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Paniker’s Textbook of Medical Parasitology 8/e (Late) CK Jayaram Paniker, Revised and Edited by: Sougata Ghosh 9789352701865
Clinical Focus Series: Lesions of Sarcoidosis-A Problem Solving Approach 1/e (Late) Om P Sharma, Violeta Mihailovic-Vucinic 9789350904237
Textbook of Ear, Nose and Throat 2/e (Lt Col) BS Tuli 9789350257159
Key Clinical Topics in Sports and Exercise Medicine 1/e A Ali Narvani, Panos Thomas, Bruce Lynn 9781907816635
Medical Radiographic Technique and Dark Room Practices 1/e A Krishnamurthy 9788184480696
Pain: Managing the Unmanageable 1/e A Lal 9788180610363
Understanding Major Pains 1/e A Lal 9788180610356
Essentials of Clinical Haematology 1/e A Manoharan, S Sethuraman 9788180611599
Medicine Update (Volume 23, 2013) 1/e A Muruganathan 9789350903476
Adult Immunization 2/e A Muruganathan, Dilip Mathai, SK Sharma, Milind Y Nadkar, YP Munjal 9789351521907
Child Health Nursing Nursing Process Approach 1/e A Padmaja 9789351525462
Pediatric Nursing Procedure Manual 1/e A Padmaja 9789351523482
Textbook of Child Health Nursing 1/e A Padmaja 9789351529804
Atlas of Pediatric Infectious Diseases 1/e A Parthasarathy 9789350903780
IAP Color Atlas of Pediatrics (A Publication of Indian Academy of Pediatrics) 1/e A Parthasarathy 9789350257104
Partha's Fundamentals of Pediatrics 2/e A Parthasarathy 9789350903612
Selected Topics in Pediatrics for Practitioners 1/e A Parthasarathy 9788180612954
Practical Pediatric Digest 1/e A Parthasarathy, A Somasundaram, P Sudhakar 9789386150868
Handbook on Adolescent and Adult Immunization 1/e A Parthasarathy, Alok Gupta 9789351520955
Partha’s Immunization Digest 3/e A Parthasarathy, Alok Gupta 9789385891953
Case Scenarios in Pediatric and Adolescent Practice 1/e A Parthasarathy, Alok Gupta, Anupama Borker, Dhanya Dharmapalan 9789351520931
Partha’s Management Protocols in Pediatric and Adolescent Practice 1/e A Parthasarathy, Alok Gupta, Anupama S Borker, Dhanya Dharmapalan 9789385891922
Frequently Asked Questions in Pediatric and Adolescent Practice 1/e A Parthasarathy, Anupama S Borker, Alok Gupta, Dhanya Dharmapalan 9789351526834
IAP Management Algorithms for Common Pediatric Illnesses 1/e A Parthasarathy, MKC Nair, PSN Menon, Ritabrata Kundu, Alok Gupta, Dhanya Dharmapalan, Jaydeep Choudhury, Remesh Kumar, A Somasundaram, S Narmada Ashok 9789352501977
Clinical Ophthalmology Made Easy with Photo CD-ROM 1/e A Samuel Gnanadoss 9788184486117
Manual of Cornea 1/e A Samuel Gnanadoss 9788184481945
Ophthalmic Nursing 1/e A Samuel Gnanadoss 9789380704111
Essentials of Pediatric Nursing 1/e A Sudhakar 9789385999215
Practical Casebook: Child Health Nursing for GNM and Post Basic BSc Nursing Students 1/e A Sudhakar 9789385891151
Fluid, Electrolyte, Metabolic and Respiratory Acid-Base Management 1/e A Vimala 9789351521938
Viva in Anatomy (Vol I) 4/e (Reprint) A Yadav 9788171796984
Viva in Anatomy (Vol II) 4/e (Reprint) A Yadav 9788171797035
Ayurvediya Padartha Vigyan evam Ayurveda Itihas 1/e Aacharya Vedhya Tarachand Sharma 9789352702527
A Practical Guide to Objective Structured Practical Examination (OSPE) on Gross Anatomy For Medical and Dental Students 1/e Aaijaz Ahmed Khan, Asma Hassan 9789352500192
Short Textbook of Endodontics 1/e Aarti Daswani 9789352501212
Objective Structured Practical Examination in Physiology 1/e Aarti Sood Mahajan 9788184487862
Phacoemulsification Made Easy (with 2 CD-ROMs) 1/e Aasheet H Desai, Jack J Kanski 9788180615979
Introductory Psychology for Nursing and Allied Sciences 1/e AB Salgado 9788184489996
Ramadan and Diabetes Care 2/e Abdul H Zargar, Sanjay Kalra 9789386322265
Handbook of Psychodermatology 1/e Abdul Latheef EN, Smitha Prabhu S, Shrutakirthi D Shenoi 9789386056887
Exam Preparatory Manual for Nurses Community Health Nursing I 1/e Abha Narwal, Honey Gangadharan 9789352700639
MSc Nursing Entrance Exam Guide 2/e Abha Narwal, Honey Gangadharan 9789386107053
Key to Success Staff Nurses Recruitment Exam 5/e Abha Narwal,Honey Gangadharan 9789352702329
Infection Control in Healthcare Settings 1/e Abhay K Shah, Bhaskar Shenoy, Jaydeep Choudhury, S Sachidananda Kamath, Pravin J Mehta 9789385891724
Exodontia Practice 1/e Abhay N Datarkar 9788184480504
Trace Elements and Dental Caries 1/e Abhinav Singh 9789350251997
Gynaecology Theory for MRCOG 1/e Abhinibesh Chatterjee, Polly Chatterjee 9788180613524
Short Essays for MRCOG-Part II 1/e Abhinibesh Chatterjee, Polly Chatterjee 9788180619212
Pocket Tutor Otolaryngology 1/e Abir Bhattacharyya 9781907816116
JIPMER 20 Authors 1/e Abirami, J Magendran, Rajamahendran R, Antan Uresh Kumar T 9789352500543
Case History and Data Interpretation in Medical Practice 3/e ABM Abdullah 9789351523758
ECG in Medical Practice 4/e ABM Abdullah 9789351520061
Long Cases in Clinical Medicine 1/e ABM Abdullah 9789350905029
Practical Manual in Clinical Medicine 1/e ABM Abdullah 9789385999710
Recent Advances in Pediatrics (Special Volume 26: Infectious Diseases I) 1/e Academic Editor: Suraj Gupte, Executive Editors: Shamma-Bakshi Gupte, Manu Gupte 9789351529231
Gross Anatomy Work Book 2/e Achleshwar Gandotra 9788180616440
Clinical Atlas of Sperm Morphology (with Photo CD-ROM) 1/e Achyut M Phadke 9788180619434
Bedside Cardiology 1/e Achyut Sarkar 9789350259856
Environmental Hygiene for Nursing Students (As per INC Syllabus) 1/e Adarsh Pal Vig,Sonia Sharma,Sartaj Ahmad Bhat,Namita Khanna 9789352702930
Textbook on Keratoconus New Insights 1/e Adel Barbara 9789350254042
Atlas of Liposuction 1/e Adrien E Aiache, Melvin A Shiffman 9789350903452
Recent Advances in Histopathology: 24 1/e Adrienne M Flanagan 9781909836280
Essentials of Surgery 5/e Agarwal 9788171795963
Phako, Phakonit & Laser Phako a Quest for the Best 1/e Agarwal 9789962613107
Viva Voce in Surgery 4/e Agarwal 9788171796137
Soft Tissue and Bone Pathology: A Question and Answer Based Review 1/e Agedi Boto, Jose Costa 9789386056023
Community Medicine with Recent Advances 4/e AH Suryakantha 9789385999963
Basic of Biomechanics 1/e Ajay Bahl, Sharad Ranga, Rajnish Sharma 9788184487541
Sure Success in BDS IIIrd Year 1/e Ajay Chouksey 9789350252192
Sure Success in BDS IV year (Volume-I) 1/e Ajay Chouksey, Ankita Parihar, Anand Patil 9789350257913
Clinic Consult: Childhood Diarrhea 1/e Ajay Kalra, Vipin M Vashishtha 9789351521228
A Practical Guide to Surgical Instruments, X-rays and Operative Interventions 1/e Ajay Kumar Agrawal,Neelabh Agrawal,Sneha Agrawal 9789352703678
Basics of Computer Vision Syndrome 1/e Ajay Kumar Bhootra 9789351524137
Clinical Refraction Guide 1/e Ajay Kumar Bhootra 9789351520634
Contact Lens Fitting Guide 1/e Ajay Kumar Bhootra 9789350909744
Dispensing Optics 1/e Ajay Kumar Bhootra 9789352500130
Low Vision Aids Practice 2/e Ajay Kumar Bhootra 9788184480436
Ophthalmic Lenses 1/e Ajay Kumar Bhootra 9788184486049
Optician’s Guide: A Manual for Opticians (3rd Edition) 3/e Ajay Kumar Bhootra 9789351528241
Elite Sports and Vision 1/e Ajay Kumar Bhootra, Sumitra 9788184483567
Anatomy and Physiology for Paramedics and Nurses 2/e Ajay Kumar Singh 9789351528463
Medicine MCQs for Medical Professionals 4/e Ajay Mathur 9789386261502
Changing Paradigm in Breast Cancer Management 1/e Ajay Mehta 9789350250495
Application of Nursing Theories 1/e Ajesh Kumar TK, Soumya Chandran 9789386150639
Practical Management of Diabetes 1/e Ajit B Kumthekar 9788184489781
A practical Operative Guide for Total Knee and Hip Replacement 2/e Ajit Kumar Mehta 9789351524823
Step by Step High Tibial Osteotomy by Hemicallotasis 1/e Ajit Kumar Mehta 9789350256466
Tips and Tricks in Orthopedic Surgery 1/e Ajit N Damle 9789351524847
Anorectal Surgery Made Easy 1/e Ajit Naniksingh Kukreja 9789350257197
A Practical Approach to Robotic Surgery (Includes Interactive DVD-ROM) 1/e Ajit Saxena 9789386261267
Clinical Medicine 1/e AK Agarwal 9788180619281
Emergency Medicine 1/e AK Agarwal 9788180615580
Essentials of Prosthetics and Orthotics with MCQs and Disability Assessment Guidelines 1/e AK Agarwal 9789350904374
Medicine Update 2009 (2 Vols) 1/e AK Agarwal 9788184485790
Dermatology, Leprosy & Sexually Transmitted Infections 2/e AK Bajaj, Rajeev Sharma, Sandipan Dhar 9788184485073
Drug Handbook in Obstetrics & Drug Handbook in Gynaecology (Combo) 3/e AK Debdas 9789351527466
Obstetrics Drug Handbook 2/e AK Debdas 9788180617294
Practical Cardiotocography 3/e AK Debdas 9789350903568
Practical Obstetrics 1/e AK Debdas 9788180610066
Step by Step Visual Field Examination (with CD-ROM)  1/e AK Gupta, Reena M Choudhry, Charu Tandon 9788184480771
Practical Approach to Ophthalmoscopic Retinal Diagnosis 1/e AK Gupta, Shahana Mazumdar, Saurabh Choudhry 9788184488777
Handbook of Clinical Trials in Ophthalmology 1/e AK Gupta, Vinod Kumar Aggarwal, Neha Goel 9789350907740
Handbook of Forensic Analytical Toxicology 1/e AK Jaiswal, Tabin Millo 9789351522249
Illustrated Medical Pharmacology 1/e AK Kapoor, SM Raju 9789350906552
Manual of Vascular Surgery 1/e AK Khanna, Puneet 9788184489279
