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Nova IVI Textbook of Infertility & Assisted Reproductive Technology
Editor: Manish Banker MD
Co-Editors: Richa Jagtap MD (Obs and Gyne) DGO
Ritu Hinduja MD Masters Certificate Reproductive Medicine and IVF
Sneha Sathe MS Masters Certificate Reproductive Medicine and IVF
Sulbha Arora MD DNB Fellowship in Reproductive Medicine

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2019
Size 8.5" x 11"
Cover TypePaper Back
With CD/DVD No
Weight (Grams) 1835
Quick Overview
Nova IVI Fertility has been publishing "Infertility Management Series" over the last few years; there have been 7 editions in this series till now. Keeping in mind the overwhelming response to this series, the authors found it appropriate to compile all the editions, add a few more chapters, and come out with Nova IV/ Textbook on Infertility and Assisted Reproductive Technology. It covers everything from the basics of infertility to the most recent developments in the field of ART. Renowned authors from India and the World over have contributed to this book. This will help postgraduate students and gynecologists who have a special interest in Infertility and ART.
Key Features
• All in all, a complete and well-written manual.

• It covers a large range of topics from basic physiology and primary management of infertility to the very latest in implantation and embryo selection and screening.

• The chapters are authored by the acknowledged masters in their field.

• Sections on polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), male infertility, laboratory procedures in ART have been added to make it a comprehensive and easy daily reference book.

• The book ends with very thought provoking chapters dealing with Adoption, Counseling, Medicolegal and Ethical Aspects, Third Party and Cross Border Reproduction.
Target Audience
This book will be helpful to the Postgraduate Students, Gynecologists, Embryologists, Infertility Counselors, and Fertility Specialists
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