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Ophthalmology for Undergraduates
PS Girija Devi MS DO DNB

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Edition 1/e
Publish Year2015
Size 8.5" X 11"
Cover TypePaper back
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Quick Overview
Recently, there is an unfortunate trend to consider that eye care is the responsibility of an ophthalmologist and the optometrist alone, and any knowledge in even basic things in ophthalmology is unnecessary for a general practitioner or a physician. The sole purpose of studying ophthalmology at the undergraduate level is to get through the examination. The end result is that the doctors at the primary care level are not competent to handle even the most basic things like identifying and removing a corneal foreign body or to decide on when to refer a diabetic patient for evaluation for diabetic retinopathy. What they often do is to send all patients with any eye problem to the refractionist or optometrist working with them. And in no other specialty in modern medicine this sort of affairs takes place. This unfortunate practice is to be discouraged and the primary care in any eye problem should be the responsibility of the general practitioner and they should have the basic knowledge to handle them. This book is written with this aim in mind.
Key Features
• Describes the clinical features and management of common eye ailments in a simple language.

• Plenty of clinical photographs that accompany the descriptions help to understand the various diseases better.

• Refraction is described in a simple fashion with plenty of diagrams. A basic knowledge in refraction is essential for supervising the work of ophthalmic assistants posted in almost all primary health centers under the medical officers there.

• Multiple choice questions (MCQs) given at the end of the book will help in the postgraduate (PG) entrance examinations.

• The ocular manifestations of common systemic conditions as well as ocular side effects of systemically administered drugs are also given.

• In short, this book is not only a useful textbook for undergraduate students, but also a useful reference book for the general practitioners and physicians.
Target Audience
This book is meant not only as a textbook for undergraduate students but also we have tried to make it a book useful for them in their future practice
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