2 Vols) 1/e S Arivu Selvan JPB1000001133
An Illustrated Textbook Ear, Nose and Throat and Head and Neck Surgery 2/e Rakesh Prasad Shrivastav 9789351523567
An Insider’s Guide to Clinical Medicine 1/e Boloor Archith, Padakanti Anudeep 9789389587876
An Introduction to Genetics and Fetal Medicine 2/e Deepika Deka, Narendra Malhotra 9788184489606
An Introduction to Medical Biophysics 1/e (Reprint) Parveen Parkash 9788171795932
An Introduction with Bovine Haemorrhagic and Haemoglobin Disease 1/e R Somvanshi 9788180610042
An Operative Manual of Proximal Femoral Fractures (Includes Interactive DVD_ROM) 1/e Dhananjay Gupta, Sumit Banerjee 9789351524854
An Ultimate Guide to Community Medicine 3/e Prithwiraj Maiti,Bismoy Mondal 9789352706914
An Update on Menopause 1/e HP Pattanaik, PC Mahapatra 9788184483161
Anaesthesia and Resuscitation for Medical Students and Practitioners 2/e Vasumathi M Divekar 9788171797066
Anaesthesia in Laparoscopic Surgery 1/e Jayashree Sood, Anil Kumar Jain 9788180619762
Anaesthesia: Concepts and Management 1/e Soma Kaushik 9788171794065
Anaesthesiology for Nurses 1/e S Ahanatha Pillai 9788184483390
Anand’s Human Anatomy for Dental Students 3/e Mahindra Kumar Anand 9789350255032
Anatomical Principles of Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (with CD-ROM) 1/e (Reprint) Renuka Bradoo 9788180613463
Anatomy and Physiology for General Nursing & Midwifery (GNM) 2/e SM Raju, Bindu Raju, M Sivakumar 9789351525592
Anatomy and Physiology for Nurses 2/e Inderbir Singh 9788184483420
Anatomy and Physiology for Paramedical Students 1/e GD Mogli 9789352706013
Anatomy and Physiology for Paramedicals 1/e AK Singh 9788184482577
Anatomy and Physiology for Paramedics and Nurses 2/e Ajay Kumar Singh 9789351528463
Anatomy and Physiology for Physiotherapists 1/e Inderbir Singh 9788180615085
Anatomy and Physiology Nursing for GNM (Ist Year) 3/e Poonam Sharda 9789352700653
Anatomy at a Glance—An Exam-oriented Text 2/e Sibani Mazumdar 9789351523550
Anatomy for Dental Students 2/e Inderbir Singh 9788180611018
Anatomy Mnemonics 3/e (Reprint) Krishan JPB1000000341
Anatomy Simplified 1/e Lalita Kulkarni 9789350251089
Anatomy Solved Question Papers (BMUHSN) 3/e Singi Yatiraj 9788180613333
Anatomy Solved Question Papers for Dental Students 5/e Singi Yatiraj 9789350255667
Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry Made Easy for Nurses 1/e Anjula Vij 9789351526223
Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology 1/e Arjita Sengar 9789351525028
Andrology laboratory Manual 1/e Kamini A Rao, Ashok Agarwal, MS Srinivas 9788184489019
Anemia in Pregnancy 1/e SS Trivedi, Manju Puri 9788184482997
Anesthesia for Transplant Surgery 1/e Jayashree Sood, Vijay Vohra 9789351521396
Anesthesia Review 2/e Kaushik Jothinath 9789390020751
Anesthesia Update 2017 1/e Bibhukalyani Das,Sabyasachi Das 9789352703425
Anesthesiology Updates for Postgraduates 4/e Sampa Dutta Gupta 9789351520962
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Application of Nursing Theories 1/e Ajesh Kumar TK, Soumya Chandran 9789386150639
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Applied Echocardiography in Coronary Artery Disease (Includes CD-ROM) 1/e Ravi R Kasliwal, Manish Bansal 9789351529729
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Applied Neonatology 1/e R Arvind 9788180616990
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Approach to Clinical Dentistry 1/e Ashwani Bansal 9788180610240
Approach to Geriatric Neuropsychiatric Problems 1/e Subrata Banerjee 9789350258828
Approach to Pediatric Emergency 1/e Jaydeep Choudhury 9789350253861
Approach to Practical Pediatrics 2/e Manish Narang 9789350250938
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Aravind's FAQs in Ophthalmology 2/e N Venkatesh Prajna 9789386261090
Arrhythmias 101 1/e Glenn N Levine 9789350904992
Arriving at a Surgical Diagnosis 1/e Pramod Shrikrishna Bapat 9789350258101
Art and Science of Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Repair 1/e Girish N Amlani 9789386150592
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Aspiration Cytology of the Lymph Node 1/e Riti Sinha 9788184485240
Asterion - The Practical Handbook of Anatomy 2/e Harishanker JS, Ajai Sasi, Avinash N 9789351523963
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Asthma in Children 1/e Meenu Singh 9789350251980
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Atlas of Electrocardiography 1/e K Wang 9789350902097
Atlas of Endocrine Surgical Techniques (Includes Interactive DVD-ROM) 1/e Sally E Carty 9789351525295
Atlas of Endoscopic Laryngeal Surgery 1/e Robert T Sataloff 9789350250921
Atlas of Fetal Echocardiography (Includes DVD-ROM) 2/e Manish R Pandya 9789351524762
Atlas of Fiberoptic Bronchoscopy 1/e Rajendra Prasad 9789350903407
Atlas of Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology 1/e Lester J Layfield 9789351521112
Atlas of Forensic Pathology 1/e B Suresh Kumar Shetty, Prateek Rastogi, Jagadish Rao Padubidri, Tanuj Kanchan, YP Raghavendra Babu 9789350904688
Atlas of Gastrointestinal Imaging 1/e Sunitha Lingareddy 9788184481211
Atlas of General Surgery 4/e Sudhir Kumar Jain 9789350250648
Atlas of Glaucoma Surgery with Photo CD-ROM (Complete Book Available in PDF Format) 1/e Tarek Shaarawy, Andre Mermoud 9788180616518
Atlas of Growth and Endocrine Disorders in Children 1/e Prisca Colaco 9789386322807
Atlas of Gynaecological Cancer Surgery 1/e Ignace Vergote, Uma K Devi 9788184484809
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Atlas of Human Anatomy on MRI: Brain, Chest and Abdomen 1/e Hariqbal Singh, Parvez Sheik 9789386322524
Atlas of Human Anatomy with CD-ROM 1/e Inderbir Singh 9788180612237
Atlas of Human Assisted Reproductive Technologies 1/e Mangala Telang 9788180619540
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Atlas of Instruments in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery 1/e Vikram K Bhatt, Manjunath D 9789350257135
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Atlas of Laparoscopic Surgery 3/e Ashok Mittal 9788184482621
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Atlas of Operative Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery (Volume-2): Rhinology and Anterior Skullbase Surgery 1/e Bachi T Hathiram, Vicky S Khattar 9789350904800
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Atlas of Operative Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery (Volume-4): Voice and Laryngotracheal Surgery 1/e Bachi T Hathiram, Vicky S Khattar 9789350904824
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Atlas of Pediatric Radiology 1/e Ammar Haouimi 9788184483840
Atlas of Pediatric Ultrasound 1/e Tanveer Khalid Zubairi 9789350257708
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Atlas of Surgery of the Facial Nerve 2/e DS Grewal 9789350257890
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Atlas on X-ray and Angiographic Anatomy 1/e Hariqbal Singh, Parvez Sheik 9789350904329