Comprehensive Ophthalmology 6/e AK Khurana, Aruj K Khurana, Bhawna Khurana 9789351526575
Textbook of Traumatic Brain Injury 1/e AK Mahapatra 9789380704760
Recent Advances in Internal Medicine 1 1/e AK Mandal JPB1000000375
Frontiers in Social Pediatrics 2/e AK Patwari, HPS Sachdev 9789385891663
Anatomy and Physiology for Paramedicals 1/e AK Singh 9788184482577
Principles and practice of therapeutic massage 2/e Akhoury Gaurang Sinha 9788184488319
Orthoses, Prostheses and Assistive Devices for Physiotherapists 1/e Akhoury Gourang Sinha 9789350258989
Presbyopia Therapies and Further Prospects 1/e Alain-Nicolas Gilg 9789351524984
Clinics in Neurology 1/e Alaka Deshpande 9789351522171
Pregnancy Medicine 1/e Alaka K Deshpande 9789351524687
Newer Trends in Management of Nursing Services and Education 1/e Alamelu Venketaraman 9789386261595
Cardiac Biomarkers: Expert Advice for Clinicians 1/e Alan S Maisel 9789350255643
Algorithms in Heart Failure 1/e Alan S Maisel, Gerasimos S Filippatos 9789385999642
Heart Failure: The Expert’s Approach 1/e Alan S Maisel, Gerasimos S Filippatos 9789350909492
FRCS General Surgery 1/e Alasdair Wilson,Wendy Craig,Lynn Stevenson 9781907816383
FRCS General Surgery Section 1: 500 SBAs and EMIs, Second Edition 2/e Alasdair Wilson,Wendy Craig,Lynn Stevenson,Edited by: Julie Brittenden,David Smith 9781909836693
New Frontiers in Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery 1/e Alberto Di Giuseppe, Melvin A Shiffman 9789351527763
Jaypee’s Video Atlas of Phaco Instruction Course on DVD 1/e Albrecht Hennig, Sanjay Kumar Singh, Lila Raj Puri 9789351521983
Understanding Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo 1/e Alessandro De Stefano, Francesco Dispenza 9789385999055
A Practical Guide to Setting Up an IVF Lab, Embryo Culture Systems and Running the Unit 1/e Alex C Varghese, Peter Sjoblom, K Jayaprakasan 9789350905166
Sinonasal Tumors 1/e Alexander G Chiu 9789350252826
Surgical Atlas of Spinal Operations 1/e Alexander R Vaccaro, Jason C Eck 9789350903261
Recent Advances in Spinal Surgery 1/e Alexander R Vaccaro, John D Koerner, Daniel H Kim 9789351524915
Pterygium: A Practical Guide to Management 1/e Alfred L Anduze 9788184487251
Controversies in Obstetrics, Gynaecology and Infertility 1/e Alka Kriplani, Roza Rozati 9788180617041
Screening in Obstetrics and Gynecology: Management of Abnormality 1/e Alka Pandey, Navneet Magon 9789351527350
Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series Living Surface Anatomy 1/e Alka Patankar 9788184487350
Basic Science of Spinal Diseases 1/e Alok D Sharan, Simon Y Tang, Alexander R Vaccaro 9789350904695
A Practical Guide to Third Trimester of Pregnancy and Puerperium 1/e Alok Sharma 9789385891298
Essentials of Management of Pregnancy in HIV-infected Women 1/e Alok Vashishtha 9788184483154
Application of Nursing Process & Nursing Diagnosis 1/e AM Rajinikanth 9788184487626
Essential Communication in Nursing 1/e AM Rajinikanth 9788180617805
Spirituality in Nursing 1/e AM Rajinikanth 9788180617973
Manual Handling for Nurses 1/e AM Rajnikanth 9788184488159
Textbook of Systemic Vasculitis 1/e Aman Sharma 9789351526520
Publish and Flourish: A Practical Guide for Effective Scientific Writing 1/e Amar A Sholapurkar 9789350253465
Diagnostic and Imaging Techniques in Ophthalmology 1/e Amar Agarwal 9789962678076
Dr Agarwals’ Textbook on Corneal Topography Including Pentacam and Anterior Segment OCT 3/e Amar Agarwal 9789351527855
Glued IOL: Glued Intrascleral Haptic Fixation of a PC IOL 1/e Amar Agarwal 9789350259962
Manual of Neuro-ophthalmology 2/e Amar Agarwal 9789351527824
Phacoemulsification 4/e Amar Agarwal 9789350254837
Pre-Descemet’s Endothelial Keratoplasty (PDEK) Includes Interactive DVD-ROM 1/e Amar Agarwal 9789352703036
Dr Agarwal's Textbook on Corneal Topography 2/e Amar Agarwal, Athiya Agarwal, Soosan Jacob 9788184488616
Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series Corneal Topography (with Photo CD-ROM) 1/e Amar Agarwal, Athiya Agarwal, Soosan Jacob 9788184486131
Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series LASIK with DVD-ROM 1/e Amar Agarwal, Athiya Agarwal, Soosan Jacob 9788184485295
Refractive Surgery 2/e Amar Agarwal, Athiya Agarwal, Susan Jacob 9788184484120
Objectively Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) in Ophthalmology  2/e Amar Agarwal, Dimple Prakash, Athiya Agarwal 9788184486124
Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series: Phacoemulsification (with DVD) 2/e Amar Agarwal, Priya Narang 9789351527848
Management of Phaco Complications Newer Techniques 1/e Amar Agarwal, Priya Narang 9789351521518
Step by Step Phacoemulsification (with DVD-ROM) 3/e Amar Agarwal, Priya Narang 9789351527831
Practical Aspects of Pediatrics and Neonatology for Nurses 1/e Amar Taksande 9789351521419
Student's Guide for Dental PG Entrance Examination 1/e Amarjeet Gambhir 9788184485448
Handbook of Obstetrics and Gynecology for Asia and Oceania 1/e Amarnath Bhide, Hema Divakar, Sabaratnam Arulkumaran 9789352500253
A Textbook of Obstetrics for Nurses and Midwives(Pregnancy and Child) 1/e Amarnath G Bhide, Ameel S Patki, Jesse M Levi 9788171797738
Sankara Nethralaya Atlas of Imaging in Ophthalmology 1/e Ambika Selvakumar, Veena Noronha, Padmaja Minakshi Sundaram 9788184489002
Insulin Therapy: Current Concepts 1/e Ambrish Mithal, Ganesh Jevalikar, Pankaj Shah 9789351520023
Ramamurthy's Decision Making in Pain Management: An Algorithmic Approach 3/e Ameet Nagpal,Miles Day,Maxim S Eckmann,Brian T Boies,Larry C Driver 9789386261458
Recent Advances in Endocrinology and Diabetes - 1 1/e Amir H Sam,Saira Hameed 9781909836525
Rejuvenation of the Aging Face 1/e Amir M. Karam,Mitchel P. Goldman 9781907816796
Atlas of Thyroid Disorders and Thyroid Surgery 1/e Amit Agarwal 9789350903988
Endocrine Surgery Made Easy (with Photo CD-ROM) 1/e Amit Agarwal 9788184484946
Oncology Review for PG Medical Entrance Examination 1/e Amit Bahl, DN Sharma, GK Rath 9788180619885
Understanding Parkinsonism: The Clinical Perspective 1/e Amit Batla, Deepti Vibha 9789386322333
Prenatal Diagnosis and Therapy 1/e Amit Chakravarty 9788171795765
Neuroscience EEG Atlas 1/e Amitabh Nundy 9789352500208
Manual of Standard Drugs and Evidence-based Approach to Obstetrics and Gynecology 1/e Amitava Pal, Rupali Modak 9789351527473
Practical Manual of Gynecology 2/e Amitava Pal, Rupali Modak 9789386150936
Practical Manual of Obstetrics 2/e Amitava Pal, Rupali Modak 9789386150929
Atlas of Pediatric Radiology 1/e Ammar Haouimi 9788184483840
Neuroradiology for FRCR and MRCP 1/e Ammar Haouimi 9788180610202
Pediatric Radiology 1/e Ammar Haouimi 9788184485332
Radiology for FRCR and MRCP 1/e Ammar Haouimi 9788171798810
Uveitis: Text and Imaging 1/e Amod Gupta, Vishali Gupta, Carl P Harbort, Moncef Khairallah 9788184484915
Fundus Fluorescein and Indocyanine Green Angiography (with Photo CD-ROM)  1/e Amresh Chopdar 9788180619649
Multimodal Retinal Imaging 1/e Amresh Chopdar, Tin Aung 9781907816604
Manipulative Physiotherapy Assessment, Treatment and Improvisation 1/e Amrit Biswas 9789352501267
Sure Success in WBPGMEE (2011, 2012 and 2014) 1/e Amritendu Das, Saswata Datta 9789351526032
Sure Success in WBPGMEE (2015) 1/e Amritendu Das, Saswata Datta, Edited by: Sandeep Jain, Saptaporni Maiti 9789351529378
Diagnostic Radiology and Imaging for Technicians 1/e AN Shastri 9788184482140
Essentials of Psychology for Nurses 1/e AN Venkatesh Reddy 9788184484489
Current Concepts of Otitis Media and Recent Management Strategies 1/e Anand Job, L Paul Emerson 9789351524533
Dentogist: MCQs in Dentistry—Basic Sciences (With Explanatory Answers) 7/e Anand Mohatta 9789386150424
Dentogist: MCQs in Dentistry—Clinical Sciences (With Explanatory Answers) 7/e Anand Mohatta 9789386150530
Algorithms in Pediatrics 1/e Anand S Vasudev, Nitin K Shah 9789351521600
Materials in Restorative Dentistry 1/e Anand Sherwood 9788184487916
ECG for Beginners 1/e Anandaraja Subramanian, Raja J Selvaraj 9789351526605
Biotechnology Foundation Courses 1/e Ananth R Rao 9788180619984
Biomedical Waste Disposal 1/e Anantpreet Singh 9789350255544
Tips and Tricks for Plab-1 1/e Anbin R Inian 9788180615450
Eureka: Biochemistry & Metabolism 1/e Andrew Davison,Suzannah Phillips,Anna Milan,Lakshminarayan Ranganath 9781907816833
Medical Emergencies for Examinations 1/e Aneil Maaney 9788180614439
Pediatric Osteoarticular Infections 1/e Anil Agarwal, Aditya N Aggarwal 9789350902899
Immunology 1/e Anil Dasgupta 9788184480660
Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series Oral Medicine 1/e Anil Ghom 9788184483468
Textbook of Oral Medicine 3/e Anil Govindrao Ghom, Savita Anil Ghom 9789351523031
Textbook of Oral Pathology 2/e Anil Govindrao Ghom, Shubhangi Mhaske (Jedhe) 9789350901717
Infertility: Diagnosis, Management and IVF 1/e Anil K Dubey 9789350257807
Neglected Musculoskeletal Injuries 1/e Anil K Jain, Sudhir Kumar 9788184488890
