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Essentials of Medical Microbiology
Apurba Sankar Sastry MD DNB MNAMS PDCR

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2016
Size 8.5" X 11"
Cover TypePaper Back
With CD/DVD No
Weight (Grams) 1kg 525gm
Quick Overview
The book focuses on providing good foundation in clinically important concepts and principles of microbiology. Enough (over 300) tables and flow charts have been included along with the text. Over 200 schematic diagrams have been drawn to simplify difficult concepts, and they are easy to reproduce where necessary as in examinations. Plenty of clinical photographs (over 400) included in the book will create a real life-like picture in the minds of the reader and also are meant to help solving image-based MCQs in postgraduate entrance examinations. It has more content in fewer pages, making the book handy. The concise bulleted format and to-the-point text used in this book will be helpful in rapid revision before the examinations. Best attempts have been made to keep the language simple yet lucid to help easy comprehension. Summary of laboratory diagnosis and treatment in separate boxes makes quick review possible. Highlighted boxes are incorporated to cover the important concepts. In a nutshell, this book is carefully written targeting to meet the varied needs of undergraduate students with an approach that will orient them to build concepts and to clear undergraduate examinations as well as to equip them for postgraduate entrance examinations in future.

General Microbiology section deals with principles of microscopy, morphology, physiology, culture identification of bacteria, concepts of bacterial genetics, etc. Principles of sterilization, antimicrobial chemotherapy and susceptibility testing are also explained in detail.

It is our humble hope that this book would change the general feeling of the students regarding immunology as being a difficult section into immunology as an interesting and enjoyable topic. In this section, topics such as immunity, antigen, antibody, complement and structure of immune system are explained in a simple and logical manner. Chapters like immune response and antigen-antibody reaction have been fully updated according to the current need. Appropriate diagrams and flow charts are incorporated to make critically tough content easy to grasp. Topics such as autoimmunity, immunodeficiency and immunization provide complete and latest information compiled in tabular form at one place.

Systematic Bacteriology section deals with individual bacterial pathogens in detail. Flow of information follows a very logical and clinically relevant course. More stress is given to the knowledge that helps in clinical setting and a careful attempt has been made to reduce the obsolete and not-so-useful core microbiology content. Sections like laboratory diagnosis, treatment and prophylaxis are most updated and referenced from internationally accepted literature and guidelines.

Virology is another section where the readers will find a different approach from the existing books. The updated and succinct information provided in this section with emphasis on pathogenesis and laboratory diagnosis will be useful to the students.

This book also addresses to the long-time complaint of the undergraduate students about unavailability of a concise and pictorialized Mycology section. Written in a clear and concise manner with appropriate and beautiful schematic pictures, images and illustrations, this section will surely make the students enjoy reading.

Applied Microbiology covers important aspects of various clinical infective syndromes with special reference to the approach towards the diagnosis. Useful information regarding hospital-acquired infections and biomedical waste management have been incorporated. The annexure incorporated at the end covers the recent topics, such as emerging pathogens, bioterrorism and laboratory-acquired infections.

Clinical case-based essay questions and MCQs are given at the end of each chapter to orient and prepare students for the examinations. Advanced and newer postgraduate entrance-oriented topics like H1N1, ebola, polio eradication, bacterial drug resistance mechanisms (such as ESBL, VRSA, VRE), automations and molecular methods in microbiology, etc. are incorporated.
Key Features
The next generation approach-one weapon, two targets: a single book that meets multiple requirements- MBBS 2nd year exam and PG entrance exams. Though the primary focus of this book is to help MBBS students build important concepts and clear the University exams with ease and confidence, for the first time in the medical books history, this textbook is written in an orientation suitable for PG entrance exams also, so that the content of the textbook does not differ much from the PG entrance book (major deficiency with the existing Indian UG textbooks).

• More content, less pages-handy look, saves a student’s time

• Concise, bulleted format and to-the-point text-easy to read during examination

• Simple and lucid language makes the understanding easy

• Separate boxes for summary of laboratory diagnosis and treatment-for quick review

• Schematic diagrams are drawn in a user-friendly manner

• More real images-keeping in view the image-based MCQs in PG entrances

• Enough tables and flowcharts-for better understanding

• Immunology and virology sections-totally a new look given, fully updated and according to the current need

• Recent updated concepts in epidemiology, laboratory diagnosis and treatment included

• Advanced and newer topics covered, such as H1N1, Ebola, Polio eradication, newer bacterial drug resistance mechanisms (ESBL, VRSA, VRE, XDR-TB) automations and molecular methods in microbiology, etc.

• Clinical case-based essay questions and MCQs incorporated at the end of the chapter-to reinforce the students to prepare for future exams.
Target Audience
Undergraduate students
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