Atlas Optical Coherence Tomography of Macular Diseases and Glaucoma 4/e Vishali Gupta 9789350258699
Atopic Dermatitis 1/e Satish Udare 9789352702275
Atopic Dermatitis and Pruritus Interesting Cases 1/e Kiran Godse 9789351522386
Atrial Fibrillation Update: A Textbook of Cardiology 1/e HK Chopra, GS Wander, Praveen Chandra, Viveka Kumar 9789386261953
Autopsy Practices 2/e Dhaneshwar Lanjewar, Pradeep Vaideeswar 9789389587043
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Basic Measurements in Ophthalmology 1/e J Antony 9789352705481
Basic of Biomechanics 1/e Ajay Bahl, Sharad Ranga, Rajnish Sharma 9788184487541
Basic Ophthalmology 5/e Renu Jogi 9789352500055
Basic Pediatric Nutrition 2/e Madhu Sharma 9789352700257
Basic Principles of Clinical Research and Methodology 1/e SK Gupta 9788184480863
Basic Psychology for Nurses (As Per INC Syllabus) 1/e Rajesh Kumar 9789352702169
Basic Radiological Physics 2/e Kuppusamy Thayalan 9789352700486
Basic Science for Modern Cosmetic Dermatology 1/e Chakaravarthi Srinivas 9789351523192
Basic Science of Spinal Diseases 1/e Alok D Sharan, Simon Y Tang, Alexander R Vaccaro 9789350904695
Basic Sciences in Ophthalmology 1/e V Velayutham 9788184486087
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Basic Teaching Manual of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology 1/e Kuldeep Singh 9788180612022
Basic Tips in Clinical Surgery 1/e Nilesh Patel 9788180610585
Basics in Burns for Nurses 1/e Prema Dhanraj 9789350250686
Basics in Epidemiology and Biostatistics 1/e Waqar H Kazmi, Farida Habib Khan 9789351526315
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Basics in Nursing Research and Biostatistics 1/e Sreevani Rentala 9789352705801
Basics in Occupational Therapy & Therapeutic Activities 1/e Neelima Punithan 9788184481969
Basics in Pharmacology for Dental Students 1/e Arvind Singh Panwar 9789380704302
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Basics of Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy 1/e Rajni Malik 9789350909447
Basics of Clinical Nutrition 2/e YK Joshi 9788184482133
Basics of Computer Vision Syndrome 1/e Ajay Kumar Bhootra 9789351524137
Basics of DNA and Evidentiary Issues 1/e Krishan Vij, Rajesh Biswas 9788180613487
Basics of Electrotherapy 2/e Subhash M Khatri 9789350259535
Basics of Orthopedic Physiotherapy 1/e Subhash M Khatri 9789350902783
Bedside Cardiology 1/e Achyut Sarkar 9789350259856
Bedside Cardiology 2/e Achyut Sarkar 9789389587579
Bedside Clinics in Gynecology 1/e Arup Kumar Majhi 9789352703210
Bedside Clinics in Orthopedics 2/e Upendra Kumar 9789390020669
Bedside Clinics in Surgery 3/e Makhan Lal Saha 9789352703142
Bedside Clinics in Surgery, Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, ENT 1/e UN Panda 9788171794188
Bedside Examination 1/e UN Panda 9788171794645
Bedside Interpretation of ECG 1/e Tapas Kumar Koley 9788171796731
Bedside Medicine Without Tears 2/e SN Chugh 9789350250280
Bedside Neurology Clinical Approach 1/e Ray, Biman Kanti 9789389587913
Bedside Obstetrics & Gynecology 2/e Richa Saxena 9789351521037
Bedside Psychiatry(Indian Psychiatric Society Publication) 1/e Arabinda N Chowdhury 9789352709854
Bedtime Gastroenterology 1/e Manoj K Ghoda 9788184481259
Behavioral Problems in Children and Adolescents 1/e Jaydeep Choudhury 9789351521259
Behavioural Sciences in Medical Practice 2/e Manju Mehta 9788184486292
Best Aid to Gynecology 1/e Pramod TK 9789350906187
Best Aid to Ophthalmology 1/e Pramod TK 9789350257609
Best Aid to Orthopedics 1/e Pramod TK 9789350255889
Best Before Exams - A Quick Review for Competitive Exams for Nursing Officers 1/e Veerabhadrappa G Mendagudli, Viresh S Mahajani 9789352700622
Beyond Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus 1/e Editor: Vishal Gupta 9789390595501
Bhave's Textbook of Adolescent Medicine 1/e Swati Bhave 9788180617287
Bhutani’s Color Atlas of Dermatology 6/e Neena Khanna, Saurabh Singh 9789351523024
Bhutani’s Color Atlas of Sexually Transmitted Infections 2/e Neena Khanna, Sushruta Kathuria 9789350904534
Bio-medical Physics for Nurses 1/e K Thayalan 9788180619908
Biochemistry & Nutrition For BSC Nursing 1/e Manjula Shantaram 9789350251461
Biochemistry (As per revised MCI curriculum) 5/e Pankaja Naik 9789389188318
Biochemistry for Dental Students 1/e Shreya Nigoskar 9788184480498
Biochemistry for Nurses 2/e (Reprint) Jacob Anthikad 9788180612145
Biochemistry for Physiotherapy and Allied Health Sciences Students 1/e Beena B Shetty, Nandini M, Vinitha Ramanath Pai 9788184483383
Biochemistry for Students 13/e VK Malhotra 9789352707027
Biochemistry Laboratory Manual for MBBS ( I and II) 1/e Arti S Pandey, Arun Pandey, Naveen K Shreevastava, Durga P Neupane 9789351526513
Biochemistry Made Easy: A Problem-Based Approach 1/e N Haridas 9789350258880
Biochemistry Solved Question Papers 8/e Singi Yatiraj 9789352701476
Biochemistry: Instant Notes for Medical Students 1/e Seetharamaiyah Chittiprol 9788180615382
Biomechanics of Joints 1/e Shyam D Ganvir, Suvarna Ganvir, Amit V Nagarale 9789350904947
Biomechanics The Nucleus of Physiotherapy 1/e R Vinodh Rajkumar 9789380704388
Biomedical Magnetic Resonance 1/e NR Jagannathan 9788180614989
Biomedical Waste Disposal 1/e Anantpreet Singh 9789350255544
Biopharmaceutics and Pharmacokinetics 2/e PL Madan 9789350909393
Biophysics in Nursing 1/e Suresh K Kumar 9789350251225
Biostatistics 2/e GN Prabhakara 9788180616594
Biostatistics for Nurses 1/e BT Basavanthappa 9789350253724
Biostatistics in Brief Made Easy 1/e K Visweswara Rao 9788184487602
Biostatistics Simplified 1/e Sanjeev B Sarmukaddam 9788184487480
Biostatistics: A Manual of Statistical Methods for Use in Health, Nutrition and Anthropology 2/e K Visweswara Rao 9788184480559
Biotechnology and Its Applications in Pharmacy 1/e Kulkarni 9788171797769
Biotechnology Foundation Courses 1/e Ananth R Rao 9788180619984
Birth of the intraocular Lens 1/e Herve M Bryon 9788184482355
Bk Anand: Easy To Admire, Difficult To Emulate 1/e Ramesh Bijlani 9788171795154
Blood Bank Transfusion Techniques 1/e NV Dravid 9788180612329
Bone and Soft Tissue Tumors : A Multidisciplinary Review with Case Presentations 1/e Therese J. Bocklage, Robert H. Quinn, Berndt P. Schmit, Claire F. Verschraegen 9781907816222
Brain & Neurological Disorders: A Simplified Health Education Guide 1/e Sudhir V Shah, Dr. Heli S Shah 9789385999659
Brain Imaging: Case Review Series 1/e Ankur Arora 9789350253892
Breast Elastography: Basic Principles and Interpretation of Clinical Cases 1/e Christina An. Gkali,Constantine Dimitrakakis,Maria Sotiropoulou 9789352700578
Broiler Farming and Management 1/e Suresh S Honnappagol, Satish C Biradar, Gadre KM 9789351521686
Bronchial Asthma 2/e D Behera 9788180614347
Bronchial Asthma in Children 1/e Keya R Lahiri 9788180610790
Bronchoscopy Cases Raj Kumar 9789352702770
Bronchoscopy in ICU: A Practical Guide 1/e Editor-in-Chief: Manoj K Goel,Associate Editors: Ajay Kumar,Gargi Maitra 9789352704699
Caesarean Delivery (FOGSI) 1/e (Reprint) Dilip Kumar Dutta 9788171799244