Recent Advances in Otolaryngology: Head and Neck Surgery 1/e Anil K Lalwani 9789350257906
Recent Advances in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery (Vol. 2) 1/e Anil K Lalwani, Markus HF Pfister 9789350903834
Recent Advances in Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery (Vol. 3) 1/e Anil K Lalwani, Markus HF Pfister 9789351521457
Recent Advances in Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery (Vol. 5) 1/e Anil K Lalwani, Markus HF Pfister 9789351529408
Recent Advances in Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery (Vol. 6) 1/e Anil K Lalwani, Markus HF Pfister 9789386322128
Recent Advances in Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery (Volume 4) 1/e Anil K Lalwani, Markus HF Pfister 9789351525349
Textbook of Nephrology 3/e Anil K Mandal 9789350905326
Essentials of Medicine for Dental Students 3/e Anil K Tripathi, Kamal K Sawlani 9789386261748
Challenges in Otorhinolaryngology 1/e Anil Malhotra, Milind Kirtane 9788180614019
Clinical Management of Breastfeeding 1/e Anil Mokashi, Santosh Nimbalkar 9789350903490
Clinical Ophthalmololgy Made Easy 2/e Anina Abraham 9789350905180
Essentials of Pediatric Cardiology 2/e Anita Khalil 9788184489934
Use of Progestogens in Clinical Practice of Obstetrics and Gynecology 1/e Anita MV, Sandhya Jain, Neerja Goel 9789352702183
Ocular Infections 1/e Anita Panda 9788184480887
Illustrative Practice Manual of Surface and Radiological Anatomy 1/e Anita Tuli, Shashi Raheja, Sneh Agarwal 9789385999154
Current Concepts in Contraception and Women's Health 1/e Anjali Tempe, Leena Wadhwa, Swaraj Batra 9788184484373
Medical Audit 2/e Anjan Prakash 9789350253540
Textbook of Human Nutrition 1/e Anjana Agarwal, Shobha A Udipi 9789350906248
Diplomate National Board (Question Paper Dec-2007 and June-2008) 1/e Anju Singh 9788184486728
Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry Made Easy for Nurses 1/e Anjula Vij 9789351526223
Exam Preparatory Manual in Anatomy, Physiology & Biochemistry for Homeopathy Students 1/e Anjula Vij 9789386261243
Viva in Anatomy, Physiology and Biochemistry 2/e Anjula Vij 9789351525998
Common Mnemonics for MBBS Final Year 1/e Ankit Gupta 9788184489699
Brain Imaging: Case Review Series 1/e Ankur Arora 9789350253892
A Comprehensive Textbook of Midwifery and Gynecological Nursing 4/e Annamma Jacob 9789351526384
Manual of Midwifery and Gynecological Nursing 3/e Annamma Jacob 9789386261618
Maternal and Neonatal Nursing Care Plans 1/e Annamma Jacob 9788184486872
Midwifery Casebook: A Practical Record of Maternal and Newborn Nursing for BSc Nursing Students 6/e Annamma Jacob, Edited by: N Christina Jonathan 9789386322715
Clinical Nursing Procedures: The Art of Nursing Practice 3/e Annamma Jacob, Rekha R, Jadhav Sonali Tarachand 9789351525332
Synopsis of Pathology 1/e Anoop N 9789350904756
Pediatric Secrets 1/e Anoop Verma 9789350257753
Spotters in Pediatrics 1/e Anoop Verma 9788184482492
IAP Textbook of Pediatric Neurology (With Interactive DVD) 1/e Anoop Verma, PAM Kunju, Sujata Kanhere, Nitin Maheshwari 9789351521426
Essentials of Anesthesia & Critical Care 1/e Anshul Jain 9789350903506
All India PG 20 Authors for All India PG Entrance Examination (Volume 1) 1/e Antan Uresh Kumar T, Rajamahendran R 9789385999192
COMPASS (To Direct First Years): The Complete First Year MBBS Practical Manual 1/e Anto Jose 9789351526704
Orofacial Development, Structure and Pathology: A Quick Appraisal 1/e Anubha Gulati 9789350256374
Radical English for Nursing 2/e Anujeet 9789351528555
AC’s Introduction to Clinical Medicine (For MBBS I and II) 1/e Anup Chalise 9789352500314
A Handbook on Practical Approach to Panchakarma (Poorvakarma) 2/e Anup Jain 9789352702534
Advances in Pediatrics (Two Volume Set) 2/e Anupam Sachdeva 9789350257777
Hemoglobinopathies 1/e Anupam Sachdeva 9788180616693
Practical Pediatric Hematology 2/e Anupam Sachdeva 9789350259214
Handbook on Falciparum Malaria 1/e Anupam Sachdeva, Nita Radhakrishnan, Manas Kalra 9789351523079
Textbook of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Nutrition 1/e Anupam Sibal, Sarath Gopalan, Akshay Kapoor, Vidyut Bhatia 9789351527404
Textbook of Gynecology for Nurses 1/e Anupama Tamrakar 9789350908617
ESO's Optometry Question Bank  1/e Anuradha N 9789350257661
Practical Pediatric Endocrinology 1/e Anurag Bajpai, Jyoti Sharma, PSM Menon 9788180610110
Dr. Malhotra’s Series Step by Step Defence of Doctors (with CD-ROM) 1/e Anurag Gupta, Nidhi Gupta 9788180616860
Review Series for AIPG Dental Examination 1/e Anurag Jain 9788180610295
FMGE Ophthalmology 1/e Anurag Narula 9789350257579
Manual of Local Anesthesia in Dentistry 3/e AP Chitre 9789352501984
Retinoblastoma 1/e Aparna Ramasubramanian 9789350257845
Clinico-Radiological Atlas of Orbital Disorders 1/e Apjit Kaur Chhabra 9789350251911
Essentials of Medical Microbiology 1/e Apurba Sankar Sastry, Sandhya Bhat K 9789351529873
Essentials of Medical Parasitology 1/e Apurba Sankar Sastry, Sandhya Bhat K 9789351523291
Essentials of Practical Microbiology 1/e Apurba Sankar Sastry,Sandhya Bhat K 9789352701858
Review of Microbiology and Immunology (with Free Interactive CD-ROM) 7/e Apurba Sankar Sastry,Sandhya Bhat K 9789352704101
MOM Mehra’s Orthopedics for MCI 1/e Apurv Mehra 9789351526056
Orthopedics Quick Review 6/e Apurv Mehra 9789352704118
Medical Biochemistry 1/e AR Aroor 9788184487282
Principles and Practice of Pedodontics 3/e Arathi Rao 9789350258910
Essentials of Orthodontics 1/e Aravind Sivaraj 9789350903292
Veterinarians Drug Index 1/e Aravindan Vallachira 9788180614583
Veterinary Materia Medica 1/e Aravindan Vallachira 9788171795390
Veterinary Pharmacology 1/e Aravindan Vallachira, Usha PTA 9789351523574
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Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations 1/e Arif Raza 9789386056849
Donald School Textbook of Interventional Ultrasound 1/e Aris J Antsaklis, Juan M Troyano 9788184482980
Anatomy, Physiology and Microbiology 1/e Arjita Sengar 9789351525028
Community Health Nursing I (In Hindi) 1/e Arjita Sengar 9789351525035
Community Health Nursing II (In Hindi) 1/e Arjita Sengar 9789351525042
Fundamental of Nursing (In Hindi) 1/e Arjita Sengar 9789351525110
Medical Surgical Nursing I (In Hindi) 1/e Arjita Sengar 9789351525059
Medical Surgical Nursing II (In Hindi) 1/e Arjita Sengar 9789351525066
Mental Health and Psychiatric Nursing (In Hindi) 1/e Arjita Sengar 9789351525073
Obstetric and Gynecological Nursing (In Hindi) 1/e Arjita Sengar 9789351525080
Pediatric Nursing (In Hindi) 1/e Arjita Sengar 9789351525103
Psychology and Sociology (In Hindi) 1/e Arjita Sengar 9789351525097
Emergency Medicine 2/e Arjun Mehta, Catherine Culley 9789352500178
Surgery and Orthopedics Buster: A Solution of WBHU Papers for Final MBBS Examination 1/e Arkaprovo Roy 9789385891120
Comparative Pharmacology for Anaesthetist 1/e Armeen Ahmed, Vipin Dhama, Nitin Garg 9788184484069
Color Atlas of Oculoplastic & Orbital Disorders (with interactive DVD-ROM) 1/e Arnab Biswas 9788184484601
Ptosis Surgery 1/e Arnab Biswas 9788184489637
World Clinics in Ophthalmology: Recent Trends in Cataract Management: Volume-1 1/e Arnaldo Espaillat Matos, Amar Agarwal, Richard Lindstrom 9789350903186
World Clinics in Ophthalmology: Recent Trends in Cataract Management: Volume-2 1/e Arnaldo Espaillat Matos, Amar Agarwal, Richard Lindstrom 9789350903193
MCQs in Biochemistry for Medical Students 1/e Arti S Pandey 9789386150455
Biochemistry Laboratory Manual for MBBS ( I and II) 1/e Arti S Pandey, Arun Pandey, Naveen K Shreevastava, Durga P Neupane 9789351526513
Step by Step Biaxial Lens surgery 1/e Arturo Perez-Arteaga 9788184482218
The Science and Art Microincision Cataract Surgery (BIMICS & COMICS) 1/e Arturo Perez-Arteaga 9789350259191
Severe Acute Maternal Morbidity 1/e Arulmozhi Ramarajan 9789350254820
Handbook of Operation Theatre Techniques 1/e Arun B Kilpadi 9788180613203
Short Notes in Surgery for Undergraduate Students 1/e Arun B Kilpadi 9788180612435
Mahajan’s Methods in Biostatistics For Medical Students and Research Workers 8/e Arun Bhadra Khanal 9789351529095
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Textbook of Pediatric Dermatology 2/e Arun C Inamadar, Aparna Palit, S Ragunatha 9789351520832
Asthma Care and Management Guidelines for Doctors 1/e Arun Gupta 9788171798155
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Diagnostic Radiology Pediatric Imaging 3/e Arun Kumar Gupta 9789350252055
Diagnostic Radiology Genitourinary Imaging 3/e Arun Kumar Gupta, Niranjan Khandelwal, Veena Chowdhury 9788184486827
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Diagnostic Radiology: Gastrointestinal and Hepatobiliary Imaging 4/e Arun Kumar Gupta, Veena Chowdhury, Niranjan Khandelwal, Deep Narayan Srivastava, Raju Sharma 9789386261977
Clinical Anaesthesia 1/e Arun Kumar Paul 9788180616884
Critical Care Defined Dictionary 1/e Arun Kumar Paul 9789351522928
Essentials of Anaesthesiology 7/e Arun Kumar Paul 9788180617003
