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Title Edition Author ISBN
Textbook of Pediatrics (3 Vols) 1/e Udani 9788171795512
Lichen planus 1/e Uday Khopkar, Ameet Valia 9789350904572
Dermoscopy, Trichoscopy & Onychoscopy in Diseases of the Pigmented Skin (An Atlas and Short Text) 2/e Uday S Khopkar,Ankit H Bharti 9789389034011
Exam Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates Pharmacology 1/e Udaykumar, Padmaja 9789352709083
Laparoscopic Surgery in Developing Countries 1/e Udwadia 9788171794867
Going Green: A Manual of Waste Management for the Dental Practitioners 1/e Uma Raman, Vidyaa Hari Iyer 9788180619809
1500 MCQs Review of Radiology 1/e UN Panda 9788171796267
Bedside Clinics in Surgery, Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Ophthalmology, ENT 1/e UN Panda 9788171794188
Bedside Examination 1/e UN Panda 9788171794645
Concise Pocket Medical Dictionary 3/e UN Panda 9789351525806
Concise Pocket Midwifery Dictionary 3/e UN Panda 9789389188967
Essentials of Physiotherapy 1/e UN Panda 9788184480702
Jaypee’s English-Hindi Dictionary For Nurses 1/e UN Panda 9789351528708
Jaypee’s Nurses’ Dictionary for nurses and allied healthcare professionals 5/e UN Panda 9789388958950
MCQs in Medicine 3/e UN Panda 9788180613586
Pediatrics at a Glance 1/e UN Panda 9788180611308
Review of Anatomy 1/e (Reprint) UN Panda 9788171795017
Review of Forensic Medicine 1/e UN Panda 9788171795802
Review of Pathology 3/e UN Panda 9788180617089
Review of Pediatrics 1/e UN Panda 9788171795109
Review of Physiology 2/e UN Panda 9788171799091
Review Series: Short Notes and Short Cases in ENT 1/e UN Panda 9788180611285
Review Series: Short Notes and Short Cases in Gynaecology 1/e UN Panda 9788180611339
Review Series: Short Notes and Short Cases in Obstetrics 1/e UN Panda 9788180611322
Review Series: Short Notes and Short Cases in Ophthalmology 1/e UN Panda 9788180611292
Short Notes and Short Cases in Surgery 1/e UN Panda 9788180611315
Aids To Post Graduate Medicine 1/e UN Panda, L Chand 9788171791255
Lecture Notes in Clinical Medicine 1/e UN Panda, L Chand 9788171791439
Viva in Pediatrics 2/e (Reprint) UN Panda, LC Gupta 9788180618024
Review of Orthopeadics 1/e UN Panda, NK Pradhan 9788171796205
Essentials of Medicine 1/e UN Panda, PK Dash 9788171792368
Manual of Medical Therapeutics 2/e UN Panda, PK Dash 9788171798599
Medicine for Nurses 3/e UN Panda, PK Dash 9788184484793
Short Cases in Medicine 3/e UN Panda, PK Dash 9788171796229
Review of Surgery 3/e UN Panda, PK Sahoo 9788180615870
Review of Obstetrics and Gynaecology 1/e UN Panda, S Mohapatra 9788171794836
Review in Biochemistry 2/e UN Panda, TK Mohapatra 9788171798469
Advances in Diabetes Management: A Case Compendium 1/e Unnikrishnan AG, Sanjay Agarwal, Shailaja Kale, Mohan Magdum, R Kiwalkar, Suhas Erande, Anjali A Bhatt 9789351529033
Workbook for Practical Microbiology 2/e Upasana Bhumbla 9789352705627
Bedside Clinics in Orthopedics (Ward Rounds and Tables) 1/e Upendra Kumar 9789386150189
Manual of Practical Physiology 1/e US Zingade 9788184481471
Cytology and Colposcopy in Gynecological Practice 1/e Usha B Saraiya, Giovanni Miniello 9788184485844
Pregnancy at Risk (A Practical Approach to High Risk Pregnancy and Delivery) 5/e Usha Krishna, Duru Shah, Vinita Salvi, Nozer Sheriar, Kaizad R Damania 9788184489590
Diagnostic Procedures and Minor Surgical interventions in Obstetrics & Gynecology 1/e Usha Manaktala, Sangeeta Gupta, Swaraj Batra 9788184481631
Textbook of Medical and Surgical Nursing 1/e Usha Ravindran Nair 9788184485042
Frontiers in Obstetrics and Gynecology 2/e Usha Saraiya, DK Tank, MK Patel, Shyam Desai 9788171796403
Manual of Immunopathological Techniques 1/e Usha, Gyanendra Kumar Sonkar, Sangeeta Singh 9789351520849
Poisoning in Children 4/e Utpal Kant Singh, FC Layland, Rajniti Prasad, Shivani Singh 9789350257739
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