Cardiac Anesthesia: Practical Aspects 1/e Manjula Sudeep Sarkar, Sunil Gvalani 9789351528227
Cardiac Biomarkers: Expert Advice for Clinicians 1/e Alan S Maisel 9789350255643
Cardiac Catheterization and Imaging (From Pediatrics to Geriatrics) 1/e IB Vijayalakshmi 9789351528661
Cardiac Drugs 2/e Kanu Chatterjee, Eric J Topol 9789351528517
Cardiac Functioning, Disorders, Challenges and Therapies 1/e Mahira Parveen 9789350903063
Cardiac Imaging Update 2017 1/e GN Mahapatra, PC Manoria, Diwakar Jain 9789386322937
Cardiac MR Imaging 1/e M Puvaneswary 9788180615436
Cardiac Pacing: A Physiological Approach 1/e Asit Das 9789352501823
Cardiodiabetes Update: A Textbook Of Cardiology 1/e HK Chopra,Shashank R Joshi,GS Wander,Ravi R Kasliwal,Viveka Kumar,AK Pancholia 9789352703043
Cardiology - An Illustrated Textbook (2 Volume Set) 2/e Barry London, Kanu Chatterjee, Donald Heistad, Richard E Kerber 9789352500093
Cardiology Clinical Methods 1/e V Jacob Jose, S Ramakrishnan 9789385999451
Cardiology MCQs for Postgraduate and Superspecialty Medical Entrance Examinations 1/e Ajay Mathur 9789389129991
Care of the Unborn Child with Yoga 1/e Shamanthakamani Narendran 9788180616747
Case Based Reviews in Pediatric Endocrinology 1/e Vandana Jain, Ram K Menon 9789351523635
Case Based Reviews in Pediatric Pulmonology 1/e Kana Ram Jat, Jhuma Sarkar, Rakesh Lodha 9789385891861
Case Book for Midwifery and Obstetric Nursing for Basic BSc Nursing 2/e Jyoti V Dube 9789389776164
Case Compendium in Endocrinology 1/e Romesh Khardori, Sarita Bajaj, Smita Gupta 9789351526438
Case Discussion on Anesthesiology 1/e Tulsi Nag 9789351528203
Case discussions in Obstetrics & Gynecology 2/e Mala, YM,Gupta, Madhavi M,Rathore, Asmita M 9789389587319
Case History and Data Interpretation in Medical Practice 3/e ABM Abdullah 9789351523758
Case Notes in Surgery 1/e Gupta 9788171793563
Case Scenarios in Pediatric and Adolescent Practice 1/e A Parthasarathy, Alok Gupta, Anupama Borker, Dhanya Dharmapalan 9789351520931
Case Studies in Diabetic Foot 1/e Ghanshyam Goyal 9789351523734
Case Studies in Diabetology & Endocrinology 1/e Editors: Sanjay Chatterjee 9789389188295
Case Studies in Internal Medicine 1/e Atul Kakar, Atul Gogia 9789351522959
Case Studies in Uncommon Headache Disorders 1/e Ambar Chakravarty 9789352706716
Case-based Approach in Exfoliative Cytology 1/e Pranab Dey 9789386261892
Case-based Approach in Fine Needle Aspiration Cytology 1/e Pranab Dey 9789352501809
Case-based Review in Critical Care Medicine: A Comprehensive Preparatory Book for the Examinee 1/e Editors: Atul Prabhakar Kulkarni,Rahul Anil Pandit,Subhal Bhalchandra Dixit,Kapil Gangadhar Zirpe 9789388958554
Case-based Reviews in Dermatology 1/e Editor: Rashmi Sarkar, Co-Editors: Anupam Das, Isha Narang, Indrashis Podder 9789352707058
Case-based Reviews in Pediatric Emergencies 1/e Suraj Gupte, Novy Gupte 9789386322500
Case-based Reviews in Pediatric Infectious Diseases 1/e Editors: Ajay Kalra ,Vipin M Vashishtha 9789352706730
Casebook of Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing 1/e Yasmin Mansoori 9789351529934
Cataract and introcular Lens 1/e Daljit Singh, Ravijit Singh, Jan Worst, Indu R Singh 9788171793310
Cataract and Refractive Surgery 1/e Sudi Patel, Claes Feinbaum 9788184488647
Cataract Surgery in Diseased Eyes 1/e Arup Chakrabarti 9789351520924
Cath Lab Practicals (Includes Interactive DVD-ROMs) 1/e Sundeep Mishra 9789352501854
CDiC Textbook of Pediatric Diabetes 1/e Ashok K Das, Sanjay Kalra 9789352700868
Cerebral Palsy 1/e Veena Slaich 9788184487312
Cerebral Palsy and Early Stimulation 1/e Vykuntaraju KN 9789350903018
Cervical Cancer Contemporary Management (with Interactive DVD-ROM) 1/e Shalini Rajaram 9789350255827
Cervical Myelopathy 1/e Peter G Passias 9789351524922
Challenges and Controversies in Kidney Transplantation 1/e Sandip Kapur 9789351525257
Challenges in Neonatal: A Compendium of Management Protocols 1/e Arvind Saili 9788171794881
Challenges in Otorhinolaryngology 1/e Anil Malhotra, Milind Kirtane 9788180614019
Challenging and Rare Cases in Urology 1/e Narmada Prasad Gupta 9789351521709
Challenging Office Cases in Obstetrics and Gynecology 1/e Botros RMB Rizk, Martin E Olsen 9789352501762
Changing Paradigm in Breast Cancer Management 1/e Ajay Mehta 9789350250495
Chapman’s Comprehensive Orthopaedic Surgery (5 Volumes) 4/e Michael W Chapman, Michelle A James 9789351524977
Chemical Peels A Global Perspective 1/e Editors: Rashmi Sarkar,Wendy E Roberts,Associate Editors: Sneha Ghunawat,Ishad Aggarwal,Zubin K Mandlewala 9789352703524
Chest X-ray in Neonates and Children 1/e Swapan K Ray 9789352705948
Chest X-ray Made Easy® 2/e D Karthikeyan, Deepa Chegu 9789350255636
Child Abuse and Neglect: Challenges and Opportunities 1/e RN Srivastava, Rajeev Seth, Joan van Niekerk 9789350904497
Child Abuse: Recognition and Response 1/e Rajeev Seth, RN Srivastava, Jagadeesh N, Shaibya Saldanha, Rajesh Sagar 9789389776386
Child Health Nursing 1/e BT Basavanthappa 9789351529002
Child Health Nursing (In Punjabi Language) 1/e Priyanka Randhir, Jasmeet Kaur 9789350902936
Child Health Nursing for ANM (Hindi) 1/e Monika Dean 9789351523246
Child Health Nursing Nursing Process Approach 1/e A Padmaja 9789351525462
Child Health Nursing Practical Record Book 2/e Nitin Devadiya, Jayesh Jain 9789352706938
Child Management in Clinical Dentistry 1/e Ashwin Jawdekar 9788184488739
Childbirth and Obstetric Techniques 3/e Sophia NE Webster,Farook Al-Azzawi 9789386107022
Chorionic Villus Sampling 1/e Kamini A Rao, Kypros Nicolaides 9788171795628
Civil Services for Doctors 1/e Sushil K Vimal 9788180614491
Classification of Drugs including Dosages 6/e Narinder Dev 9788184481068
Clinic Consult Pulmonology: Tuberculosis 1/e Digambar Behera 9789386322012
Clinical Allergy 1/e Editor: Rajendra Prasad 9789389129045
Clinical Anaesthesia 1/e Arun Kumar Paul 9788180616884
Clinical Anatomy: A Problem Solving Approach (2 Volumes) with DVD-ROM 3/e Neeta V Kulkarni 9789351529668
Clinical Application YAG Laser (Ophthalmology) 1/e Bikas Bhattacharya 9788180615542
Clinical Applications of Antibiotics and Anti-inflammatory Drugs in Ophthalmology with Photo CD-ROM 1/e Ashok Garg 9788184480320
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Clinical Approach to Renal Diseases in Diabetes 1/e T Dhinakaran 9789351525721
Clinical Aspects in Osteoporosis 1/e Manoj R Kandoi 9788180614514
Clinical Assessment and Examination in Orthopedics 2/e C Rex 9789350256428
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Clinical Atlas of Diabetes Mellitus 1/e Arturo R Rolla,Sanjay Agarwal 9789352705191
Clinical Atlas of ENT and Head & Neck Diseases 1/e PS Saharia, Deepti Sinha 9789350251157
Clinical Atlas of Sperm Morphology (with Photo CD-ROM) 1/e Achyut M Phadke 9788180619434
Clinical Biochemistry 2/e Nanda Maheshwari 9789386150196
Clinical Cardiology Made Easy 1/e Ramesh R Rau 9789351526629
Clinical Cardiology: A Disease Specific Approach 1/e Achyut Sarkar 9789389776041