Fundamentals of Pediatric Anesthesia 3/e Arun Kumar Paul 9789352500413
Manual of Anaesthesia 1/e Arun Kumar Paul 9788184485325
Step by Step Critical Care 2/e Arun Kumar Paul 9789351525400
Step by Step Obstetric Anaesthesia and Analgesia (with CD-ROM) 1/e Arun Kumar Paul 9788184483062
Step by Step Practical Aspects of Emergency Anesthesia 2/e Arun Kumar Paul 9789351526292
Step by Step Regional Anaesthesia 2/e Arun Kumar Paul 9789351520771
Step by Step Radiation Therapy: Treatment and Planning 1/e Arun Kumar Rathi 9789352501243
Progress in Obstetrics and Gynecology—3 1/e Arun Nagrath 9789350257791
Practical Management of Labour 1/e Arun Nagrath, Manjula Singh 9788180610752
Single Surgical Procedures in Obstetrics and Gynaecology-01: Vulva-A Colour Atlas of Surgeries of the Vulva 1/e Arun Nagrath, Narendra Malhotra 9789350255872
Single Surgical Procedures in Obstetrics and Gynaecology-04: Vagina-A Colour Atlas of Perineal Tear 1/e Arun Nagrath, Narendra Malhotra 9789350255742
Single Surgical Procedures in Obstetrics and Gynaecology-15: A Colour Atlas of Cervicopexy (Purandare's) 1/e Arun Nagrath, Narendra Malhotra 9789350257623
Single Surgical Procedures in Obstetrics and Gynaecology-16: A Colour Atlas of Supravaginal Cervical Amputation (Nadkarni's) 1/e Arun Nagrath, Narendra Malhotra 9789350257630
Single Surgical Procedures in Obstetrics and Gynaecology-31: Congenital Anomalies-A Colour Atlas of Longitudinal and Transverse Vaginal Septum 1/e Arun Nagrath, Narendra Malhotra 9789350900802
Single Surgical Procedures in Obstetrics and Gynaecology–02: VULVA-A Colour Atlas of Operations on the Vulva 1/e Arun Nagrath, Narendra Malhotra 9789350904671
Single Surgical Procedures in Obstetrics and Gynaecology–07: Cervix-A Colour Atlas of Operations on the Uterine Cervix 1/e Arun Nagrath, Narendra Malhotra 9789350904886
Single Surgical Procedures in Obstetrics and Gynaecology–12: A Colour Atlas of Ward Mayo's Hysterectomy 1/e Arun Nagrath, Narendra Malhotra 9789350256398
Single Surgical Procedures in Obstetrics and Gynaecology–14: A Colour Atlas of Caesarean Section 1/e Arun Nagrath, Narendra Malhotra 9789350256381
Single Surgical Procedures in Obstetrics and Gynaecology–20: A Colour Atlas of Surgery for Vault Prolapse 1/e Arun Nagrath, Narendra Malhotra 9789350257920
Single Surgical Procedures in Obstetrics and Gynaecology–27: A Colour Atlas of Abdominal Incisions 1/e Arun Nagrath, Narendra Malhotra 9789350256404
Single Surgical Procedures in Obstetrics and Gynaecology–33: Vaginoplasty - A Colour Atlas of Ileal Neovagina 1/e Arun Nagrath, Narendra Malhotra 9789350902912
Single Surgical Procedures in Obstetrics and Gynaecology–34: Fistula Operations-A Colour Atlas of Rectovaginal and Vesicovaginal Fistula 1/e Arun Nagrath, Narendra Malhotra 9789350902929
A Passage Through Abortion 1/e Arun Nagrath, Narendra Malhotra, Manjula Singh 9788171798803
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Progress in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (Vol 2) 1/e Arun Nagrath, Narendra Malhotra, Manjula Singh 9788180612770
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Single Surgical Procedures in Obstetrics and Gynaecology–17: A Colour Atlas of Manchester's Operation 1/e Arun Nagrath, Narendra Malhotra, Soniya Vishwakarma 9789351526117
Dental Material Science: Exam Preparatory Manual for Undergraduates 1/e Aruna Jawaharlal Bhandari, Akshay Jawaharlal Bhandari 9789352501168
Cataract Surgery in Diseased Eyes 1/e Arup Chakrabarti 9789351520924
Pearls in Medicine for Students 2/e Arup Kumar Kundu 9789385891588
Bedside Clinics in Gynecology 1/e Arup Kumar Majhi 9789352703210
Emerging Techniques in Spine Surgery 1/e Arvind Bhave 9788184486964
Modern Techniques in Spine Surgery 1/e Arvind Bhave 9789351525301
Comprehensive Practical and Viva in Biochemistry 1/e Arvind S Yadav 9788180612107
MCQs and Problem Oriented Question in Biochemistry 1/e Arvind S Yadav, M Audisesha Reddy, Vinayak V Aghav 9788171798872
Challenges in Neonatal: A Compendium of Management Protocols 1/e Arvind Saili 9788171794881
Basics in Pharmacology for Dental Students 1/e Arvind Singh Panwar 9789380704302
Vertebroplasty Made Easy with DVD-ROM 1/e Arvind V Bhave 9788184484045
MCQs and SAQs in Microbiology 1/e Asha Pichare, Sharad R Deshmukh, S Yella Rao 9788180612015
Pediatric Epilepsy Syndromes: Seizures, Syndromes, Approach and Management 1/e Ashalatha Radhakrishnan 9789386322319
Status Epilepticus: Practical Guidelines in Management 1/e Ashalatha Radhakrishnan 9789386322999
Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series Forensic Medicine (with Photo CD-ROM) 1/e Ashesh Gunwantrao Wankhede 9788184482089
DNB Quick Review For Primary and Post Diploma 2/e Ashfaq UI Hassan 9789351523871
USMLE Step 1 Platinum Notes: The Complete Preparatory Guide 2/e Ashfaq UI Hassan 9789352501717
USMLE Step 2 CK Platinum Notes: The Complete Preparatory Guide 2/e Ashfaq UI Hassan 9789352501724
A Complete Guide to DNB - CET (2011 - 2000): Fully explanatory with references from latest edition 1/e Ashfaq Ul Hassan 9789350908341
Platinum Notes USMLE STEP-2: The Complete Preparatory Guide 1/e Ashfaq Ul Hassan 9789350903421
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Platinum Notes: Medical Sciences (2015–16) (Volume 2) 5/e Ashfaq Ul Hassan 9789386056634
Platinum Notes: Preclinical Sciences (2014-15) (Volume – 1) 4/e, Vol-1 Ashfaq Ul Hassan 9789351523260
Platinum Notes: Preclinical Sciences (2015–16) (Volume 1) 5/e Ashfaq Ul Hassan 9789386056627
Platinum Notes: Surgical Sciences (2014–15) (Volume–3) 4/e, Vol-3 Ashfaq Ul Hassan 9789351523284
Platinum Notes: Surgical Sciences (2015–16) (Volume 3) 5/e Ashfaq Ul Hassan 9789386056641
Self Assessment & Review J & K Board of Professional Entrance Examinations (JKBOPEE) 2011-2005 1/e Ashfaq Ul Hassan 9789350257593
Self Assessment & Review J& K Board of Professional Entrance Examinations (JK BOPEE) 2012 1/e Ashfaq Ul Hassan 9789350259573
The MRCS Module 2016 1/e Ashfaq Ul Hassan 9789385891274
Dermatology Review: A Must for PG Entrance Exams 1/e Ashfaq Ul Hassan, Sheikh Manzoor Ahamed 9789385891267
Clinical Methods and Interpretation in Medicine 1/e Ashis Kumar Saha 9789351526285
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Fundamentals of Electrotherapy and Biomedical Physics 1/e Ashish Kakkad 9789350909850
Fluoride and Fluorosis (A Research Review) 1/e Ashish Sharma 9789350908556
Rheumatology Principles and Practice With DVD-ROM 1/e Ashit Syngle, SD Deodhar 9788184488692
Clinical Cases in Paediatrics: A Trainee Handbook 1/e Ashley Reece, Anthony Cohn 9781907816475
Histopathology of the Skin (with CD-ROM) 1/e Ashok Aggarwal 9788180619519
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MRCPsych Paper 2: 600 MCQs 1/e Ashok G Patel, Samir Shah, Syed Ashraf 9781907816406
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Advances in Ophthalmology( Vol 1) 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180610981
Advances in Ophthalmology( Vol 2)with CD-ROM 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180613906
Anterior and Posterior Segment OCT: Current Technology and Future Applications 1/e Ashok Garg 9789350909782
Clinical Applications of Antibiotics and Anti-inflammatory Drugs in Ophthalmology with Photo CD-ROM 1/e Ashok Garg 9788184480320
Clinical Diagnosis and Management of Dry Eye and Ocular Surface Disorders (Xero-Dacryology) with DVD-ROM 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180617751
Clinical Diagnosis and Management of AIDS (HIV) in Eye with CD-ROM 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180618253
Clinical Practice in Small incision Catract Surgery(Phaco Manual) with 2 CD-ROMs 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180612404
Femtosecond Laser: Techniques and Technology 1/e Ashok Garg 9789350258767
Innovative Techniques in Ophthalmology with DVD-ROM 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180617546
Instant Clinical Diagnosis in Ophthalmology: Refractive Surgery 1/e Ashok Garg 9788184484526
Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series Fundus Flourescein Angiography (with Photo CD-Rom) 1/e Ashok Garg 9789350250051
Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series Manual Small incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) with DVD-ROM 1/e Ashok Garg 9788184482768
Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series Ophthalmic Ultrasound 1/e Ashok Garg 9789350250068
Jaypee's Video Atlas of Ophthalmic Surgery Vol-1 1/e Ashok Garg 9788184481860
Jaypee's Video Atlas of Ophthalmic Surgery Vol-2 1/e Ashok Garg 9788184488166
Jaypee’s Video Atlas of Ophthalmic Surgery (With 16 Interactive DVD-ROMs) 2/e Ashok Garg 9789350904411
Manual of Ophthalmic Drugs and Dosages 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180614897
Master's Guide to Manual Small Incision Cataract Surgery (MSICS) 1/e Ashok Garg 9788184485165
Mastering Advanced Surface Ablation Techniques (with DVD-ROM) 1/e Ashok Garg 9788184482188
