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Title Edition Author ISBN
Handbook of Medicine for Pharmacists 1/e Guru Prasad Mohanta, Praveen Kumar NVR Tavva 9789350906651
Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series Orthodontics (with Photo CD-ROM) 1/e Gurkeerat Singh 9788184484649
Textbook of Orthodontics 3/e Gurkeerat Singh 9789351524403
The Short Textbook of Pediatrics 13/e Gupte, Suraj 9789389587067
Viva in Gynaecology 2/e (Reprint) Gupta, Sahu, Panda 9788180616037
Viva in Obstetrics 2/e (Reprint) Gupta, Sahu, Panda 9788180616020
Aids to Postgraduate Surgery 1/e (Reprint) Gupta JPB1000000502
Case Notes in Surgery 1/e Gupta 9788171793563
Viva in General Medicine 2/e Gupta 9788171793419
Exam Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates: Surgery 2/e Gunjan S Desai,Verushka Mansukhani,Prasad Pande 9789352704095
Handbook of Blood Banking and Transfusion Medicine with CD-ROM 1/e Gundu HR Rao, Ted Eastlund, Latha Jagannathan 9788180617181
Coronary Artery Disease 1/e Gundu HR Rao 9788180614507
Manual of Blood Platelets: Morphology, Physiology and Pharmacology 1/e Gundu HR Rao 9789352702022
Gynecologic Dermatology 1/e Gudula Kirtschig,Susan M Cooper 9781909836013
Manual of Clinical and Practical Medicine 2/e GS Sainani, Rajesh G Sainani 9789352701278
Clinical Cases and Pearls in Medicine 1/e GS Sainani (Hon Brigadier) 9789351526469
Nursing Research and Statistics 1/e GS Purushothama 9789351523529
Sociology for Nursing & Health Sciences 2/e GS Purushothama 9789351526162
Textbook of Orthopedics and Trauma (4 Volumes) 3/e GS Kulkarni, Sushrut Babhulkar 9789385891052
Recent Advances in Orthopaedics (Vol. 2) 1/e GS Kulkarni 9788171794904
Handbook of Ultrasound 1/e GS Garkal 9788171799565
Manual of Ultrasound 3/e GS Garkal 9789352501236
Radiology of Positioning and Applied Anatomy (For Students and Practitioners) 4/e GS Garkal 9789351527800
Neurological Examination: A Structured Approach 1/e GRK Sarma 9789352705160
Diagnostic Dermatopathology: A Guide to Ancillary Tests Beyond the H&E 1/e Gregory A. Hosler 9781909836129
Advances in Diabetes: Novel Insights 1/e GR Sridhar 9789351526452
A Visual Field Evaluation with Automated Devices 2/e GR Reddy 9788180616563
Practical Guide to Interpret Visual Fields 4/e GR Reddy 9789389587012
Financial Management for Hospital Administration 1/e GR Kulkarni, P Satyashankar, Libert Anil Gomes 9788184486247
Standard Operating Procedures and Regulatory Guidelines Blood Banking 1/e GP Saluja, GL Singal 9789351522157
Genetics in Dentistry 1/e GP Pal, Niladri Kumar Mahato 9788184489415
Practice of Patent Medicine with Ideal Prescription (A Condensed Clinical Manual for the Busy Practitioner) 1/e GP Nirbhay 9789350909812
Movement Disorders in Children and Adolsecents 1/e GP Mathur, Sarla Mathur 9788180610448
Midwifery Casebook for PC BSc Nursing 1/e Gowri Sayee Jagadesan 9789386261816
Evidence Based Practices in Gastrointestinal & Hepatobiliary Surgery 1/e Govind Nandakumar 9789351529392
Cross Sectional Anatomy CT and MRI 1/e Govind Chavhan 9789350250464
MRI Made Easy (for Beginners) 2/e Govind B Chavan 9789350902707
Algorithms in Pediatric Neurology 1/e Gouri Rao Passi 9789350252505
Epilepsy in Children 1/e Gouri Passi, Sharad Thora, VP Goswami, Vijay Yewale, SS Rawat, Swati Mulye 9789351521341
A Comprehensive Textbook of Poultry Pathology 1/e Gopalakrishna Rao 9788171797721
Dentogist 1st Year BDS Question Bank (NTRUHS, Andhra Pradesh) 1/e Gopala Krishna BR 9788184488425
Dentogist 1st Year BDS Question Bank (RGUHS, Karnataka) 1/e Gopala Krishna BR 9788184488463
Dentogist 2nd Year BDS Question Bank (NTRUHS, Andhra Pradesh) 1/e Gopala Krishna BR 9788184488432
Dentogist 2nd Year BDS Question Bank (RGUHS, Karnataka) 1/e Gopala Krishna BR 9788184488470
Dentogist 3rd Year BDS Question Bank (NTRUHS, Andhra Pradesh) 1/e Gopala Krishna BR 9788184488449
Dentogist 3rd Year BDS Question Bank (RGUHS, Karnataka) 1/e Gopala Krishna BR 9788184488487