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Clinical Cases and Pearls in Medicine 1/e GS Sainani (Hon Brigadier) 9789351526469
Clinical Cases in Endocrinology 1/e Pramila Kalra 9789352705894
Clinical Cases in ENT 1/e Geetha Chary 9789351527268
Clinical Cases in Glaucoma: An Evidence-based Approach 1/e Shibal Bhartiya, Parul Ichhpujani 9789386056962
Clinical Cases in Medicine and Paediatrics 1/e S Anuradha, K Rajeshwari 9788180618703
Clinical Cases in Otolaryngology 1/e Nirmal Kumar Soni, Lokesh Kumar Bhama 9789385891618
Clinical Cases in Paediatrics: A Trainee Handbook 1/e Ashley Reece, Anthony Cohn 9781907816475
Clinical Cases in Pediatrics 1/e R Rajamahendran 9789351520658
Clinical Chemistry 2/e MN Chatterjea 9788184487954
Clinical Chemistry Made Easy With Photo CD-ROM 1/e DM Vasudevan 9789380704906
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Clinical Correlation with Diagnostic Implications in Dermatology 1/e Editor: Biju Vasudevan, Assistant Editors: Shekhar Neema, Ankan Gupta, Editorial Advisory Committee: Brig Rajesh Verma, Col Manas Chatterjee 9789386322661
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Clinical Diagnosis : Cardiovascular System 2/e Rajenderan S 9788180612541
Clinical Diagnosis and Management of Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Disorders (Xero-Dacryology) with DVD-ROM 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180617751
Clinical Diagnosis and Management of AIDS (HIV) in Eye with CD-ROM 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180618253
Clinical Diagnosis in Oral Medicine: A Case-based Approach 1/e SR Prabhu 9789352706068
Clinical Diagnosis of Congenital Heart Disease 2/e M Satpathy, BR Mishra 9789351529125
Clinical En Face OCT Atlas 1/e Bruno Lumbroso, David Huang, Andre Romano, Marco Rispoli, Gabriel Coscas 9789350902967
Clinical Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus A Comprehensive Text (2 Vols) 1/e Y Sachdev 9788184483475
Clinical ENT Made Easy: A Guide to Clinical Examination 1/e D Balakrishnan 9789350250846
Clinical Essays in Obstetrics and Gynaecology for MRCOG Part II (And Other Postgraduate Exams) 2/e Seema Sharma 9789350253885
Clinical Evaluation of Newborns, Infants and Children 2/e S Sushama Bai 9788184485028
Clinical Examination: A Practical Guide in Medicine 1/e Harmanjit Singh Hira 9789350253632
Clinical Experience Record Book for BSc Nursing Students 1/e Manju John 9789351523437
Clinical Focus Series Bone and Mineral Disorders 1/e Series Editor: Romesh K Khardori,Editor: Subhash C Kukreja,Associate Editor: Sanjay K Bhadada 9789352704781
Clinical Focus Series Interstitial Lung Disease 1/e Om P Sharma 9789350252680
Clinical Focus Series Tuberculosis Selected Problems 1/e Editors: Violeta V Mihailovic Vucinic,Dragana M Jovanovic 9789386261359
Clinical Focus Series: Acute Exacerbation of Respiratory Diseases 1/e Steven A Sahn 9789350252673
Clinical Focus Series: Hypersensitivity Pneumonitis 1/e Om P Sharma 9789350252697
Clinical Focus Series: Lesions of Sarcoidosis-A Problem Solving Approach 1/e (Late) Om P Sharma, Violeta Mihailovic-Vucinic 9789350904237
Clinical Focus Series: Pulmonary Function Testing & Interpretation 1/e James E Hansen 9789350251058
Clinical Genetics 1/e Koya Lahiri 9788180614743
Clinical Grand Rounds in Pediatric Infectious Diseases 1/e Editors-in-Chief: Bhaskar Shenoy,Ashok Rai 9789352703821
Clinical Guide for Overseas Dental Examination (UK, Europe & Australia) 1/e Pooja Verma Ahmad , Priya Verma Gupta 9789352700219
Clinical Guide to Angio-OCT (Non Invasive, Dyeless OCT Angiography) 1/e Bruno Lumbroso, David Huang, Yali Jia, James G Fujimoto, Marco Rispoli 9789351523994
Clinical Guide to Oral Implantology: Step by Step Procedures 3/e Porus S Turner,India Ferzin Turner Vazifdar,Ashdin P. Turner,Danesh R. Vazifdar 9789352704279
Clinical Guidelines for Management of Diabetes in Pregnancy 1/e Editor-in-Chief: Pikee Saxena,Editors: Alka Pandey,Anupam Prakash 9789352703951
Clinical Handbook of Coronary Artery Disease 1/e Rao Gundu HR 9789389188301
Clinical Infertility and In Vitro Fertilization 1/e Botros RMB Rizk 9789350250952
Clinical Management of Breastfeeding 1/e Anil Mokashi, Santosh Nimbalkar 9789350903490
Clinical Manual for Oral Medicine and Radiology 1/e Ravikiran Ongole, Praveen BN 9788184481143
Clinical Manual for Public Health Dentistry and Practical Record Book 1/e DP Narayan 9789351520894
Clinical Manual of Otolaryngology 1/e Terence M Davidson, Jacob Husseman 9789350259931
Clinical Medicine 1/e AK Agarwal 9788180619281
Clinical Medicine : A Practical Manual for Emergency Medicine and Tropical Diseases 1/e BB Rewari 9789350906293
Clinical Medicine Made Easy 2/e TV Devarajan, L Vijayasundaram 9789352501618
Clinical Methods and Interpretation in Medicine 1/e Ashis Kumar Saha 9789351526285
Clinical Methods in Cardiology 1/e RS Sharma 9789351526650
Clinical Methods in Dental Office: History Recording, Examination, Investigations and Therapeutics 1/e Santosh Patil,Sneha Maheshwari 9789386150028
Clinical Methods in ENT 2/e PT Wakode 9789380704975
Clinical Methods in Medicine Clinical Skills and Practices 2/e SN Chugh, Eshan Gupta 9789350250396
Clinical Methods in Obstetrics and Gynecology 2/e PN Nobis 9788184489897
Clinical Methods in Obstetrics and Gynecology 2/E Manju Puri 9789390020676
Clinical Methods in Ophthalmology 2/e Himadri Dutta, Debasish Mandal, Arup Chakravarty 9788171797745
Clinical Methods in Ophthalmology 2/e Dadapeer K 9789351529071
Clinical Methods in Orthopedics A Concise Guide 1/e Kumar, Upendra 9789389587517
Clinical Methods in Paediatrics (4 Vols) 1/e ML Kulkarni 9788180612855
Clinical Methods in Respiratory Medicine 1/e Jyotirmoy Pal,Supriya Sarkar,Sekhar Chakraborty 9789352704507
Clinical Methods: A Key To Diagnosis in Paediatrics 1/e Dilip Mukherjee, Indraneel Banerjee 9788184481938
Clinical Microbiology and Parasitology (For DMLT Students) 3/e Nanda Maheshwari 9789352500185
Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology 1/e Ambar Chakravarty 9789352705573
Clinical Neurology Made Easy 1/e HV Srinivas 9789352702510
Clinical Neurosciences and Critical Care Nursing 1/e Sukhpal Kaur 9789351522003
Clinical Nursing Procedures: The Art of Nursing Practice 4/e Jacob, Annamma,R, Rekha,Tarachand, Jadhav Sonali 9789389188516
Clinical Nursing: Concepts and Trends 1/e Mary Lucita 9789350908402
Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics Manual for Nurses 1/e Dr. V Supriya 9789386150332
Clinical Obstetrics: A Case-based Approach (Includes DVD-ROM) 1/e Pushpa Mishra,Niharika Dhiman,Anjali Tempe 9789352702749
Clinical OCT Angiography Atlas 1/e Bruno Lumbroso, David Huang, Ching J Chen, Yali Jia, Marco Rispoli, André Romano, Nadia K Waheed 9789351528999
Clinical Ophthalmology Made Easy with Photo CD-ROM 1/e A Samuel Gnanadoss 9788184486117
Clinical Ophthalmology: Medical and Surgical Approach 2/e Sandeep Saxena 9789350250044
Clinical Ophthalmololgy Made Easy 2/e Anina Abraham 9789350905180
Clinical Orthopaedic Diagnosis 4/e Sureshwar Pandey, Anil Kumar Pandey 9789352705504