Mastering Phaco Chop Techniques (with DVD-ROM) 1/e Ashok Garg 9788184483819
Mastering the Art of Bimanual Microincision Phaco (Phaconit/MICS) with 2 CD-ROMs 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180615429
Mastering the Phacodynamics (Complete Book Available in PDF Format) 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180618994
Mastering the Presbyopic Surgical Lenses and Phakic IOLs with DVD-ROM 1/e Ashok Garg 9788184480764
Mastering the Technique of Customized LASIK (with DVD-ROM) 1/e Ashok Garg 9788184480757
Mastering the Techniques of Advanced Phaco Surgery (with 2 DVD-ROMs) 1/e Ashok Garg 9788184482034
Mastering the Techniques of Corneal Refractive Surgery with CD-ROM (Complete Book Available in PDF Format) 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180616181
Mastering the Techniques of Glaucoma Diagnosis and Management with DVD-ROM (Complete Book Available in PDF Format) 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180617584
Mastering the Techniques of Laser Applications in Ophthalmology (with DVD-ROM) 1/e Ashok Garg 9788184481426
Mastering the Techniques of Lens Based Refractive Surgery 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180615405
Mastering the Techniques of Presbyopia Surgery (with Interactive CD-ROM) 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180615788
Ocular Therapeutics 3/e Ashok Garg 9789350903209
Step by Step Clinical Diagnosis and Management to Ocular Allergy with Photo CD-ROM 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180619496
Step by Step Corneal Refractive Surgery (with DVD-ROM) 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180617461
Step by Step innovations in Presbyopia Management with CD-ROM 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180616471
Step by Step Lenticular Refractive Surgery with DVD-ROM 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180618161
Step by Step Manual Phaco 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180617454
Step by Step Minimally invasive Cataract Surgery BiManual Phaco-MICS) with CD-ROM 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180615412
Step by Step Minimally invasive Glaucoma Surgery (with DVD-ROM) 1/e Ashok Garg 9788180617386
Surgical and Medical Management of Pediatric Ophthalmology: with DVD-ROM (Complete Book Available in PDF Format)  1/e Ashok Garg 9788184480344
Surgical and Medical Management of Pterygium 1/e Ashok Garg 9788184486551
Surgical Techniques in Ophthalmology: Pediatric Ophthalmic Surgery 1/e Ashok Garg 9789350251485
Current Trends in Ophthalmology 1/e Ashok Garg, Amar Agarwal 9788171795031
Instant Clinical Diagnosis in Ophthalmology: Anterior Segment Lens Diseases 1/e Ashok Garg, Emanuel Rosen 9788184484847
Instant Clinical Diagnosis in Ophthalmology: Glaucoma 1/e Ashok Garg, Emanuel Rosen 9788184484533
Instant Clinical Diagnosis in Ophthalmology: Lens Diseases 1/e Ashok Garg, Emanuel Rosen 9788184484823
Instant Clinical Diagnosis in Ophthalmology: Neuro-Ophthalmology 1/e Ashok Garg, Emanuel Rosen 9788184486636
Instant Clinical Diagnosis in Ophthalmology: Oculoplasty and Reconstructive Surgery 1/e Ashok Garg, Emanuel Rosen 9788184484038
Instant Clinical Diagnosis in Ophthalmology: Pediatric Ophthalmology 1/e Ashok Garg, Emanuel Rosen 9788184486629
Instant Clinical Diagnosis in Ophthalmology: Retina and Vitreous 1/e Ashok Garg, Emanuel Rosen 9788184483932
Instant Clinical Diagnosis in Ophthalmology: Strabismus 1/e Ashok Garg, Emanuel Rosen 9788184485974
Oculoplasty & Reconstructive Surgery Made Easy (with DVD-ROM) 1/e Ashok Garg, Essam El Toukhy 9788184485967
Surgical Techniques in Ophthalmology Strabismus Surgery 1/e Ashok Garg, Jorge L Alio 9789380704241
Surgical Techniques in Ophthalmology Cataract Surgery 1/e Ashok Garg, Jorge L Alio 9788184487763
Surgical Techniques in Ophthalmology Corneal Sugery 1/e Ashok Garg, Jorge L Alio 9788184488579
Surgical Techniques in Ophthalmology Glaucoma Surgery 1/e Ashok Garg, Jorge L Alio 9788184489583
Surgical Techniques in Ophthalmology Oculoplasty and Reconstructive Surgery 1/e Ashok Garg, Jorge L Alio 9788184488173
Surgical Techniques in Ophthalmology Refractive Surgery 1/e Ashok Garg, Jorge L Alio 9788184487770
Surgical Techniques in Ophthalmology Retina and Vitreous Surgery 1/e Ashok Garg, Jorge L Alio 9788184488586
Mastering the Techniques of LASIK, Epilasik and LASEK (Techniques and Technology): with DVD-ROM 1/e Ashok Garg, Jorge L Alio, Bojan Pajic, Cyres K Mehta 9788180619007
Clinical Diagnosis & Management of Ocular Trauma 1/e Ashok Garg, Jose Maria Ruiz Moreno 9788184484704
Mastering intraocular Lenses (IOLs): with DVD-ROM 1/e Ashok Garg, JT Lin 9788180619502
Mastering the Techniques of IOL Power Calculations 2/e Ashok Garg, JT Lin 9788184483802
Mastering Corneal Collagen Cross Linking Techniques-(C3-R/CCL/Cxl) with DVD-ROM 1/e Ashok Garg, Roberto Pinelli, A John Kanellopoulos, David O Brart, Carlo F Lovisolo 9788184484939
Textbook of Pediatric Neurology in Tropics 1/e Ashok Gupta 9788180618802
CDiC Textbook of Pediatric Diabetes 1/e Ashok K Das, Sanjay Kalra 9789352700868
3D and 4D Ultrasound: A Text & Atlas 1/e Ashok Khurana, Nirvikar Dahiya 9788180613227
Textbook of Movement Disorders 1/e Ashok Kumar 9789350906408
Review in Orthodontics 1/e Ashok Kumar Jena 9788184480979
Drugs in Obstetrics & Gynecology 1/e Ashok Kumar, Krishna Agarwal, Sudha Prasad 9789352501687
Common Medical Disorders in Obstetrics 1/e Ashok Kumar, Saritha Shamsunder, Swaraj Batra 9788184487961
Diagnosis and Management of Cancer 1/e Ashok Mehta, SC Bansal 9788180612121
Atlas of Laparoscopic Surgery 3/e Ashok Mittal 9788184482621
Knee Surgery (with Interactive DVD Rom) 1/e Ashok Rajgopal 9789351522256
Imaging of Pediatric Chest: An Atlas 1/e Ashu Seith Bhalla, Arun Kumar Gupta, Manisha Jana 9789351527817
Clinico Radiological Series: Imaging of Interstitial Lung Diseases 1/e Ashu Seith Bhalla, Manisha Jana, Co-Editor: Priyanka Naranje, Clinical Content Editors: Randeep Guleria, GC Khilnani 9789386322517
Clinico Radiological Series: Temporal Bone Imaging 1/e Ashu Seith Bhalla, Manisha Jana, Suresh C Sharma 9789385891908
Textbook of Microbiology for GNM Students 1/e Ashutosh Debata, Darshan Panda, Sandeep Dhuper 9789351526506
Rhinology Handbook 1/e Ashutosh Kacker 9789351527756
Hospital Management from Service Sector Perspective 1/e Ashvini Arun Vora 9789385999901
Approach to Clinical Dentistry 1/e Ashwani Bansal 9788180610240
Refraction, Dispensing Optics & Ophthalmic Procedure 1/e Ashwani Kumar Ghai 9789350901892
AIIMS May 2007 for PG Entrance Examination MD/MS with Explanatory Answers 1/e Ashwani Yadav 9788184481204
Child Management in Clinical Dentistry 1/e Ashwin Jawdekar 9788184488739
Contraception: Past, Present and Future 2/e Ashwini Bhalerao-Gandhi, Basab Mukherjee, Madhushri Pandey 9789385891915
Surface and Radiological Anatomy with a Clinical Perspective 1/e Ashwini C Appaji, Roopa Kulkarni 9789386150547
Contemporary Surgical Management of Fractures and Complications (Two Volume Set) 1/e Asif Ilyas, Saqib Rehman 9789350259641
Mastering Community Medicine 2/e Asif Khan 9789352700356
Controversies on the Beginning of Human Life 1/e Asim Kurjak, Frank A Chervenak 9788184484281
Donald School Textbook of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology 4/e Asim Kurjak, Frank A Chervenak 9789386056870
Textbook of Perinatal Medicine (2 Volumes) 3/e Asim Kurjak, Frank A Chervenak 9789351520856
Donald School Atlas of Fetal Anomalies 1/e Asim Kurjak, Frank A Chervenak, JM Carrera 9788180619199
Donald School: Atlas of Clinical Application of Ultrasound in Obstetrics and Gynecology 1/e Asim Kurjak, JM Carrera 9788180616396
Donald School Textbook of Transvaginal Sonography 2/e Asim Kurjak, Jose Bajo Arenas 9789350904732
Cardiac Pacing: A Physiological Approach 1/e Asit Das 9789352501823
Principles and Practice of Community Medicine 2/e Asma Rahim 9789352700349
Obstetric Protocols for Labor Ward Management 2/e Asmita Muthal Rathore, Swaraj Batra, Poonam Sachdeva, Sudha Prasad 9789386261687
Otology and Middle Ear Surgery 1/e Asok K Saha 9789352501229
A Handbook of Emergencies 8/e Aspi F Golwalla, Sharukh A Golwalla 9789351524724
ABC of Medicine (with Mnemonics) 15/e Aspi F Golwalla, Sharukh A Golwalla 9789351524717
Practical Prescriber 18/e Aspi F Golwalla, Sharukh A Golwalla 9789351524700
Golwalla’s Medicine for Students (A Reference Book for the Family Physician) 25/e Aspi F Golwalla, Sharukh A Golwalla, Edited By: Milind Y Nadkar 9789351524748
Pediatric Nursing Care Plans 1/e Assuma Beevi 9789350258682
MED PG Thrissur AIIMS Recall-November 2011 1/e Aswath Kumar 9789350257562
MED PG THRISSUR AIIMS: Recall November 2017 1/e Aswath Kumar,Bejohn Johnson Kunnath,Nidhish Chandra M,Jereen M Peter 9789352703593
Color Atlas of Clinical Dermatology (Includes Interactive DVD-ROM) 1/e Atif Hasnain Kazmi, Shahbaz Aman, Muhammad Nadeem 9789351526278
