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Complex Surgical Cases of the Limbic System
Editors: Sepehr Sani MD
Mustafa K Baskaya MD
Richard W Byrne MD

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2017
Size 8.5" X 11"
Cover TypeHard Back
With CD/DVD Yes
Quick Overview
This book reviews the complex anatomy, approaches and various pathologies of the human brain limbic system. Detailed text, illustrations, anatomical dissections, operative pictures and operative videos provide a useful guide for medical practitioners who treat conditions in this region.
Key Features
A comprehensive text to act as a compass when confronting limbic and paralimbic pathology because limbic pathology is not on the surface, the textbook describes the complex regionalanatomy in a practical way for surgeons who must rely on local landmarks more than image guidance.

The essential anatomical fiducials available in the limbic lobe are described in great detail, as they are the key to safe surgery in this region.

In addition, because the limbic lobe is not visible on the surface of the brain, the issue of choosing the safest surgical approach is paramount.

Much attention to surgical approach is included in this text.

Finally, the diversity of pathology that is found in this region is addressed.

From mesial temporal sclerosis, to glioma, to vascular lesions, all common pathologies are covered.

Target Audience
Neurosurgeons, neurologists,neuroradiologists and neuroscientists.

Konstantin V. Slavin, MD (University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine)


This is an excellent overview of a very narrow yet important topic -- surgery of tumors and vascular lesions involving a very complex part of the human brain, the limbic system. The book is accompanied by a CD-ROM that contains the text, illustrations, and video files.


This is intended to be a guide for those who are interested in surgical interventions involving the limbic system. The editors have done a remarkable job in creating an in-depth summary of this fascinating subject.


The audience is neurosurgeons who are interested in surgery of deep cerebral pathology involving the limbic system. The book also will be of great value for neurosurgical trainees, residents, and fellows, who can learn a lot of useful insights and surgical nuances based on real-life clinical cases. The book is created by a team of recognized experts from two neurosurgical programs, one in Chicago and the other in Madison, Wisconsin.


The book follows a very logical approach -- it starts with embryology and anatomy followed by in-depth chapters dedicated to different surgical approaches and different cerebral regions, each with its own set of indications, ultimately covering the entire limbic system. The didactic chapters are illustrated by multiple clinical cases that include appropriate imaging, case presentations, surgical intraoperative photographs, and videos.


Overall, this is an excellent addition to every neurosurgeon's library. It covers interventions on a fascinating part of the human brain, the limbic system, and provides a comprehensive, step-by-step guide to a variety of surgical approaches. This beautiful book would be of value to both practicing neurosurgeons and neurosurgical trainees.

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