Dentogist 4th Year BDS Question Bank (NTRUHS, Andhra Pradesh) 1/e Gopala Krishna BR 9788184488456
Dentogist 4th Year BDS Question Bank (RGUHS, Karnataka) 1/e Gopala Krishna BR 9788184488494
A Practical Guide on Physiotherapy Assessment for Physiotherapy Students 1/e Gopal Nambi S 9789352700646
Comprehensive Textbook of Medical Physiology (2 Volumes) 2/e Gopal Krushna Pal,Pravati Pal,Nivedita Nanda 9789389188011
Clinical Pediatrics Respiratory Disorders 1/e Gopakumar H, Reeshma Gopakumar 9788184482959
Pathology QBank Access Online on Gobind Rai Garg, Sparsh Gupta 978935270915Q
Pharmacology QBank Access Online on Gobind Rai Garg, Sparsh Gupta 978935270922Q
Review of Pathology and Genetics 12/e Gobind Rai Garg, Sparsh Gupta 9789389776829
Review of Pharmacology 14/e Gobind Rai Garg, Sparsh Gupta 9789389776836
Biostatistics 2/e GN Prabhakara 9788180616594
Policies and Programmes of Health in india 1/e GN Prabhakara 9788180614200
Short Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine 2/e GN Prabhakara 9789380704104
Synopsis Dissertation and Research to PG Students 2/e GN Prabhakara 9789352501588
Textbook of Community Health for Health Inspectors 1/e GN Prabhakara 9788184486445
Cardiac Imaging Update 2017 1/e GN Mahapatra, PC Manoria, Diwakar Jain 9789386322937
Arrhythmias 101 1/e Glenn N Levine 9789350904992
Color Atlas of Cardiovascular Disease 1/e Glenn N Levine 9789351522447
Illustrated Guide to Cardiovascular Disease 1/e Glenn N Levine 9789351528449
Histology : A Colour Atlas with CD-ROM 1/e Glaucia M Machado-Santelli 9788180613784
Physiotherapy in Neuroconditions 1/e Glady Samuel Raj 9788180616310
Nursing Drug Dosages and their Calculations 1/e GL Chattri 9789386261076
Pediatric Drug Doses 3/e GL Chattri 9789352501373
Pharmacology for Nurses 1/e GK Sudhakar 9788184489149
Practical Physiotherapy Prescriber 1/e Gitesh Amrohit 9789350259863
The Pocketbook of Chest Physiotherapy 1/e Gitesh Amrohit 9788184487879
Practical Guide to Infertility 1/e Gita Ganguly Mukherjee,Gautam Khastgir, Sudip Basu 9789352704828
Medicolegal Aspects in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (FOGSI) 2/e Gita Ganguly Mukherjee, Narendra Malhotra 9788184483215
Preterm Labor 1/e Gita Ganguly Mukherjee, Kamal Buckshee 9788171795772
Practical Guide in Assisted Reproductive Technology 1/e Gita Ganguly Mukherjee, Gautam Khastgir, Siddhartha Chatterjee 9789352704835
Practical Guide in Andrology and Embryology 1/e Gita Ganguly Mukherjee, Gautam Khastgir, Ratna Chattopadhyay 9789352704859
Practical Guide in Reproductive Surgery 1/e Gita Ganguly Mukherjee, Gautam Khastgir, Bhaskar Pal 9789352704842
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome: An Update(FOGSI) 1/e Gita Ganguly Mukherjee, BN Chakravarty 9788180619892
Current Obstetrics and Gynecolcoy(FOGSI) 1/e Gita Ganguly Mukherjee 9788180619960
Genital Tuberculosis 1/e Gita Ganguli Mukherjee, Satchidananda Tripathy, Sindhu Nandini Tripathy 9788184488760
IUI Intrauterine Insemination 1/e Gita Ganguli Mukherjee 9789350258866
Pectoralis Major Myocutaneous Flap in Head and Neck Reconstruction: A Color Atlas 1/e Girish N Amlani, Jatin N Mody, Mudit Mittal 9789351521679
Art and Science of Cleft Lip and Cleft Palate Repair 1/e Girish N Amlani 9789386150592
Practical Manual Of Hematology 1/e Girish Kamat 9789350252024
Handbook of Healthcare Quality & Patient Safety 2/e Girdhar J Gyani, Alexander Thomas 9789386150912
EFOST Surgical Techniques in Sports Medicine - Foot and Ankle Surgery 1/e Gian Luigi Canata,Lee Parker 9781909836341
Case Studies in Diabetic Foot 1/e Ghanshyam Goyal 9789351523734
Textbook of Community Health Nursing 1/e Georly George 9789351521914
Medical Law for the Dental Surgeons 1/e George Paul 9788180612428
Surrogacy: Medicolegal Issues 1/e Gehna Vaishnavi, Navneet Takkar 9789351529286
Illustrated Manual of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 1/e Geeti Vajdi Mitra 9788184485097
Textbook of Physiology for Nursing Students 2/e Geetha, N 9789389188752
Practical Biochemistry 2/e Geetha Damodaran K 9789351529941