Case Studies in Internal Medicine 1/e Atul Kakar, Atul Gogia 9789351522959
HIV/AIDS-Test and Treat 1/e Atul Kakar,Samiran Nundy 9789352703876
Lasers in Ophthalmology 2/e Atul Kumar, Harsh Kumar, Tanuj Dada 9788180615535
Retina: Medical and Surgical Management 1/e Atul Kumar, Raghav Ravani 9789352702947
50 Cases in Clinical Cardiology: A Problem Solving Approach 1/e Atul Luthra 9789351521105
ECG for Nurses 1/e Atul Luthra 9788180613579
ECG Made Easy (With Interactive CD-ROM) 5/e Atul Luthra 9789386150219
Echo Made Easy (With Interactive CD-ROM) 4/e Atul Luthra 9789386150202
Essential of Applied Electrocardiography 1/e Atul Luthra 9788171793440
Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series ECG (with Photo CD-ROM) 1/e Atul Luthra 9788184484984
Jaypee’s Video Atlas of Bedside Cardiology 1/e Atul Luthra 9789352501779
Tips and Tricks in Bedside Cardiology 2/e Atul Luthra 9789350902684
Objective Anesthesia Review: A Comprehensive Textbook for the Examinees 4/e Atul P Kulkarni, JV Divatia, Vijaya P Patil 9789352700493
Pediatric Fracture Management 1/e Atul R Bhaskar 9788184480313
AHEAD Question Bank Series All india Dental PG Entrance Examination Review 3/e Atul Soin 9788180615573
AIIMS Dental Entrance Examination Review 2/e Atul Soin 9788171799428
AIIMS Dental November (2010) 1/e Atul Soin 9789350252239
AIIMS Postgraduate Dental Entrance Examination 1/e Atul Soin 9789380704593
All India Dental PG Entrance Examination Review 2/e Atul Soin 9788171799008
Hip Surgery 1/e Augusto Sarmiento 9789350253601
Orthopedics: Seeking a Balance 1/e Augusto Sarmiento 9789350252802
The Nonsurgical Treatment of Fractures in Contemporary Orthopedics 1/e Augusto Sarmiento, Loren L Latta 9788184489071
Diabetes and Musculoskeletal Disorders 1/e Author: Debasis Basu, Author Assistant: Kiran Bahrus 9789352700240
Textbook of Radiology: Abdomen and Pelvis 1/e Author: Hariqbal Singh, Co-author: Shailendra Savale 9789386322654
Self Assessment and Review of Pediatrics and Neonatology 2/e Author: Sushanta Bhanja, Co-Author: Chirasree Sanyal 9789352704293
Practice Pearls in Neurology - Series 1 1/e AV Srinivasan,D Vasudevan,K Bhanu 9789352701988
Handbook of FAQs in Plab Part 1 1/e Avinash A 9788180611223
PG Entrance Year Book 2002 with High Yield Facts 1/e Avinash A 9788180610332
Magnetic Resonance Neurography 1/e Avneesh Chhabra 9789350255681
MCQ in Pathology (with Explanatory Answers) 1/e Azra Shah 9788171797790
MCQs in Biomechanics and Applied Anatomy 1/e B Arun, G Thilagavathi, C Sasiganesh 9788184481686
Postgraduate Medicine (Futuristic Medicine: Relevance in Clinical Practice) Volume XXVI, 2012 1/e B B Thakur 9789350257869
MCQs in Periodontology 1/e B Bhavani 9788180614064
Postgraduate Gynecology (with DVD-ROM) 1/e B Presannakumari 9789350250822
Practical Biochemistry for Medical Students 1/e B Raghu 9788180611063
Review of Medical Biochemistry with MCQs 1/e B Raghu 9788180611575
Single-Port Laparoscopic Surgery in Gynecology 1/e B Ramesh, Madhuri Vidyashankar, Pooja Sharma Dimri 9789350906385
Textbook & Atlas of Laparoscopic Hysterectomy (Includes Interactive DVD-ROM) 1/e B Ramesh, Pooja Sharma Dimri 9789385999284
Quick Review of Ophthalmology 1/e B Ramgopal 9789350907306
Sure Success – COMED-K 6/e B Ramgopal 9789352501359
Sure Success in PG Medical Entrance 4/e B Ramgopal 9788184488548
Sure Success in PG Medical Entrance(Psychiatry,Anaesthesiology,Radiodiagnosis, Radiotherpay, Dermatology 1/e (Reprint) B Ramgopal 9788171799077
Sure Success in PG Medical Entrance: Ophthalmology and ENT) 1/e (Reprint) B Ramgopal 9788180610684
Sure Success Karnataka 9/e B Ramgopal 9789350909713
Sure Success MAGIC (Maximum Advantage Guide for Integrated Course Study) 11/e B Ramgopal 9789352704156
Learning and Teaching Nursing 4/e B Sankaranarayanan 9789350258750
The Handbook of Dental Diseases and Remedies 1/e B Seshadri JPB1000000582
Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series Colposcopy with DVD-ROM 1/e B Shakuntala Baliga 9788184483130
Principles and Practice of Colposcopy 3/e B Shakuntala Baliga 9789352701582
Epidemiology of Ocular Trauma 1/e B Shukla 9788171799367
Manual of Salivary Gland Diseases 1/e B Sivapathasundharam 9789350906958
MCQs for B.Sc Nursing in Anatomy and Physiology 1/e B Srinivasa Rao 9788180619410
Psychology and Sociology for Paramedicals 1/e B Subbarao 9788180617874
Atlas of Forensic Pathology 1/e B Suresh Kumar Shetty, Prateek Rastogi, Jagadish Rao Padubidri, Tanuj Kanchan, YP Raghavendra Babu 9789350904688
Essentials of Mental Health Nursing 1/e B T Basavanthapa 9789350253717
Handbook of Mechanical Ventilation 2/e B Umesh Kumar 9789351529217
Textbook of Cardiothoracic Nursing 1/e B Venkatesan 9789386150523
Atlas of Operative Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery (Five Volume Set) 1/e Bachi T Hathiram, Vicky S Khattar 9789350904022
Atlas of Operative Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery (Two Volume Set) 1/e Bachi T Hathiram, Vicky S Khattar 9789350901991
Atlas of Operative Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery (Volume-1): Otology and Lateral Skullbase Surgery 1/e Bachi T Hathiram, Vicky S Khattar 9789350904794
Atlas of Operative Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery (Volume-2): Rhinology and Anterior Skullbase Surgery 1/e Bachi T Hathiram, Vicky S Khattar 9789350904800
Atlas of Operative Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery (Volume-3): Facial Plastics, Cosmetics and Reconstructive Surgery 1/e Bachi T Hathiram, Vicky S Khattar 9789350904817
Atlas of Operative Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery (Volume-4): Voice and Laryngotracheal Surgery 1/e Bachi T Hathiram, Vicky S Khattar 9789350904824
Atlas of Operative Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery (Volume-5): Head and Neck Surgery 1/e Bachi T Hathiram, Vicky S Khattar 9789350904831
Jaypee’s Video Atlas of Operative Otorhinolaryngology and Head & Neck Surgery 1/e Bachi T Hathiram, Vicky S Khattar 9789350906576
101 Clinical Cases in Emergency Room 1/e Badar M Zaheer 9789350903032
Donald School Textbook of Diabetic Pregnancy and Ultrasound 1/e Badreldeen Ahmed,Asim Kurjak 9789352701964
Pedodontics Practice and Management 1/e Badrinatheswar GV 9788184489163
Review of AIIMS/PGI/JIPMER Pattern May 2017 1/e Bahram Gor,Jyotsana Priya 9789352703173
Step by Step GI Disease Case Studies CT Enteroclysis with CD-ROM 1/e Balaji Reddy 9788180618291
Histology - Practical Manual 3/e Balakrishna Shetty,Sweekritha H Poonja 9789352702435
Essential Procedures in Pediatrics 1/e Baldev Prajapati 9788180610974
Community Health Nursing Procedures 1/e Baljit Kaur 9789350902028
Fundamentals of operative dentistry 1/e Balwant Rai 9788184489033
Practical Dentistry 1/e Balwant Rai 9788184480467
Gynaecology for Nurses 1/e Banasree Bhadra 9789351521389
Modern Ophthalmology The Highlights Vol-1 1/e Banjamin F Boyd 9789962678137
Step by Step interpretation of Glaucoma Diagnostic with CD-ROM 1/e Barun K Nayak 9788180615481
Electrotherapy Simplified 2/e Basanta Kumar Nanda 9789351528609
An Atlas on Cephalometric Landmarks 1/e Basavaraj Subhashchandra Phulari 9789350903247
History of Orthodontics 1/e Basavaraj Subhashchandra Phulari 9789350904718
Orthodontics: Principles and Practices 2/e Basavaraj Subhashchandra Phulari 9789385999895
A Practical Approach to Gynecologic Oncology 1/e Basu 9788180614941
Step by Step Management of Clubfoot by Jess 1/e BB Joshi, Ram Prabhu, BG Kanaji, Sandhya Kaushik 9788184488876
Statistics for Medical Students 1/e BB Mukhopadhyay 9788184481648
Clinical Medicine : A Practical Manual for Emergency Medicine and Tropical Diseases 1/e BB Rewari 9789350906293
Recent Concepts in Stroke 1/e BC Bansal, AK Agarwal 9788190035439
Meat And Meat Products Technology 1/e BD Sharma 9788171796793
Modern Abattoir Practices and Animal Byproducts Technology 1/e BD Sharma 9788180610943
Outlines of Meat Science and Technology 1/e BD Sharma 9789350254813
Biochemistry for Physiotherapy and Allied Health Sciences Students 1/e Beena B Shetty, Nandini M, Vinitha Ramanath Pai 9788184483383
Handbook of Syncope: A Concise Clinical Approach to the Patient 1/e Behzad B Pavri 9789350909539
An Atlas Illustrating HIV in Dermatology 1/e Bela J Shah 9789350250501
Ward Rounds in Dermatology 1/e Bela J Shah, Santosh Rathod 9789386322685
Innovations in the Glaucomas Etiology, Diagnosis and Management 1/e Benjamin F Boyd 9789962613086
Lasik and Beyond Lasik Wavefront Analysis and Customized Ablation 1/e Benjamin F Boyd 9789962613046
Modern Ophthalmology The Highlights Vol-2 1/e Benjamin F Boyd 9789962678151
Modern Ophthalmology The Highlights Vol-3 1/e Benjamin F Boyd 9789962678168
The Art and the Science of Cataract Surgery 1/e Benjamin F Boyd 9789962613039
Wavefront Analysis, Aberrometers and Corneal Topography 1/e Benjamin F Boyd 9789962613183
Gynecological Manual on Adolescent Girls and Young Women 1/e Bhalerao-Gandhi, Parag Biniwale 9788184485875
AIIMS November 2008 (Question with Explanatory Answers) 1/e Bhatia 9788184485493