Clinical Pathology and Clinical Bacteriology 9/e KN Sachdev 9788171796915
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Clinical Pathology, Hematology and Blood Banking (For DMLT Students) 3/e Nanda Maheshwari 9789386261182
Clinical Pearls in Cardiology 1/e Hemanth IK, Shafeeq Mattummal 9789351524366
Clinical Pearls in Pulmonology 1/e Hemanth IK, Binuraj C 9789351524175
Clinical Pediatric Dermatology 1/e Jayakar Thomas, Parimalam Kumar 9789350904558
Clinical Pediatrics Companion 1/e Jaydeep Choudhary 9788180614880
Clinical Pediatrics for Undergraduates 1/e Elizabeth KE 9788184486957
Clinical Pediatrics Respiratory Disorders 1/e Gopakumar H, Reeshma Gopakumar 9788184482959
Clinical Photography in Dentistry 1/e Matrishva B Vyas 9788184484274
Clinical Physiology of Endocrine Disorders 1/e Raji Subramanian, Lam Sau Kuen 9788184484380
Clinical Practice and Surgery of the Colon, Rectum & Anus 1/e Sisir Kumar Saha 9788184489927
Clinical Practice Diary: Experiential Learning Context For BSc Nursing and GNM Students (For BSc Nursing and GNM Students) 2/e SN Nanjunde Gowda 9789385999888
Clinical Practice in Small incision Catract Surgery(Phaco Manual) with 2 CD-ROMs 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180612404
Clinical Practice of Common Geriatric Problems in Women 1/e Maya Sood Khanna, Chitra Raghunandan, Usha Gupta 9788180610912
Clinical Problems in Gastroenterology 1/e Her-Hsin Tsai 9789352705856
Clinical Progress in Obstetrics & Gynecology 1/e Duru Shah, Sudeshna Ray 9789350904442
Clinical Protocols in Pediatrics 2/e Jaydeep Choudhury, Jayanta Bandyopadhyay 9789351520863
Clinical Record Book of Medical-Surgical Nursing 2/e Himalayani Sharma 9789352702565
Clinical Record Book of Medical-Surgical Nursing for BSc 2nd Year (As per INC Guidelines) 1/e Rajesh Kumar Sharma 9789352703777
Clinical Record Book of Medical-Surgical Nursing for BSc 3rd Year (As per INC Guidelines) 1/e Rajesh Kumar Sharma 9789386150646
Clinical Record for Post Basic BSc Nursing Course 3/e C Manivannan 9789389188578
Clinical Refraction Guide 2/e Ajay Kumar Bhootra 9789352708628
Clinical Research Made Easy—A Guide to Publishing in Medical Literature 2/e Mohit Bhandari, Parag Kantilal Sancheti 9789386056092
Clinical Signs and Syndromes in Surgery 1/e Shivananda Prabhu 9789350250891
Clinical Simulation in Medicine (For all Examinations in Cardiology, Critical Care, Anesthesia and Pulmonary Medicine) 1/e Poonam Malhotra Kapoor, Navin C Nanda, Yatin Mehta, HK Chopra, KK Kapur 9789351525639
Clinical Sonography 1/e Satish K Bhargava 9788171795680
Clinical Sonology 1/e J Samuel 9788171795215
Clinical Surgery 1/e Mahmoud Sakr 9789351526810
Clinical Surgery Made Easy 1/e R Thirunavukarasu 9789350904060
Clinical Surgery Pearls 3/e R Dayananda Babu 9789352703494
Clinical Surgery: A Text and Atlas 1/e Sunil Chumber 9789351526797
Clinical Surgical Case Manual: A Comprehensive Treatise for Students, Teachers and Practitioners 2/e Kanchana Sundaramurthy 9789351525226
Clinical Synopsis and Color Atlas of Skin Tumors 1/e Iffat Hassan, Peerzada Sajad Ahmad 9789350909454
Clinical Tuberculosis: Diagnosis and Treatment 1/e Rajendra Prasad, Nikhil Gupta 9789351522218
Clinical Ultrasound: A Case-based Approach 1/e Editors: Corinne Deurdulian, Mark E Lockhart 9789386056924
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Clinico Radiological Series: Imaging of Interstitial Lung Diseases 1/e Ashu Seith Bhalla, Manisha Jana, Co-Editor: Priyanka Naranje, Clinical Content Editors: Randeep Guleria, GC Khilnani 9789386322517
Clinico Radiological Series: Sinonasal Imaging 1/e Editors: Ashu Seith Bhalla,Manisha Jana,Co-Editor: Smita Manchanda,Surgical contents edited by: Suresh C Sharma 9789352701711
Clinico-Radiological Atlas of Orbital Disorders 1/e Apjit Kaur Chhabra 9789350251911
Clinics and Grand Rounds in Surgery 1/e SK Kochar 9788180614675
Clinics in Bariatric & Metabolic Surgery 1/e Praveen Raj Palanivelu 9789352709113
Clinics in Neurology 1/e Alaka Deshpande 9789351522171
Clinics in Obstetrics 1/e Tania Gurdip Singh 9789351521990
Clinics in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 1/e SM Sharma 9789350906156
CM Francis Medical Ethics 4/e Revised and Edited by Rimpi Gupta 9789389188622
Cochlear Implants: From Principles to Practice 1/e Editors: David S Haynes, George B Wanna, René H Gifford, Alejandro C Rivas 9781787791190
Color Atlas & Synopsis of Pediatric Dermatology 4/e Sandipan Dhar ,Sahana M Srinivas 9788194709060
Color Atlas and Synopsis of Pediatric Dermatology 3/e Sandipan Dhar 9789351526322
Color Atlas of Cardiology: Challenging Cases (Includes DVD-ROM) 1/e Majid Maleki, Azin Alizadehasl 9789386322142
Color Atlas of Cardiovascular Disease 1/e Glenn N Levine 9789351522447
Color Atlas of Clinical Dermatology (Includes Interactive DVD-ROM) 1/e Atif Hasnain Kazmi, Shahbaz Aman, Muhammad Nadeem 9789351526278
Color Atlas of Dermatophytoses: Focus on Superficial Fungal Infections 1/e Jayakar Thomas, Parimalam Kumar 9789389188387
Color Atlas of Dermoscopy 1/e Horacio Antonio Cabo 9789386056306
Color Atlas of Differential Diagnosis in Dermatopathology 1/e Loren E Clarke, Jennie T Clarke, Klaus F Helm 9789350908457
Color Atlas of Oculoplastic & Orbital Disorders (with interactive DVD-ROM) 1/e Arnab Biswas 9788184484601
Color Atlas of Oral Cancer 1/e KMK Masthan, Vidyarani Shayamsundar, N Aravindha Babu 9789351524410
Color Atlas of Pathological Specimens and Instruments in Obstetrics and Gynecology 1/e Saunitra Inamdar, Meena Khatri 9788184488227
Color Atlas of Tissue Response to Biomaterials 1/e Mira Mohanty, A Sabareeswaran, Sulekha Baby, Joseph Sebastian, Caroline S Diana 9789350907382
Color Doppler 3D & 4D Ultrasounds in Gynecology Infertility and Obstetrics 2/ed 2/e Sanja Kupesic 9789350250907
Color Doppler in Obstetrics and Gynecology: Text and Atlas 1/e Sonal Panchal, Chaitanya Nagori 9789352708956
Colour Atlas of Forensic Medicine 2/e D Govindiah 9788184487343
Colposcopy Made Easy with Photo CD-ROM 1/e Nidhi Gupta 9788184484663
Common Clinical Problems in Obstetrics and Gynecology: A Practical Approach 1/e (Reprint) Reva Tripathi, Asmita Muthal-Rathore, Swaraj Batra 9788171798896
Common Diagnostic Procedures for Nurses 1/e Raj Mani, Cyrus Cooper 9788180617928
Common Medical Disorders in Obstetrics 1/e Ashok Kumar, Saritha Shamsunder, Swaraj Batra 9788184487961
Common Mistakes in Clinical Medicine 2/e Kashinath Padhiary 9789351524182
Common Mnemonics for BDS Final Year 1/e Kriti Gupta 9789350250624
Common Mnemonics for MBBS Final Year 1/e Ankit Gupta 9788184489699
Common Problems in Cardiology 1/e Kanu Chatterjee, Byron F Vandenberg 9789351528524
Common Skin Diseases: A Clinical Approach 1/e Brig. SP Chattopadhyay 9789350907399
Common Surgical Emergencies 2/e SK Kochar 9788184486537
Common Urologic Problems Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (Issues in BPH: Consensus and Controversies) 1/e Sujata K Patwardhan, Altaf Shaikh 9789350908419
Common Viva Discussions in Obstetrics and Gynaecology 1/e Sudha Prasad, YM Mala, S Batra 9788180612053