Clinical Cases in ENT 1/e Geetha Chary 9789351527268
Airway Management 1/e Geetanjali S Verma 9789352701704
Nutritional Guidelines for Sportspersons 1/e Geetanjali Bhide,Subhadra Mandalika 9789352703456
Practical Gynaecological Endocrinology 1/e Geeta Pandya, Ashwini Bhalerao-Gandhi 9788180610929
Anatomy and Physiology for Paramedical Students 1/e GD Mogli 9789352706013
Electronic Nursing Records 1/e GD Mogli 9789385999123
Health Care Management Advisor 1/e GD Mogli 9789350902752
Health Records Paper To Paperless 1 GD Mogli 9789351524274
Hospital Patient Care Relationship Coordinator 1/e GD Mogli 9789352700684
Medical Records Organization and Management (Guide to Health Records, Software, Insurance and Legal Professionals) 2/e GD Mogli 9789385891823
Paramedics 6-in-1 Handbook 2/e GD Mogli 9789350902103
Patient Care Research 1/e GD Mogli 9789351522935
Emergencies in Otorhinolaryngology 1/e GC Sahoo 9789351521051
MCQs in ENT 1/e GC Sahoo 9788184482553
Handbook of Physiology with MCQs 1/e (Reprint) GC Agarwala, Rajesh Misra 9788171798162
MCQs in Physiology 1/e GC Agarwal 9788180610233
Textbook of Physiotherapy for Cardio-Respiratory Cardiac Surgery and Thoracic Surgery Conditions 1/e GB Madhuri 9788184483925
Textbook of Physiotherapy for Obstetrics and Gynecological Conditions 1/e GB Madhuri 9788180618130
Essentials of Oral Medicine 1/e Gautam Srivastava 9788184482126
Community Medicine Buster 2/e Gautam Sarker,Palash Das 9789389188745
Manual of Ovulation Induction and Ovarian Stimulation Protocols 3/e Gautam N Allahbadia, Rubina Merchant 9789350909584
Donor Egg IVF 1/e Gautam N Allahbadia 9788184480931
Embryo Transfer 1/e Gautam N Allahbadia 9788184480924
Gynecological Endoscopy and Infertility (with 2 CD-ROMs) 1/e Gautam N Allahbadia 9788180615061
Intrauterine Insemination 3/e Gautam N Allahbadia 9789350904039
Textbook of Minimal Stimulation IVF Milder, Mildest or Back to Nature 1/e Gautam N Allahbadia 9789350250143
Practical and Postmortem Record Book of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology 1/e Gautam Biswas 9789352501557
Recent Advances in Forensic Medicine and Toxicology (Volume 1) 1/e Gautam Biswas 9789351525585
Recent Advances in Forensic Medicine and Toxicology (Volume 2) 1/e Gautam Biswas 9789352701247
Review of Forensic Medicine and Toxicology (Including Clinical & Pathological Aspects) 4/e Gautam Biswas 9789352705535
Step by Step Temporal Bone Dissection 1/e Gauri S Belsare 9789351521303
Infections in Obstetrics and Gynecology 1/e (Reprint) Gauri Gandhi, Sumita Mehta, Swaraj Batra 9788180616075
All India PG January 2005 1/e Gaurav Jindal, Manmeet Singh Saini, Vinay Guglany 9788180615115
Review of AIIMS Nov 2018 1/e Gaurav Gupta, Ankesh Gupta 9789352709861
Medicine QBank Access Online on Gaurav Gupta 978935270920Q
Review of Medicine 1/e Gaurav Gupta 9789352709205
AIIMS-MAMC-PGI IMAGING SERIES Diagnostic Radiology: Genitourinary Imaging 4/e Garg Anju, Sandhu Manavjit Singh, Gupta Arun Kumar 9789389587364
Complications in Cosmetic Dermatology: Crafting Cures 1/e Ganesh S Pai 9789385891878
Genitourinary Tuberculosis 1/e Ganesh Gopalakrishnan, Sujata Patwardhan 9789389776683
Lasik Lasek the New Horizons in Quality of Vision 1/e Galeana 9789962613176
Medical Surgical Nursing 1/e G Vijayalakshmi Venkatesh 9788180618567
Diabetic Foot Surgical Principles and Practices 1/e G Sivakumar 9788184487398
Manual of Reconstructive Hand Surgery 1/e G Karthikeyan 9789350905128
Handbook of Dermatology 2/e G Ilangovan 9789350904541
Spinal Manual Therapy Made Easy (with DVD ROM) 1/e G Balaji 9789380704494
Interpretation of Chest X-ray: An Illustrated Companion 1/e G Balachandran 9789351521723
MRI Brain: Atlas and Text 1/e G Balachandran 9789352500222
MRI Spine in Low Backache Made Easy: for the General Practitioner 1/e G Balachandran 9789350257142
Radiology Interpretation Made Easy (with Photo CD ROM) 1/e G Balachandiran 9788180619755
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