AIPG January 2009 Questions with Explanatory Answers 1/e Bhatia 9788184486483
Dr.Bhatia Medical Institute AIIMS 1/e Bhatia 9788184487886
Laparoscopic Hernia Repair: A Step by Step Approach with CD-ROM 1/e Bhatia 9788190190107
IAL Textbook of Leprosy 2/e Bhushan Kumar, Hemanta Kumar Kar 9789351529910
Animal Handling Techniques and Protocol Development Strategies 1/e Bhushan P Hatwar, Arunabha Mallik, UK Jain, Satish Nayak 9789351525363
Step by Step Technical Manual of Blood Components Preparation 1/e Bibekananda Mukherjee 9789351526049
Anesthesia Update 2017 1/e Bibhukalyani Das,Sabyasachi Das 9789352703425
Essentials of Nursing Research & Biostatistics 1/e Bijayalakshmi Dash 9789386322036
A Comprehensive Textbook of Community Health Nursing 1/e Bijayalaskhmi Dash 9789386056054
Clinical Application YAG Laser (Ophthalmology) 1/e Bikas Bhattacharya 9788180615542
Step by Step Laser in Ophthalmology (with Photo CD-ROM)  1/e Bikas Bhattacharya 9788184486070
Textbook of Visual Science and Clinical Optometry 1/e Bikas Bhattacharya 9788184485998
Practical Manual of Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology 2/e Bikash Medhi 9789386150721
Step by Step Sonography of the Shoulder Joint 1/e Bipin R Shah, Jeshil R Shah, Ram Y Prabhoo 9789380704432
Radiodiagnosis, Nuclear Medicine, Radiotherapy and Radiation Oncology 1/e Bipin Valchandji Daga, Vaibhav Ramesh Shah, Sachin Valchandji Daga 9789350257128
Slit-lamp Biomicroscopy in Primary Eye Care 1/e Biswajit Mondal 9789350906163
A Handbook of Physiotherapy 1/e BK Choudhary, AK Bose 9788180616839
Methods in Biostatistics 7/e BK Mahajan 9788184487138
Mahajan & Gupta Textbook of Preventive and Social Medicine 4/e BK Mahajan, Rabindra Nath Roy, Indranil Saha, MC Gupta 9789350901878
Textbook of Andrology and Artificial Insemination in Farm Animals 1/e BK Singh 9788180613661
Essentials of Human Anatomy 2/e BK Tandon 9788184487206
Principles of Hospital Administration and Planning 2/e BM Sakharkar 9788184486322
Progress in Pathology (Vol 1) 1/e BN Datta 9788171794935
Progress in Pathology (Vol. 2) 1/e BN Datta 9788171796939
Textbook of Pathology 2/e BN Dutta 9788180612558
Clinical Infertility and In Vitro Fertilization 1/e Botros RMB Rizk 9789350250952
Challenging Office Cases in Obstetrics and Gynecology 1/e Botros RMB Rizk, Martin E Olsen 9789352501762
Medical and Surgical Management of Male Infertility 1/e Botros RMB Rizk, Nabil Aziz, Ashok Agarwal, Edmund Sabanegh Jr 9789350259467
Laser Surgery of the Eye 1/e Boyd 9789962613343
Retinal and Vitereoretinal Surgery Mastering the Latest Techniques 1/e Boyd 9789962613060
MCQs in Pharmacology 1/e (Reprint) BP Jaju 9788171791521
Contemporary Management of Myeloproliferative Neoplasms 1/e Brady L Stein, Brandon J McMahon 9789351523628
Hospital and Healthcare Accreditation (As Per the Guidelines of NABH, NABL, JCI) 1/e Brajkishore Rajoriya 9789352703661
DK Taneja’s Health Policies & Programmes in India 15/e Bratati Banerjee 9789386322722
Mastery of Holcomb C3-R® Crosslinking for Keratoconus and Other Disorders: For Patients and Physicians 1/e Brian S Boxer Wachler 9789350903278
Modern Management of Keratoconus 1/e Brian S Boxer Wachler 9788184482096
Common Skin Diseases: A Clinical Approach 1/e Brig. SP Chattopadhyay 9789350907399
RxPG Target Pg Series All india PG Entrance Examination 13 Jan 2008 1/e Bruno 9788184483284
Guide to Interpreting Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography 2/e Bruno Lumbroso 9789350253847
Clinical En Face OCT Atlas 1/e Bruno Lumbroso, David Huang, Andre Romano, Marco Rispoli, Gabriel Coscas 9789350902967
Clinical OCT Angiography Atlas 1/e Bruno Lumbroso, David Huang, Ching J Chen, Yali Jia, Marco Rispoli, André Romano, Nadia K Waheed 9789351528999
Practical Handbook of OCT Angiography 1/e Bruno Lumbroso, David Huang, Eric Souied, Marco Rispoli 9789385999970
Clinical Guide to Angio-OCT (Non Invasive, Dyeless OCT Angiography) 1/e Bruno Lumbroso, David Huang, Yali Jia, James G Fujimoto, Marco Rispoli 9789351523994
Practical Handbook of Fluorescein Angiography 1/e Bruno Lumbroso, Marco Rispoli 9789350909911
Practical Handbook of OCT 2/e Bruno Lumbroso, Marco Rispoli 9789351525318
Practical Retinal Oct 1/e Bruno Lumbroso, Marco Rispoli 9789351525325
Diabetic Retinopathy 1/e Bruno Lumbroso, Marco Rispoli, Maria Cristina Savastano 9789351528982
Angio OCT in Everyday Ophthalmic Practice 1/e Bruno LumbrosoDavid Huang, Marco Rispoli 9789352700844
Zulfi-Raj's Pre-PG Medicine Handbook 4/e Bruno Mascarenhas 9788184484755
Community Mental Health in India 1/e BS Chavan, Niting Gupta, Priti Arun, Ajeet Sidana, Sushrut Jadhav 9789350258057
Textbook of Dental Anatomy and Oral Physiology: Including Occlusion and Forensic Odontology 1/e BS Manjunatha 9789350259955
MCQs in Oral Surgery 1/e BS Parmar 9788180617331
Psychology For Nursing 1/e BT Basavanthapa 9789350250075
Biostatistics for Nurses 1/e BT Basavanthappa 9789350253724
Child Health Nursing 1/e BT Basavanthappa 9789351529002
Communication and Educational Technology for Nurses 1/e BT Basavanthappa 9789350251379
Community Health Nursing (2 Volume Set) For BSc and PB BSc Nursing Students (With Free Community Health Nursing Practice Workbook for BSc and PB BSc Nursing Students ) 3/e BT Basavanthappa 9789351529187
Cumulative Record of Clinical Experience of Basic BSc Nursing Students (As per New Syllabus) 2/e BT Basavanthappa 9789386322098
Essentials of Community Health Nursing 1/e BT Basavanthappa 9789350251850
Essentials of Medical Surgical Nursing 1/e BT Basavanthappa 9789350251362
Essentials of Midwifery and Obstetrical Nursing 1/e BT Basavanthappa 9789350251638
Essentials of Nursing Research 1/e BT Basavanthappa 9789350250976
Fundamentals of Nursing 2/e BT Basavanthappa 9788184486100
Management of Nursing Services and Education 1/e BT Basavanthappa 9789350251744
Medical Surgical Nursing 2/e BT Basavanthappa 9788184486353
Medical Surgical Nursing (2 Volumes) 3/e BT Basavanthappa 9789351524076
Nursing Administration 3/e BT Basavanthappa 9789351524083
Nursing Education 2/e BT Basavanthappa 9788184486254
Nursing Foundation 1/e BT Basavanthappa 9789350905265
Nursing Research and Statistics 3/e BT Basavanthappa 9789351520740
Nursing Theories 1/e BT Basavanthappa 9788180619632
Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 1/e BT Basavanthappa 9788180618987
Textbook of Midwifery and Reproductive Health Nursing 1/e BT Basavanthappa 9788180617997
EFOST Surgical Techniques in Sports Medicine - Knee Surgery Vol.2: Bone and Cartilage 1/e Burt V S Klos,Henrique Jones,François M Kelberine,Wasim Khan 9781909836389
Human Anatomy for Students 2/e Byas Deb Ghosh 9789350259429
A Short Textbook of Oral Radiology 2/e C Anand Kumar 9789352702084
MCQs for The FRCR Part 1 with Explanatory Answers 1/e C Gupta, G Gupta 9788180614033
Clinical Record for Post Basic BSc Nursing Course 2/e C Manivannan 9789351520726
Textbook of Nursing Management in Service & Education 1/e C Manivannan, T Latha Manivannan, J Baskaran 9789350901861
Community Health Nursing Record Book for PB BSc Nursing Program 1/e C Manivannan, T Latha Manivannan, S Rathamani 9789352501342
Art of Laparoscopic Surgery Textbook and Atlas (Vol 2) 1/e C Palanivelu 9788180619953
Clinical Assessment and Examination in Orthopedics 2/e C Rex 9789350256428
Principles of Exercises in Physiotherapy 1/e C Sivaram 9788184486162
Diagnosis and Treatment of Uveitis 2/e C Stephen Foster, Albert T Vitale 9789350255728
Practical Aids to Dispensing: Pharmacy and Experimental Pharmacology 1/e C Venugopalaswamy, K Ambabai 9789350901700
MRCP Part 2: 450 BOFs 1/e Carolyn Allen,Suzanne Forbes,David Hunt,Heather Lewis,Ravi Menon,Luke Moore 9781907816451
Creative Tools & Techniques of Multidimensional Educational Methods in Nursing 1/e Cecy Correia 9789386150738
Medical Surgical Nursing: Systemic Disease (2 Volumes) 1/e Cecy Correia 9789350908594
Nursing Profile 1/e Cecy Correia 9789350251591
Comprehensive Community Health Nursing 1/e Cecy Corriea 9789350251621
MCQs in Obstetrical Nursing Including Neonatology 1/e Chaitali Biswas 9789350254943
Neurological Examination for Physiotherapists 1/e Chaitali Shah 9789352703227
300 Single Best Answers for the Final FRCR Part A 1/e Chaitanya Gupta 9781907816024
Handbook of Infertility and Ultrasound for Practicing Gynecologists 1/e Chaitanya Nagori, Sonal Panchal 9789351528562
Textbook of Pathology and Genetics for BSc Nursing Students 1/e Chaitra K, Suma K 9789351528173
Basic Science for Modern Cosmetic Dermatology 1/e Chakaravarthi Srinivas 9789351523192
Recent Advances in Cardiothoracic Surgery-I 1/e Chander Mohan Mittal 9789350903230
MCQs in Gate Therapy for B. Pharma 1/e Chandi Charan Kandar 9788184484311
Step by Step Trauma Management (with Photo CD-ROM) 1/e Chandra Bhushan, Chandra Sekhar Mone 9788180618383
Hepatic and Biliary Diseases: Anesthesiologists’ Perspective 1/e Chandra Kant Pandey 9789350252512