Communication & Education Technology 1/e Jogindra Vati 9789390595099
Communication and Educational Technology for Nurses 1/e BT Basavanthappa 9789350251379
Communication Skills in Clinical Practice 1/e KR Sethuraman 9789351524113
Community Based Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities 1/e S Pruthvish 9788180616099
Community Health Nursing (2 Volume Set) For BSc and PB BSc Nursing Students (With Free Community Health Nursing Practice Workbook for BSc and PB BSc Nursing Students ) 3/e BT Basavanthappa 9789351529187
Community Health Nursing (In Punjabi Language) 1/e Kamaljit Kaur, Rajbir Kaur Aulakh 9789350903070
Community Health Nursing for ANM (In Hindi) 2/e Monika Dean 9789386261069
Community Health Nursing for GNM (1st Year) 3/e Poonam Sharda 9789386322203
Community Health Nursing I (In Hindi) 1/e Arjita Sengar 9789351525035
Community Health Nursing II (In Hindi) 1/e Arjita Sengar 9789351525042
Community Health Nursing Procedures 1/e Baljit Kaur 9789350902028
Community Health Nursing Record Book for Basic bsc Nursing Program 1/e Manivannan C, Latha Manivannan T, Rathamani S 9789351520733
Community Health Nursing Record Book for PB BSc Nursing Program 1/e C Manivannan, T Latha Manivannan, S Rathamani 9789352501342
Community Health Nursing-II for GNM (3rd Year) 2/e Naina Bhardwaj 9789351524656
Community Medicine Buster 2/e Gautam Sarker,Palash Das 9789389188745
Community Medicine Solved Question Papers (With PG Entrance Points) 6/e Singi Yatiraj 9789352702961
Community Medicine with Recent Advances 6/e AH Suryakantha 9789354651250
Community Medicine with Recent Advances 5/e AH Suryakantha 9789388958813
Community Medicine: A Student Manual 1/e Parikshit Sanyal 9789351527794
Community Mental Health in India 1/e BS Chavan, Niting Gupta, Priti Arun, Ajeet Sidana, Sushrut Jadhav 9789350258057
Community Pharmacology 1/e (Reprint) Misbahuddin 9788171797080
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Companion for 1st MBBS 16/e Singi Yatiraj, Co-author: Roopali Somani 9789389776324
Companion for 2nd BDS 2/e Singi Yatiraj, Himanika Bahuguna, Shruti Somani 9789350902042
Companion for 2nd MBBS 15/e Co-author: Roopali Somani, Singi Yatiraj 9789389776515
Companion for 3rd MBBS 13/e Singi Yatiraj 9789389776508
Companion for Final MBBS 14/e Singi Yatiraj, Co-authors: Roopali Somani, Capt. Basavaraj AP 9789390020027
Companion for Obstetrics Gynecology Practical Examination 16/e Haresh U Doshi 9789389776744
Companion to PG Medical Admission Test 3/e RN Prasad 9788171799756
COMPASS (To Direct First Years): The Complete First Year MBBS Practical Manual 1/e Anto Jose 9789351526704
Competency Based Log Book For Auxiliary Nurses & Midwives (ANM)-As Per the Syllabus of INC (Hindi-English) 1/e Vijaya Santhi Murugesan 9789351522089
Competency based Practical Manual for Microbiology As per Competency Based Curriculum (MCI) 1/e Upasana Bhumbla 9788194802877
Competency-based Comprehensive Manual of Practical and Clinical Biochemistry (As per Revised NMC Curriculum) 2/e Ashish Sharma, Anita Sharma 9789352700554
Complete Denture Prosthodontics 1/e Sujit Kumar Das 9789351526216
Complete Solution for Dental Materials 1/e Nandish BT, Jayaprakash K, V Shama Bhat 9789350259566
Complex Injuries of the Hand 1/e Tahseen A Cheema 9781907816253
Complex Primary Total Hip Replacement 1/e SKS Marya 9789350255841
Complex Spine Cases: A Collection of Current Techniques 1/e Munish C Gupta, Alexander Richard Vaccaro, Sachin Gupta 9789351523864
Complex Surgical Cases of the Limbic System 1/e Editors: Sepehr Sani,Mustafa K Baskaya,Richard W Byrne 9789386261441
Complications in Cosmetic Dermatology: Crafting Cures 1/e Ganesh S Pai 9789385891878
Complications in Endoscopic Sinus Surgery Diagnosis, Prevention and Management 2/e SK Kaluskar, S Sachdeva 9788180617058
Complications of Diabetes 1/e Rajeev Chawla 9789350255124
Complications of Intraocular Lens Implantation 1/e Renuka Srinivasan 9788171795062
Comprehensive Approach to Infections in Dermatology 1/e Archana Singal, Chander Grover 9789351527480
Comprehensive Approach to NCLEX-RN, HAAD and DHA Examinations 1/e Renjith Augustine 9789386150660
Comprehensive Cardiology 1/e S Uma Devi 9788184483895
Comprehensive Community Health Nursing 1/e Cecy Corriea 9789350251621
Comprehensive Guide in Knee & Hip Arthroplasty (Asia Pacific Arthroplasty Society - Delta Compendium)- Original Price Rs. 4995/USD 135 - Avail Introductory Offer 3/e Parag Sancheti,Rami Sorial,Ashok Shyam,Sunny S Gugale 9789352701360
Comprehensive lectures on the Central Nervous System 1/e Kumudini Mohan Ram 9788180611896
Comprehensive Management of Head and Neck Cancer 1/e Narayana Subramaniam, Sivakumar Vidhyadharan, Samskruthi P Murthy 9788194709046
Comprehensive Manual of Ophthalmology 1/e E Ahmed 9789350251751
Comprehensive Notes in Ophthalmology 1/e Chinmaya Sahu 9788184489675
Comprehensive Ophthalmology (with Free Review of Ophthalmology) 7/e AK Khurana,Aruj K Khurana, Bhawna P Khurana 9789352706860
Comprehensive Practical and Viva in Biochemistry 1/e Arvind S Yadav 9788180612107
Comprehensive Textbook of Echocardiography (2 Volumes) 2/e Editor: Navin C Nanda 9789352701643
Comprehensive Textbook of Foundation of Nursing 1/e Rebecca Nissanka 9789352500215
Comprehensive Textbook of Hepatitis B 1/e Mammun-Al-Mahtab 9789350250815
Comprehensive Textbook of Infectious Diseases 2/e Editors-in-Chief: MI Sahadulla, Sayenna A Uduman 9789352709991
Comprehensive Textbook of Medical Physiology (2 Volumes) 2/e Gopal Krushna Pal,Pravati Pal,Nivedita Nanda 9789389188011
Comprehensive Textbook of Nursing Education (As per INC Syllabus) 1/e Jaspreet Kaur Sodhi 9789385999161
Comprehensive Textbook of Nutrition for BSc Nurses 1/e Rishi Avasthi 9789352500147
Comprehensive Textbook of Sexual Medicine 2/e Nilamadhab Kar, Gopal Chandra Kar 9789350908365
Comprehensive Textbook of Surgery 1/e Dinesh Vyas 9789350250525
Comprehensive Video Atlas of Laparoscopic Surgery in Infertility and Gynecology (Includes Interactive DVD-ROMs) 1/e Nutan Jain 9789385891885
Comprehensive Workbook of Practical & Applied Physiology (As per the Competency-based Medical Education Curriculum (NMC) 3/e Manjinder Kaur, Co-authors: Suman Sharma, Naren Kurmi, Sangita Chauhan 9788194802853
Computed Aided Tomography Case Histories BRAIN (with CD-ROM) 2/e D Karthikeyan, Deepa Chegu 9788184482935
Computers for Doctors 1/e Naveen Thacker 9788180611766
Computers for Nurses 2/e Niranjan Shendurnikar, Naveen Thacker, Manoj Ambwani 9789386150851
Computers for Nurses Made Easy(with CD-ROM Containing brief tutorials) 1/e Karanbir Singh 9788184480474
Concise Anatomy 1/e KK Jain, V Kapoor, RK Suri 9788171799732
Concise Book of Medical Laboratory Technology Methods and Interpretations 2/e Ramnik Sood 9789351523338
Concise Forensic Medicine & Toxicology 4/e KS Narayan Reddy 9789351528234
Concise Pocket Medical Dictionary 3/e UN Panda 9789351525806
Concise Pocket Midwifery Dictionary 3/e UN Panda 9789389188967