Tips and Tricks in Hip and Knee Arthroplasty 1/e Chandra Shekhar Yadav, Ashok Kumar, Sanjay Yadav 9789350256473
A Review of Preventive and Social Medicine 1/e Chandrakant Lahariya 9788184483505
Diabetic Retinopathy for the Clinician 1/e Chandran Abraham, Annie Mathai 9788184485554
History Taking and Clinical Examination in Dentistry 1/e Charu M Marya 9789351523932
Plab 1 Revision Made Easy 1/e Chatterjee JPB1000000127
Step By Step Blood Transfusion Services with cd-rom 1/e Chatterjee, Sen 9788180618215
Antibiotic Essentials 15/e Cheston B. Cunha, Burke A. Cunha 9789385999079
Infections of the Gastrointestinal System 1/e Chetana Vaishnavi 9789350903520
A Textbook of General and Microzoonoses 1/e Chhabra, Arora 9788180610431
Musculoskeletal Examination 1/e Chief Author and Editor: Vivek Pandey, Co-Author: Hitesh Shah 9789352703296
Textbook of Preventive Practice and Community Physiotherapy (Volume 2) 1/e Chief Editor: Dr Bharati Vijay Bellare, Sub-Editors: Pavithra Rajan, Dr Unnati Nikhil Pandit 9789352703258
Textbook of Preventive Practice and Community Physiotherapy (Volume 2) 1/e Chief Editor: Dr Bharati Vijay Bellare,Sub-Editors: Pavithra Rajan,Dr Unnati Nikhil Pandit 9789352704033
Symptom Oriented Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery: Otology and Pediatrics (Vol. 3) 1/e Chief Editors: Malcolm Giles, Zahoor Ahmad, Randall P Morton 9789385891854
Symptom Oriented Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery: Head & Neck and Laryngology (3 Volumes) 1/e Chief Editors: Randall P Morton, Zahoor Ahmad, Malcolm Giles 9789351528050
Symptom Oriented Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery: Head & Neck and Laryngology (Volume 1) 1/e Chief Editors: Randall P Morton, Zahoor Ahmad, Malcolm Giles 9789385891892
Symptom Oriented Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery: Rhinology and Facial Plastics (Vol. 2) 1/e Chief Editors: Randall P Morton, Zahoor Ahmad, Malcolm Giles 9789385891847
Comprehensive Notes in Ophthalmology 1/e Chinmaya Sahu 9788184489675
Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series Neck Dissections (with DVD-ROM) 1/e Chintamani 9788184485776
Menopause: Current Concepts 1/e (Reprint) Chittaranjan N Purandare 9788180613012
Head & Neck Surgery (2 Vols) with DVD-ROM 1/e Chris De Souza 9788184486797
Atlas of Head and Neck Surgery 1/e Chris de Souza, Ziv Gil, Dan M Fliss 9789350903803
Recent Advances in Gastroenterology 12 1/e Chris Probert 9781907816765
Breast Elastography: Basic Principles and Interpretation of Clinical Cases 1/e Christina An. Gkali,Constantine Dimitrakakis,Maria Sotiropoulou 9789352700578
A Textbook of Practical Physiology 8/e CL Ghai 9789350259320
Eureka: Psychiatry 1/e Clare Fenton,Janine Henderson,Keri-Michèle Lodge 9781909836310
Diagnostic Evaluation of the Respiratory System 1/e Claudio Sorino 9789386056009
Textbook on Neurological and Neurosurgical Nursing 1/e Clement I 9789351522980
Plab and Beyond 1/e Clifford Pereira, Gavin Pereira, Jimmi Limdi 9788171799848
Medical Ethics 3/e CM FRANCIS MBBS 9789352700523
Hospital Administration 3/e (Reprint) CM Francis, Mario C De Souza 9788171797219
A Practical Manual of Public Health Dentistry 1/e CM Marya 9789350257098
A Textbook of Public Health Dentistry 1/e CM Marya 9789350252161
Understanding Osteoarthritis and its Management 1/e Cmone Mishra 9789350255582
Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding 1/e CN Purandare 9788180613005
Gynecological Cancer 1/e CN Purandare 9788180619090
Jaypee’s Video Atlas of Assisted Reproductive Technologies and Clinical Embryology 1/e Col Pankaj Talwar 9789350907719
Manual of Cytogenetics in Reproductive Biology 1/e Col Pankaj Talwar 9789350909928
Decision Making in Surgical oncology 1/e Col. AK Tyagi, Capt. D Rautray 9788184481525
Atlas of Breast Imaging with Mammography, Ultrasound and MRI Correlation 2/e Col. CS Pant 9789350251874
First FRCR Anatomy: Practice Cases 1/e Constantinos Tingerides, Ashley Uttley, David Minks, Claire Exley 9781907816376
Atlas of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology 2/e Corazon Yabes-Almirante 9789350256411
Practical Manual of Medical Microbiology (for Medical, Dental and Paramedical Students) 1/e CP Prince 9788184486377
A Guide to Midwifery Students 1/e (Reprint) CP Thresyamma 9788171799190
Operating Room Technique and Anesthesia for General Nursing Course 3/e CP Thresyamma 9788184488371
Sports Medicine 1/e CS Jayaprakash 9788180611193
Diagnosis: A Symptom-based Approach in Internal Medicine 1/e CS Madgaonkar 9789380704753
Family Medicine: A Clinical and Applied Orientation 2/e CS Madgaonkar 9789351529118
Clinical ENT Made Easy: A Guide to Clinical Examination 1/e D Balakrishnan 9789350250846
Bronchial Asthma 2/e D Behera 9788180614347
NCCP: Textbook of Respiratory Medicine 1/e D Behera 9789350252123
Textbook of Pulmonary Medicine 2/e D Behera 9788184487497
Nursing Education Made Easy 1/e D Elakkuvana Bhaskara Raj 9789386261571
Nursing Theories A Practical View 1/e D Elakkuvana Bhaskara Raj 9789350250549
Textbook of Mental Health Nursing 1/e D Elakkuvana Bhaskara Raj 9789350251676
Introduction to General Veterinary Pathology 1/e D Gopalakrishna Rao 9788184487381
Textbook on Pathology of Wildlife Diseases 1/e D Gopalakrishna Rao 9788171799107
Colour Atlas of Forensic Medicine 2/e D Govindiah 9788184487343
Forensic Radiology Made Easy With Photo CD-ROM 2/e D Govindiah 9789350250365
Oral and Practical Examination Questions in Forensic Medicine 1/e D Govindiah 9788184487435
High Resolution Computed Tomography of the Lungs: A Practical Guide 2/e D Karthikeyan 9789350904084
Step by Step Cross Sectional Anatomy With CD-Rom 2/e D Karthikeyan 9789380704883
Chest X-ray Made Easy® 2/e D Karthikeyan, Deepa Chegu 9789350255636
Computed Aided Tomography Case Histories BRAIN (with CD-ROM) 2/e D Karthikeyan, Deepa Chegu 9788184482935
CT Abdomen: A Pattern Approach with CD-ROM 1/e D Karthikeyan, Deepa Chegu 9788180619588
Jaypee Gold Standard Mini Atlas Series Emergency Imaging with Photo CD-ROM 1/e D Karthikeyan, Deepa Chegu 9788180619427
Step by Step CT Scan with CD-ROM 1/e (Reprint) D Karthikeyan, Deepa Chegu 9788180614804
Reality of Hospital Administration 1/e D Rambabu 9789350909560
Hematopathology Pearls 2/e Da Zhang 9789352703234
Fun with PHACO 1/e Dada 9781000000153
Clinical Methods in Ophthalmology 2/e Dadapeer K 9789351529071
Essentials of Ophthalmology 1/e Dadapeer K 9789351529088
Cataract and introcular Lens 1/e Daljit Singh, Ravijit Singh, Jan Worst, Indu R Singh 9788171793310
Minimally Invasive Surgery 1/e Daniel B Jones,Robert A Andrews,Jonathan F Critchlow,Benjamin E Schneider 9781907816192
Stem Cells in Ophthalmology 1/e Daniel H. Scorsetti, Victor L. Perez, Jose Alvaro Pereira Gomes 9789962678762
Prescribing Skills Workbook 1/e Daniel Norton,Nicholas Norton,Jane Caisley,Rosie Furner,Elizabeth Hamilton 9781907816864
Pediatric Dermatology A Quick Reference Guide (American Academy of pediatric) 1/e Daniel P Krowchuk, Anthony J Mancini 9788184487985
Twin-to-Twin Transfusion Syndrome 1/e Daniel W Skupski 9789350903513
A Comprehensive Textbook of Nutrition and Therapeutic Diets for BSc Nursing Students 2/e Darshan Sohi 9789352702572
Recent Advances in Critical Care - 1 1/e David Ashton-Cleary,William English 9781909836419
Handbook of Colorectal Surgery 3/e David E Beck 9781907816208
Surgical Oncology 1/e David L Bartlett 9789350250518
Pocket Tutor Renal Medicine 1/e David Oliveira,Debasish Banerjee,Joyce Popoola,Iain A.M. MacPhee,Seema Shrivastava,Daniel Jones,Stephen Nelson 9781907816574
Plab Workbook Medical IELTS 1/e David Sales 9788180614842
Eureka: Neurology & Neurosurgery 1/e Dawn R Collins,Ronan Dardis,John A Goodfellow,Adikarige Haritha Dulanka Silva,Ronan Dardis 9781907816741
Yoga Application for Low Back Pain 1/e Dayanand Dongaonkar 9789350903131
DC Dutta’s Textbook of Gynecology (including Contraception) Includes Interactive DVD-ROM) 7/e DC Dutta, Hiralal Konar 9789385891595
Hospital Administration 1/e DC Joshi, Mamta Joshi 9788184486766
Introductory Endocrinology: A Concise and Applied Digest 1/e DD Bansal,Pranav Mehra,Romesh Khardori 9789352700943
Interlocking Nailing 3/e DD Tanna 9788184488821
Orthopaedics Titbits 1/e DD Tanna 9788180619694
Proximal Femoral Fractures 1/e DD Tanna, Sudhir Babhulkar 9789350903711
Tanna’s Interlocking Nailing 4/e DD Tanna, Sushrut Babhulkar 9789352500604
Surgical Management of Intraocular Inflammation and Infection 1/e Dean Eliott,P. Kumar Rao 9781907816123
Principles of Physiology with Free Manual of Practical Physiology and MCQs Book 5/e Debasis Pramanik 9789351529293
Quick Review of Kolkata PG Medical Entrance Examination (with Explanatory Answers) 1/e Debasish K Ghosh 9788180615030
Handbook of Endometrial Pathology 1/e Debra S Heller 9781907816109
MCQs in Ophthalmology 2/e Deepa Kapoor 9788184483123
Second MBBS Buster Microbiology 2/e Deepak Gautam 9789352700837
Final Edge: Image-based Questions 2/e Deepak Marwah 9789386150769
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