Concise Textbook of Biochemistry for Paramedical Students 2/e DM Vasudevan, Sukhes Mukherjee 9789390281343
Cone Beam Computed Tomography: A Clinician’s Guide to 3D Imaging 1/e Prashant P Jaju 9789351526391
Congenital Intrauterine Infections 1/e Deepika Deka 9788184485707
Consumer Protection Act and The Medical Practitioners 1/e JVN Jaiswal 9788171796748
Consumer Protection and the Medical Profession 1/e RK Chaube 9788171797318
Contact and Occupational Dermatology 4/e James G Marks Jr, Bryan E Anderson, Vincent A DeLeo 9789351529361
Contact Lens Fitting Guide 2/e Ajay Kumar Bhootra 9789389587104
Contact Lens Primer 1/e Monica Chaudhry 9788180619328
Contemporary Management of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia 1/e Vinod Pullarkat 9789351522416
Contemporary Management of Multiple Myeloma 1/e Ravi Vij 9789350252659
Contemporary Management of Myeloproliferative Neoplasms 1/e Brady L Stein, Brandon J McMahon 9789351523628
Contemporary Management of the Diabetic Foot 1/e Sharad Pendsey 9789350909485
Contemporary Surgical Management of Fractures and Complications (Two Volume Set) 1/e Asif Ilyas, Saqib Rehman 9789350259641
Contemporary Surgical Management of Fractures and Complications: Volume 3: Pediatrics 1/e Martin J Herman, B David Horn 9789351521204
Contemporary Topics In Gestational Diabetes Mellitus 1/e Veeraswamy Seshiah 9789351523727
Contemporary Understanding and Management of Cerebral Vasospasm: A Practical Guide 1/e Ketan R Bulsara, Emily J Gilmore 9789351525608
Contraception: Past, Present and Future 2/e Ashwini Bhalerao-Gandhi, Basab Mukherjee, Madhushri Pandey 9789385891915
Controversies in Obstetrics and Gynecology 1/e Latika Sahu, Devender Kumar, Usha Manaktala 9789350909799
Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Infertility 1/e Alka Kriplani, Roza Rozati 9788180617041
Controversies on the Beginning of Human Life 1/e Asim Kurjak, Frank A Chervenak 9788184484281
Copeland and Afshari's Principles and Practice of Cornea (Two Volume Set) 1/e Robert A Copeland Jr, Natalie A Afshari 9789350901724
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Corneal Transplantation 2/e Rasik B Vajpayee 9788184488593
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Coronary Artery Disease 1/e Gundu HR Rao 9788180614507
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Cosmetic Surgery after Massive Weight Loss 1/e Seth R. Thaller,Mimis Cohen 9781907816284
Counseling Skills for Health Care Professions 1/e Rajinikanth AM 9789350250655
CPAP Bedside Application In the Newborn 2/e PK Rajiv 9789350252444
Crack It Now: Clinical MCQs in Dental Sciences with Explanations 1/e Pankaj Bansal, Sumidha Bansal 9788184482850
Craniospinal Missile injuries 1/e Harjinder Singh Bhatoe 9788180611803
Crash Course Medical Entrance Exam Questions Including Upto Janurary 2002 2/e Sharma 9788171799527
Creative Tools & Techniques of Multidimensional Educational Methods in Nursing 1/e Cecy Correia 9789386150738
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Cross Sectional Imaging Made Easy 1/e Hariqbal singh 9789350251959
Crowns in Pediatric Dentistry 1/e Prashant Babaji 9789351524397
Cryosurgery: Clinical Applications in Otorhinolaryngology 1/e KK Desarda 9789350252086
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CT Abdomen: A Pattern Approach with CD-ROM 1/e D Karthikeyan, Deepa Chegu 9788180619588
Culture, Personality and Mental Illness 1/e Vijoy K Verma, AK Kala, Nitin Gupta 9788184485363
Cumulative Record Book for General Nursing and Midwifery Course 1/e R Sreevani 9789352501564
Cumulative record for general nursing and midwifery course 2/e Jacob Anthikad 9788184487978
Cumulative Record of Clinical Experience for Post Basic BSc Nursing 1/e Titi Mangalathi 9789350259030
Cumulative Record of Clinical Experience of Basic BSc Nursing Students (As per New Syllabus) 3/e BT Basavanthappa 9789352705429
Cumulative Record of Clinical Learning Experience for Post Basic BSc Nursing 1/e SN Nanjunde Gowda 9789351523499
Cumulative Record/Practical Record for Basic B.Sc. (Nursing) Course 3/e KP Neeraja 9789350904220
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Cumulative Student Activity Record of Clinical Experience for MSC Nursing Program (Log Book) 1/e HC Rawat 9789350259023
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Current Concepts of Otitis Media and Recent Management Strategies 1/e Anand Job, L Paul Emerson 9789351524533
Current Obstetrics and Gynecolcoy(FOGSI) 1/e Gita Ganguly Mukherjee 9788180619960
Current Practice in Obstetrics and Gynecology-2 1/e Pankaj Desai 9788184485578
Current Practice in Obstetrics and Gynecology-3: Endometriosis 1/e Pankaj Desai 9789350258088
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Cutaneous Manifestations of Diabetes 1/e Emilia Noemí Cohen Sabban 9789352700394
Cyberpsychiatry 1/e Sudhir Bhave, Sushil Gawande 9789352702176
Cytology and Colposcopy in Gynecological Practice 1/e Usha B Saraiya, Giovanni Miniello 9788184485844
Cytopathology Review 2/e Fang Fan, Ivan Damjanov 9789352700462
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DC Dutta’s Textbook of Obstetrics 9/e Hiralal Konar 9789352702428
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Decision Making in Infertility 1/e Editors: Apoorva Pallam Reddy, Rajeev Agarwal 9789388958943
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Decoding Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) 1/e Kanthi Bansal, Pooja Sharma Dimri, Apoorva Pallam Reddy 9789386322852
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Defining the Value of Spine Care 1/e Jeffrey A Rihn 9789350254905
Degenerative lumbar Spine Disroder and its Conservative Treatment With DVD-Rom 1/e Mahesh Pandya 9789350250020
Demystifying Endometriosis 1/e Kanthi Bansal 9789389776393
Dental Anatomy and Histology 2/e Ponnala Rakesh 9789380704210
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Dental Cocktail 2/e Manikandan GR 9789352500550
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Dental Management of Medically Complex Patients 1/e SR Prabhu 9788180619489
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Dental Materials Solved Question Paper (RGUHS) 2/e Rakesh Ponnala 9788184486094
Dental Operating Room Assistant 1/e PN Awasthi 9789350251355
Dental PG Series (DPS) Oral and General Surgery 1/e Kumudini Singh 9788184484434
Dental Photography in Practice 1/e Peter Gordon 9781909836921
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Dental Supreme Solved Question Papers of Pedodontics And Preventive Dentistry 1/e Dinraj Kulkarni 9789350255971
Dental Trauma: A Practical Guide to Diagnosis and Management 1/e Serpil Djemal 9781909836662
Dentin Hypersensitivity in Clinical Practice 1/e David Gillam,Bryar Koyi 9781909836471
DENTISTRY PLUS (Comprehensive Review of Clinical Dental Sciences) 1/e Jaspal Singh 9789350254004
Dentogist 1st Year BDS Question Bank (NTRUHS, Andhra Pradesh) 1/e Gopala Krishna BR 9788184488425
Dentogist 1st Year BDS Question Bank (RGUHS, Karnataka) 1/e Gopala Krishna BR 9788184488463
Dentogist 2nd Year BDS Question Bank (NTRUHS, Andhra Pradesh) 1/e Gopala Krishna BR 9788184488432
Dentogist 2nd Year BDS Question Bank (RGUHS, Karnataka) 1/e Gopala Krishna BR 9788184488470
Dentogist 3rd Year BDS Question Bank (NTRUHS, Andhra Pradesh) 1/e Gopala Krishna BR 9788184488449
Dentogist 3rd Year BDS Question Bank (RGUHS, Karnataka) 1/e Gopala Krishna BR 9788184488487
Dentogist 4th Year BDS Question Bank (NTRUHS, Andhra Pradesh) 1/e Gopala Krishna BR 9788184488456
Dentogist 4th Year BDS Question Bank (RGUHS, Karnataka) 1/e Gopala Krishna BR 9788184488494
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Dentogist: MCQs in Dentistry—Clinical Sciences (With Explanatory Answers) 7/e Anand Mohatta 9789386150530
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Dermatologic Surgery Made Easy (With CD ROM) 2/e Virendra N Sehgal 9789380704913
Dermatology in a Week 1/e Premanshu Bhushan 9788180616815
Dermatology Review for PGMEE 1/e Mary Vineetha, K Sobhanakumari 9789385999048
Dermatology Review: A Must for PG Entrance Exams 1/e Ashfaq Ul Hassan, Sheikh Manzoor Ahamed 9789385891267
Dermatology, Leprosy & Sexually Transmitted Infections 2/e AK Bajaj, Rajeev Sharma, Sandipan Dhar 9788184485073
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Dermoscopy in Darker Skin 1/e Editors-in-Chief: Manas Chatterjee, Shekhar Neema, Subrata Malakar, Assistant Editors: Biju Vasudevan, Disha Dabbas 9789386322678
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Desktop Reference in Gynaecology 1/e Shobhana Mohandas 9788171799626
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Diabetes in Children and Adolescents 1/e RV Jayakumar, Nisha Bhavani, Praveen V Pavithran 9789350903001
Diabetes Mellitus 1/e S Shanmugam 9788180618697
Diabetes: Clinical Case Series – II 1/e Editors: Viswanathan Mohan, Ranjit Unnikrishnan 9789352702251
Diabetic Eye Diseases Foundations in Vitreoretinal Diseases 1/e Taraprasad Das, Alka Rani 9788180618406
Diabetic Foot Surgical Principles and Practices 1/e G Sivakumar 9788184487398
Diabetic Foot: A Clinical Atlas 1/e Sharad Pendsey 9788180611674
Diabetic Retinopathy 1/e Bruno Lumbroso, Marco Rispoli, Maria Cristina Savastano 9789351528982
Diabetic Retinopathy for the Clinician 1/e Chandran Abraham, Annie Mathai 9788184485554
Diabetic Retinopathy: Atlas and Text (with DVD-ROM) 1/e Vishali Gupta, Amod Gupta, MR Dogra, Ramandeep Singh 9788180619298
Diagnosis and Management of Cancer 1/e Ashok Mehta, SC Bansal 9788180612121
Diagnosis and Management of Dermatologic Disorders Made Easy (including STDs, Leprosy, HIV and AIDS) 2/e Punshi, SK 9789351527930
Diagnosis and Management of Glaucoma 1/e R Ramakrishnan, SR Krishnadas, Mona Khurana, Alan L Robin 9789350255780
Diagnosis and Treatment of Common Skin Diseases 5/e Virendra N Sehgal 9789386056771
Diagnosis and Treatment of Diabetes Retinopathy 1/e Samuel Boyd, Aniz Girach, David E Pelayes 9789962678090
Diagnosis and Treatment of Poisoning and Drug Overdose Made Easy 1/e TV Devarajan 9789351526094
Diagnosis and Treatment of Uveitis 2/e C Stephen Foster, Albert T Vitale 9789350255728
Diagnosis: A Symptom-based Approach in Internal Medicine 1/e CS Madgaonkar 9789380704753
Diagnostic Aids in Temporomandibular Joint Disorders 1/e Shahid Hassan 9789351522492
Diagnostic and Imaging Techniques in Ophthalmology 1/e Amar Agarwal 9789962678076
Diagnostic and Operative Hysteroscopy 2/e Tirso Perez-Medina 9789380704692
Diagnostic Atlas of Pediatric Imaging Chest and Mediastinum 1/e M Prabakaran, B Natrajan 9788184488326
Diagnostic Criteria in Neurological Diseases 1/e S Ramu 9788180616112
Diagnostic Cytology 2/e Pranab Dey 9789352701209
Diagnostic Dermatopathology: A Guide to Ancillary Tests Beyond the H&E 1/e Gregory A. Hosler 9781909836129
Diagnostic Dilemmas and Decision Making in Pediatrics and Neonatology 1/e M Nagaraj Rao, G Raghavendra 9788180610837
Diagnostic Evaluation of the Respiratory System 1/e Claudio Sorino 9789386056009
Diagnostic Imaging:Quality Assurance 1/e MM Rehani 9788171794379
Diagnostic Microbiology for DMLT Students 2/e Ranjan Kumar De 9789352701292
Diagnostic Procedures and Minor Surgical interventions in Obstetrics & Gynecology 1/e Usha Manaktala, Sangeeta Gupta, Swaraj Batra 9788184481631
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Diagnostic Radiology: Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary Imaging 4/e Arun Kumar Gupta, Veena Chowdhury, Niranjan Khandelwal, Deep Narayan Srivastava, Raju Sharma 9789386261977
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Diagnostic Ultrasound 2/e LC Gupta, UC Sahu 9788184480641
Diagnostics in Macular Disorders 1/e S Natarajan, Sumita Sharma, Hitendra B Mehta 9788180614859
Dictionary for Nurses (English-Hindi) 1/e Vishal Tak 9789386150394
Differential Diagnosis (Medicine, Surgery, Obs/Gynae, Ophth, Paed, Dental) 7/e LC Gupta, Abhitabh Gupta, Abhishek Gupta 9788180614149
Differential Diagnosis and Medical Therapeutics: A Treatise on Clinical Medicine 4/e P Siva Rama Krishna Rao 9789389188394
Differential Diagnosis and Medical Therapeutics—A Treatise on Clinical Medicine 3/e P Siva Rama Krishna Rao 9789351523109
Differential Diagnosis in Clinical Medicine 1/e R Deenadayalan 9789350257685
Differential Diagnosis in Computed Tomography 2/e Satish K Bhargava 9789350258125
Differential Diagnosis in Dermatology 2/e Klaus F Helm,Galen T Foulke,James G Marks Jr 9781909836198
Differential Diagnosis in Neurology 1/e Rajendra B Kenkre 9788184489477
Differential Diagnosis in Neurology 1/e Sudesh Prabhakar, Gagandeep Singh 9789351529026
Differential Diagnosis in Pediatrics (Including Color Atlas) 6/e Suraj Gupte 9789352702473
Differential Diagnosis in Pediatrics(Indian Academy of Pediatrics) 1/e Editor-in-Chief: K Nedunchelian 9789352707003
Differential Diagnosis in Radiology 3/e Sumeet Bhargava, Satish K Bhargava 9789352702909
Differential Diagnosis in Spine Surgery 1/e John D Koerner, Alexander R Vaccaro, Daniel H Kim 9789385999475
Differential Diagnosis in Surgery 1/e Mahmoud Sakr 9789350909829
Differential Diagnosis in Surgical Diseases 1/e S Devaji Rao 9788184489026
Differential Diagnosis in Ultrasound 3/e Sumeet Bhargava, Satish K Bhargava 9789352705887
Differential Screening of Regional Pain in Musculoskeletal Practice 1/e Deepak Sebastian 9789351529545
Difficult Asthma: Clinical Focus Series 1/e Liam G Heaney, Andrew Menzies-Gow 9789350902998
Difficult Diagnosis and Management of Tuberculosis 1/e Tosaddak Ahmed 9789380704487
Diplomate National Board (Question Paper Dec-2007 and June-2008) 1/e Anju Singh 9788184486728
Disaster Management for Health Care Professionals 1/e Joshi Sonopant G 9789350258118
Disease Outbreak Management: Hospital Administrator's Perspective 1/e Shakti Kumar Gupta, Sunil Kant, Jitendra Kumar Sharma 9789350259900
Diseases of Ear, Nose & Throat 3/e Mohan Bansal 9789386150233
Diseases of the External Ear (Including Step-by-Step Otoplasty) 1/e SK Kaluskar 9789351522362
Dispensing Optics 1/e Ajay Kumar Bhootra